These 80 Baby Names Are Set to Go ‘Extinct’ Next Year

Baby name trends ebb and flow with many appellations typically enjoying a 100-year period of favor before falling out of fashion. Now, that’s not the case with every name as is evident with ubiquitous baby names such as Anna, Sarah, John, and James. But, there are plenty of names that peaked around the 1960s and 1970s that have begun to fizzle out today. A UK-based supplement company, Vitabiotics, analyzed data from 1996 through 2022 to discover which names are dancing perilously close to extinction, meaning going completely out of style.

The firm’s findings are really important to understanding the fate of baby names in the US as we typically follow in the UK’s footsteps when it comes to baby name trends. After all, we have so much in common with our friends across the pond. If you’d like to know which baby names are on the outs, read through our list below to discover what baby names will be “extinct” very soon.

Baby Names for Girls Set to Go Extinct


Extinct Baby Names
  • Averly – A baby name of English origin, meaning “wild boar forest.”
  • Brydie – A name from the same Gaelic root that brings us Bridget, meaning “exalted one”
  • Carolyn – A name of English origin from French, meaning “free man”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Cecile – A French feminine form of Cecil, from Latin, meaning “blind”
  • Cheryl – A name of French origin, meaning “darling”
  • Cheyanne – A baby name of Lakota origin, meaning “people who speak a different language”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Christie – A diminutive form of Christina, meaning “follower of Christ”
  • Collette – A French, feminine form of Nicholas, from Greek, meaning “people of victory”
  • Debra – Debra is a variant form of Deborah, from Hebrew, meaning “bee”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Delphina – A French name, from Greek, meaning “of Delphi” and “womb”
  • Evaleigh – A baby name of Hebrew origin, meaning “juniper tree” or “alive”
  • Flossie – A diminutive form of Florence, from Latin, meaning “prosperous.”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Georgette – A French form of George, from Greek, meaning “farmer”
  • Gladys – A baby name of Welsh origin, meaning “nation”
  • Hally – An English name from a Scottish clan name that means “Hay’s meadow”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Harpreet – A unisex baby name of Sikh and Sanskrit origin, meaning “lover of God”
  • Jackie – A diminutive form of Jacqueline, of English origin from Hebrew, meaning “supplanter”
  • Jules – A unisex French form of Julius, meaning “youthful”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Julianne – A baby name of Latin origin, related to Julius, also meaning “youthful”
  • Junie – A diminutive form of June, the month name comes from the name Juno
  • Justina – A feminine form of Justin, from Latin and Greek, meaning “justice”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Kenzi – A short form of Mackenzie, from Scottish, meaning “Kenneth’s son”
  • Lilliah – An English, elaborate form of Lily, meaning “lily flower”
  • Loxley – A baby name of English origin, meaning “lynx gate”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Luanna – An English combo baby name of Louise and Anna, meaning “renowned warrior” + “grace”
  • Meryl – A form of Muriel or Meriel, from French, meaning “blackbird”
  • Norina – An English diminutive form of Eleanor, meaning “woman of honor”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Olivine – A form of Olivia, from Latin, meaning “olive tree” or a gem name with a notable green hue
  • Paignton – A name of English origin, meaning “Paega’s town”
  • Peggie – A diminutive form of Margaret, meaning “pearl”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Perl – An English variant form of Pearl, with the same meaning
  • Pixi – Another spelling for Pixie, from Cornish or Swedish, meaning “fairy”
  • Ryley – A unisex baby name of Irish origin, meaning “courage”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Sharlene – A form of Charlene, of French origin, meaning “free man”
  • Shelly/Shelley – A French form of Michael, from Hebrew, meaning “who is like God?”
  • Shyanne – A baby name of Lakota origin, meaning “people who speak a different language”

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Extinct Baby Names
  • Sigrid – A name of Norse origin, meaning “fair victory”
  • Tammy – An English form of Tamara, from Hebrew, meaning “date palm tree”
  • Teigen – A baby name of Norwegian origin, meaning “strip of land”
  • Tessie – An English diminutive form of Theresa, from Greek, meaning “to reap”

Baby Boy Names Set to Go Extinct


Extinct Baby Names
  • Alexandro – A Latinate form of Alexander, from Greek, meaning “defending men”
  • Billie – An English short form of William, from German, meaning “resolute protector”
  • Brad – A short form of Bradley, from English, meaning “broad meadow”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Braydan – A variant spelling of the Irish name, Bradan, meaning “salmon”
  • Brent – A name of English origin, meaning “dweller near burnt land”
  • Chandler – A baby name of English and French origin, meaning “candle maker”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Darnell – A name of English origin, meaning “hidden spot”
  • Drake – A name of English origin, meaning “dragon” or “male duck”
  • Edmond – A name of English origin, meaning “wealthy protector”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Elbert – An English form of Albert, from German, meaning “noble”
  • Elija – A variant of Elijah, from Hebrew, meaning “Yahweh is God”
  • Finch – A baby name of English origin, meaning “to swindle” or a reference to the bird


