Eva Mendes Gracefully Shuts Down Fan Who Claims Ryan Gosling “Doesn’t Help” Raise Their Kids

Eva Mendes recently posted a selfie to Instagram, calling herself one “tired mama,” revealing how she stayed up late the night prior to set up her and Ryan Gosling‘s daughter’s birthday.

This prompted a fan to leave a fueled comment, questioning if Ryan was actually present in raising their two children.

The fan wrote how Eva seemed like “a [struggling] single mother.”

In addition, she also said based on Eva’s Instagram, it looks like Ryan “[left] the hard job to you and he doesn’t help you.”

And while Eva did respond to the comment, she met her fan with grace and tact.

eva mendes gracefully shuts down fan who claims ryan gosling "doesn't help" raise their kids
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“Thanks for your honest comment,” she wrote. “So here’s my very honest answer.”

Eva revealed how she mostly uses Instagram to connect with other mothers as well as talk about motherhood but does not want to exclude fathers.

“I love women. I’m a girl’s girl. I love connecting to women. That’s mainly why I have this page. So when I say I’m a “tired mama” and want to connect to other “tired mamas,” it’s not about excluding the fathers or other caregivers that do so much. It’s just me connecting to other women but in no way does it de-value what papas do.”

She then went on to share why she does not discuss Ryan’s parenting in public.

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“And why I don’t talk about Ryan and all the wonderful things he does as a father, is because I keep that part private,” she said. “I don’t want to involve him or how he parents because I don’t feel comfortable crossing that boundary that I have set for myself.”

Eva states that it is not that Ryan is not doing his job as a parent, but it is all in the name of privacy.

“I feel it’s best that I continue to disclose what I’m comfortable with but not involve him or my kids too much. It’s not about being cagey or weird, it’s just about staying private in a public space.”

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