James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn: Funny Parenting Tweets

30 Laugh-Out-Loud Parenting Tweets from Exploding Unicorn, Twitter’s Funniest Dad

We’ve been longtime fans of the hilarious James Breakwell, known in the Twitterverse as @XplodingUnicorn. The funny father regularly provides humorous commentary surrounding his life raising four daughters, and we can’t get enough. 

If the parenting grind has you exhausted, take a moment to kick back and enjoy 30 of our all-time favorite Exploding Unicorn tweets. 

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30 Hilarious Parenting-Related Exploding Unicorn Tweets

I guess it’s good they’re planning for the future, no? 

Thank goodness for the distraction of a good meme. 

Sorry boys, but you can’t deny this is funny! 

Ah, the great Pavlovian soda experiment. 

When kids discover one of the cold, hard realities of life. 

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, right? 

There’s no denying this is the most challenging job we’ve ever held. 

Mama monster always wins. 

Why does the day start three hours earlier on the weekends?! 

Oh, what a convenient medical mystery! 

Even the tooth fairy needs some chill time. 

This rainbow clothing emergency is going to take some time. 

You can’t argue with sparkly science. 

He’ll be waiting a loooong time for that text. 

Dad to the operating room, stat!

Thank goodness for the invention of modern-day foods.

The saddest salad for one, please. 

Well, this is heartbreaking. 

Lifeguarding is no day at the beach. 

Try eating it too quickly on a cold day. 

Never has there been a more savage cat rescue mission. 

Every creature has a weakness.

Illiteracy is a big one, though.

One can never be too young for enemies.

Tell me more! No, seriously!

She’s got a point!

Didn’t think that one through, I guess.

It’s called having faith in people.

And no, most of us don’t have it, particularly when it comes to our kids.

Fractions, man…

No lies were told.

Skipped the Pokémom classes though…

Really regretting not majoring in Pokéstudies.

You would think so, and yet…

… he apparently likes us in our Sunday’s finest.


Matching is overrated anyway.

They have to, right?

Those Hogwarts Zooms are where the learning ~*~magic~*~ really happens.

If you aren’t following @XplodingUnicorn on Twitter, maybe it’s time you got in on the hilarity. If we don’t laugh, we’ll cry, right? 

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