Extinct Baby Names
  • Finneas – A alternative spelling of Phineas, from Hebrew, meaning “oracle”
  • Fitzgerald – A name of Scottish and Irish origin, meaning “Gerald’s son”
  • Frazier – A name of French or Scottish origin, meaning “strawberry” or “of the forest”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Greg – A short form of Gregory, from Greek, meaning “watchman”
  • Harrie – An English diminutive form of Henry, meaning “estate ruler”
  • Izac – A spelling variant of Isaac, from Hebrew, meaning “laughter”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Jamiel – A name of Arabic origin, related to Jamal, meaning “beauty”
  • Kegan – A baby name of Irish origin, meaning “son of Egan”
  • Kennie – A diminutive form of Kenneth, of Irish and Scottish origin, meaning “born of fire” and “handsome”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Kristopher – A spelling variant of Christopher, of Greek origin, meaning “follower of Christ”
  • Lamar – An English baby name from French, meaning “dweller near the pool”
  • Larenzo – An Italian form of Laurence, from Latin, meaning “of Laurentium”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Neville – A name of French origin, meaning “new town”
  • Nial – A baby name of Irish origin, meaning “cloud”
  • Philipp – A name of English origin, from Greek, meaning “lover of horses”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Raymon/Ramon – An English variant form of Raymond, from German, meaning “wise protector”
  • Remie – A form of Remy, from French, meaning “oarsman”
  • Rhiley – A spelling variant of Reilly, of Irish origin, meaning “courage”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Rhuben/Reuban – Twopelling variants of Reuben, from Hebrew, meaning “behold, a son”
  • Roderick – A baby name of German origin, meaning “famed ruler”
  • Stevie – A short form of Stephen, from Greek, meaning “garland”


Extinct Baby Names
  • Stone – An English word name that means exactly what you think it does
  • Tyreese – A form of Tyrese, related to Terence, a Latin clan name, meaning “from Tyrie”
  • Walt – A diminutive form of Walter, of German origin, meaning “army ruler”

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Extinct Baby Names
  • Wes – A short form of Wesley, from English, meaning “from the western meadow”
  • Wiley – A Scottish form of William, meaning “resolute protector” OR a habitational name that means “from Wylye”
  • Yusif – A name of Arabic origin, related to Yusuf, meaning “God increases”
  • Zachery – A Hebrew baby name, a form of Zechariah, meaning “the Lord has remembered”

Wow! There were some serious surprises among these baby names that are set to go virtually extinct next year. There are so many beloved appellations that still deserve consideration. New parents, it’s up to you now. If you liked learning about these appellations, continue reading because we have compiled a list of dormant Victorian-era baby names that we think should make a comeback today.

Victorian-Era Names for Girls


Victorian-Era Baby Names

Hypnotism, divination, and spiritualism were huge in the Victorian Era. Rosina Thompson was a famous medium back in the day in England and was popular for her trance “mediumship.” The name Rosina means “rose” and has Italian origins.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

We told you that the Victorian Era brought many flower-inspired names! Adelia refers to a genus of flowering plants. The name Adelia, however, comes from German and shares the same root as the name, Albert. Adelia Cleopatra Graves was a Victorian Era academic and poet in the US. Most people know her by her pen name, “Aunt Alice.” Her poetry and books appealed to children interested in learning new languages and different cultures.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

The names Gwendoline or Gwendolen only came into common use in the 19th Century. The name hails from Wales and means “fair” or “blessed.” Many people associate the name with the mythical queen of the Britons who spelled it Guendoloena. Welsh painter Gwendolen John preferred to go by “Gwen” was a Victorian Era painter who was overlooked at the time but art historians today consider a formidable portraitist.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

Phoebe comes from Ancient Greek and means is the feminine form of Phoebus. The name means “bright.” Gilbert and Sullivan were all the rage in the Victorian Era creating classic comic operas like The Pirates of Penzance. In 1888, the duo released their 11th opera, The Yeomen of the Guard that featured the character, Phoebe Meryll.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

As you might have guessed, the name Constance means “constant” and it’s the name Connie came from. Constance Georgine Markievicz was an Irish woman who blazed a trail in the Victorian Era and would eventually become the first woman ever elected to the Westminster Parliament.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

Probably the name with the best meaning on this list, Sylvia is Latin and means “spirit of the wood.” At the end of the Victorian Era, Sylvia was the 137th most popular girl’s name in Britain.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

We weren’t joking about the flowery names! Flora was one of the most popular names of the Victorian Era and means “flower.” A famous Victorian with the name was Flora Stevenson who became one of the first, if not, the first woman elected to a school board. She fought tirelessly for education to be expanded to the poor and also advocated for women’s inclusion in all school settings.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

The name Mercy means so many things to so many people and that’s why the name became popular in Victorian times. The name can mean “forgiveness,” “thanks,” or “blessing.” This is another name that fell out of fashion in the Victorian Era but became popular again. By the 1970s, the name was extremely popular in the US.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

