75 Evil Names for Girls and Boys

Evil names are out there! You do not want to saddle your little bundle of joy with an appellation that is shrouded in darkness. No, evil names for babies are not going to serve your family well, in fact, they might even be a touch cursed. Scary baby names can be chosen by mistake because they often sound cool, but we urge you to make sure you know all about the name you choose for your child as it could potentially be sinister.

Evil names come from all sorts of sources. Religion, pop culture, and tradition all dictate which baby names are evil and which ones are kosher. We decided to take a look at evil names, which are simply appellations with an unsavory connotation, to get a better understanding of what new parents should avoid.

Beware of These Evil Names!

Evil Names for Girls – Religion, Demons, & Folklore

75 Evil Names
  • Lilith – From Jewish mythology, a female demon bringing disease and death.
  • Nimue – A sorceress from Arthurian legend.
  • Batibat –  From Ilocano folklore, a nightmare demon who lives in wood.
  • Hecate – From Greek mythology, a goddess of witchcraft, demons, and the underworld.
  • Lamia – Another name from Greek folklore, Lamia means “fiend.” She is described as having the body of a snake with the breasts and head of a woman. She eats young men and children, similar to a vampire.

Evil Names for Girls – Religion, Demons, & Folklore Continued

75 Evil Names
  • Pandora – From Greek mythology, her box releases evil into the world.
  • Mara – From Scandinavian folklore, she is a wraith. In Hebrew tradition, she brings nightmares to children. In Buddhist folklore, she personifies evil.
  • Ardat Lili – In Jewish folklore, a spirit that attacks pregnant women and their children. She is so feared that a formula is written on the corners of a room where a baby is being birthed.
  • Succubus – A female demon who seduces men and then attacks them in their sleep.
  • Qarinah – In Arabian mythology, a female demon from Egypt.

Evil Names for Girls – Religion, Demons, & Folklore Continued

75 Evil Names
  • Gorgon – From Greek mythology, Gorgon’s name is composed of elements meaning “terrible.” Mysterious and filled with wisdom, this figure brings death but also creates life.
  • Yuki-onna – In Japanese folklore, Yuki-onna is a beautiful “snow woman” who lures men with her appearance only to drain them of their blood and freeze their bodies.
  • Empusa – A monster from Greek mythology, commanded by Hecate. She is said to have one leg of a donkey and the other is made of brass.
  • Lamashtu – From Mesopotamian mythology, Lamashtu is seven witches combined into one body. She feeds on newborns, the unborn, and children.
  • Lilitu – A demon with the legs and horns of a goat and a tail of a snake. While those features might be frightening, her eyeless face could be the worst aspect of her visage.

Evil Names for Girls – Religion, Demons, & Folklore Continued

75 Evil Names
  • Jezebeth – A demon of anger and falsehoods preying on the weak and angered. She can follow a human for their entire life, feeding on their negative energy.
  • Kasdeya – In Christian myth, Kasdeya is a demon of poisons, a servant of Satan.
  • Kok-Lir – According to folklore in Borneo, Kok-Lir is a succubus demon who preys on wayward men.
  • Prosperine – From Roman mythology, Prosperine is the daughter of Ceres who became the princess of the underworld (associated with Persephone).
  • Sekhmet – A vampire goddess from ancient Egypt, Sekhmet would hunt for blood if her offerings did not suffice.

Evil Names for Girls – Religion, Demons, & Folklore Continued

75 Evil Names
  • Akuji – The name of a demon who is considered a living dead being.
  • Agash – From Persian mythology, Agash is associated with the “evil eye” and curses conjured by sight.
  • Abyzou – According to early European folklore, Abyzou causes miscarriages and death to infants. Her name shares the same root as the word abyss.
  • Achlys – In Greek mythology, Achlys is the personification of misery who produced a mist over the eyes of her victims. Thus, her name means “death mist.”
  • Akeldama – In Christian mythology, the name has been used for demonesses. It means “field of blood” as it refers to the field bought by Judas following his betrayal of Jesus.

Evil Names for Girls – Religion, Demons, & Folklore Continued

75 Evil Names
  • Bushyasta – A Zoroastrian figure who has long hands and makes people sedate and lazy. She is the demon of procrastination.
  • Antaura – Of all the evil names on this list, Antaura is one of the least offensive. This demon is said to emerge from the sea to send pain, specifically migraines, and headaches.
  • Ammit – In Egyptian mythology, a demon with a body comprised of crocodile, lion, and hippopotamus parts. Not cute!
  • Allatou – In Medieval mythology, Allatou is a demoness who whispers a secret into her victims’ ears that makes them forget all of their principles.
  • Alabasandria – From Coptic Egyptian folklore, Alabasandria names a demon who feeds on the flesh and blood of women and their children.

Evil Names for Girls – Religion, Demons, & Folklore Continued

75 Evil Names
  • Carman – From Irish mythology, a witch from Athens who laid waste to Ireland.
  • Gello – In Greek mythology, Gello died while young and beautiful. This motivates her, in her demon state, to kill unborn and young children.
  • Druj – In ancient Zoroastrian mythology, Druj was a principal evil being who personified wickedness and lies.
  • Euryale – A Gorgon, daughter of a sea god, and siren whose song could crumble stone.
  • Hala – In Serbian folklore, Hala is a weather demon who sends hail and stormy weather to destroy crops and fields. Her appetite grows so large that she eats the sun or the moon, causing an eclipse.

Evil Names for Girls – Religion, Demons, & Folklore Continued

75 Evil Names
  • Rangda – In Balinese mythology, Rangda is Queen of the Leyaks, an army of wicked witches. 
  • Krasue – According to Thai folklore, the Krause appears as human by day, but by night, her head detaches from her body, bringing with it a trail of her internal organs. The head hunts for prey before returning to the body by morning.
  • Morana – Once a goddess of life and death, she transformed into an evil figure who brought death to all who displeased her.
  • Namaah – In the Jewish Zohar, Namaah is said to be a demon who visits men in their sleep, seducing them to produce demon children who go on to sleep with others.
  • Usha – In Hindu folklore, Usha is a demon princess who is the sister of night and daughter of heaven. She exists in the grey area between day and darkness.

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Evil Names for Boys – Religion, Demons, & Folklore

75 Evil Names
  • Zagan – From Christian demonology, Zagan is said to be a fallen angel and servant of Lucifer.
  • Ubel – Ubel is a German word for evil and has been applied to many names through the years for wicked figures.
  • Typhon – A name used in Satanic rituals, Typhon is considered the Greek personification of Satan.
  • Teivel – In Yiddish, Teivel is the word for “devil.”
  • Set – In Egyptian mythology, Set is the god of storms, violence, and chaos.

Evil Names for Boys – Religion, Demons, & Folklore Continued

75 Evil Names
  • Ravana – In Hinduism, Ravana symbolizes evil and is associated with a heart-stopping shriek.
  • Sedit – From Wintun Mythology, Sedit will bring death to the entire human race.
  • Radna – A demon recognized in Medieval folklore as the King of Demons. He fills people with envy and greed and then, feeds off of their negativity.
  • Samael – Samael is a Hebrew name meaning “venom of God.” Samael is an angel of death who engineered the fall of Adam and Eve.
  • Orobas – In Christian demonology, Orobas is considered a Prince of Hell who drives people’s malicious actions.

Evil Names for Boys – Religion, Demons, & Folklore Continued

75 Evil Names
  • Malcoda – According to Dante’s Inferno, Malcoda is a demon who guards the eighth circle of hell.
  • Narfi – In Norse legend, Narfi is the son of Loki and Sigyn. He is considered the demon of the dead. Elements of his name mean “corpse.”
  • Cerberus – In Greek mythology, Cerberus is considered a hound of Hades as he comes in the form of a three-headed dog.
  • Morfran – In Welsh mythology, Morfran is a hideous warrior, so ugly that knights were to afraid to strike him in battle. Many believe he is the Devil in human form.
  • Lucifer – In Semitic religious texts, Lucifer’s name means “morning star” as it symbolized the angels fall from grace.

Evil Names for Boys – Religion, Demons, & Folklore Continued

75 Evil Names
  • Arioch – A fallen angel in Christian mythology who is governed by bitterness and revenge.
  • Abaddon – In Christian mythology, Abaddon is the “Angel of the Abyss.” He commands an army of giant locusts with the teeth of lions.
  • Ahriman – In early Iranian religious myth, Ahriman is considered the “Lord of Darkness and Chaos.” He is the root of all human disappointment, strife, and confusion.
  • Amon – By the 17th century, Amon was considered the “Marquis of Hell” who commands forty legions of lesser demons.
  • Anubis – In Egyptian mythology, Anubis is considered the god of death and guardian of the scales. He determines who deserves admittance into the underworld.

Evil Names for Boys – Religion, Demons, & Folklore Continued

75 Evil Names
  • Forneus – In Roman folklore, Forneus is a sea monster who can assume the form of a man. However, he remains a demon and imparts knowledge only to trick his victims with it.
  • Leviathan – In Hebrew tradition, Leviathan names a sea monster and one of the seven princes of hell.
  • Iblis – In the Quran, Iblis is a name meaning “eternal grief.” Iblis is an angel who was ordered to look at God’s creation, Adam. Iblis refuses, believing himself superior, and is cast out from heaven.
  • Gresill – In French folklore, Gresill is the name of a demon spoken to Sebastien Michaelis by the demon, Berith. He tempts men with impurities.
  • Gadreel – An archangel who leads the watchers, Gadreel tempted Eve and taught humanity about murder and weapons.

Evil Names for Boys – Religion, Demons, & Folklore Continued.

75 Evil Names
  • Dagon – In Philistine mythology, Dagon is depicted as having the body of a fish and the head of a man, a sea devil.
  • Eligor – From Christian folklore, Eligor is a Great Duke of Hell who buys the souls of warriors with secrets of victory.
  • Dáinn – In Old Norse mythology, Dáinn is the name of a demon who cursed a sword that must spill human blood before it can be returned to its sheath.
  • Charon – Ancient Greeks buried their dead with coins in their mouths to pay Charon, a ferryman who transported the dead across the River Styx to the underworld.
  • Boruta – According to Slavic folklore, Boruta is a demon who protects nature but occasionally will tickle a person wandering in the forest to death.

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Evil Names for Boys – Religion, Demons, & Folklore Continued

75 Evil Names
  • Balam – The Semitic name Balam means “possessor.” A demon with this name has the power to incite rebellion. With three heads, he is believed to have the ability to see the past, present, and future.
  • Birsha – In Hebrew, the name Birsha means “son of wickedness.” The name belongs to the King of Gomorrah.
  • Balial – Another name for the devil. According to folklore, he was seen by the angel Michael along with other followers. Next to Balial? 666 fallen angels.
  • Azazel – Over time, Azazel became known as the “Angel of Death,” but it first named a goat who symbolized sin that was sacrificed on behalf of humans.
  • Abchanchu – Abchanchuis names a shape-shifting vampire from Bolivian legend who disguises himself as an old traveler to lure victims before draining them of blood.

There you go! What did you think of these 75 evil names? Are you a little freaked out? Time to restock your supply of holy water. Thankfully, most of these demon, witchy, vampire, evil names are pretty strange and unlikely to tempt many parents into choosing them for their children. If you are tempted, we suggest you reevaluate your life choices. You very well could have one of the demons listed here over your shoulder, whispering in your ear, urging you to tempt fate. Resist and say, “Not today, Satan!”

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