Violet is a name for girls that’s also shared with pretty purple flowers. Violet was one of the most popular names given to girls in the late Victorian Era. Born right at the end of the era in 1899, Violet Wood became a British supercentenarian who lived for 112 years. She spanned the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

Amelia comes from the Old German word “amal” which means “to work.” Amelia Bloomer was an American women’s rights advocate who operated during the time. Victorian fashion was brutal for women and entailed the wearing of corsets, skirts, and dresses. It was not acceptable for a woman to wear pants. “Bloomers” got their name from Amelia Bloomer’s tireless advocacy.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

Freda, Frida, Frieda, and Frinta are all different spellings of this popular name. The name is German and means “peace.” Freda Dudley Ward was an English socialite best known for being a married paramour of the Prince of Wales, who later became King Edward VIII. It was a poorly kept secret in aristocratic circles. Edward VIII’s father Edward VII became king after Queen Victoria’s death.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

Selina is a Greek name that means “moon.” In Australia, there was a gold rush in 1850 that brought many new faces to the country. English culture, of course, played a huge role in Australian society at the time as it still does to this day. The name Selina took off in Australia after political activist Selina Siggins popularized the name by running for a spot in the Australian House of Representatives in the late Victorian Era.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

We could not talk about Victorian names without discussing the name that defined the era, Victoria. In Roman mythology, the goddess of victory was named Victoria. Before the current Queen, Victoria was the longest-ruling monarch to ever wear the British crown.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

Olive is such a special name for a baby girl. This English name refers to an olive tree which is a symbol of peace and success. Olivia is a popular form of the name that has, since the Victorian Era, been the more popular of the two.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

The name Cora comes from Greek and was Persephone’s maiden name. Hence, the name means “maiden.” As we mentioned, spiritualism, mediums, and seances were very common in the Victorian Era. Cora L. V. Scott was one of the best-known mediums of the late 19th Century. She was so popular, in fact, that she was invited to London to give a speed at Cleaveland Hall. Cora is a beautiful name that we wish would make a comeback.

Victorian-Era Baby Names for Boys


Victorian-Era Baby Names

The name Silas comes from the Latin name Silvanus and both Silas and Silvanus are names used in the Bible. Commonly shortened to Sy or Si, the name has some flexibility. It means “forest” and for nature lovers who don’t want to seem too granola, the name is perfect.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

Prince Albert was Queen Victoria’s husband and was seen as very progressive at the time. He worked to abolish slavery around the world and also changed University Cambridge’s curricula to be more inclusive and modern. For parents who love science or art, you could do no better than choosing the name, Albert. The name comes from Old German Adalbert and means “noble” and “bright.”


Victorian-Era Baby Names

The name Rufus really took off in the US in the Victorian Era but before that, the name was popularized by King William II who was called the name because of his red hair. The name is Roman/Latin and does indeed mean “red-headed.”


Victorian-Era Baby Names

In Latin, the word “miles” means soldier, and many knights through the Medieval era were also referred to as “miles.” The name Miles means “merciful soldier.” Miles has ticked up in popularity in the US after Chrissy Teigen gave her son the name.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

Valentine is a unisex name that’s popular for both girls and boys now. During the Victorian Era, the name was more commonly given to baby boys. The name’s origin is Latin and means “strong.”


Victorian-Era Baby Names

Felix is a popular name across Europe today and was way back in the Victorian Era. The name is Latin and means “lucky” or “happy.” Felix Mendelssohn was a world-renowned German composer in the early Victorian Era who gave us the melody to the Christmas carol, “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.”


Victorian-Era Baby Names

Cecil is a popular English name that comes from Latin and means “blind.” This beautiful name belonged to Victorian British Imperialist Cecil Rhodes who mined across Africa. The African territory Rhodesia was named for him and the Rhodes Scholarship is a result of a fund started by his family.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

The name Bernard has a fantastic meaning, “brave bear.” The name comes from German and the French form and spelling became popular in English speaking regions. The name fell out of fashion by the end of the Victorian Era in the UK but became extremely popular in the mid 20th Century in the US.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

The funny-sounding name Eustace was very popular among Victorians and many gave their baby boys the name. The name means “fruitful” and belonged to everyone from saints to politicians. Lord Eustace Cecil was a British nobleman and politician who published Impressions of Life at home and abroad in 1865 which detailed his experiences traveling the world.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

The name Vincent is derived from Latin and means “conqueror.” Vincent is often shortened to “Vince” and it was a very popular nickname in the Victorian Era. Post-impressionist painter, Vincent Van Gogh was considered a madman and a failure during is life from 1853-1890. Although Victorian times were not too kind to him, later generations would go on to treasure his art.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

The name Simeon comes from Hebrew and means “obedient.” If Simon is a bit bland for your tastes take inspiration from the Victorian Era and choose the name Simeon for your baby boy.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

The name Nigel is a very English name that was popular in the Middle Ages. It fell out of fashion until the Victorian Era when antiquarians repopularized it. The name means “champion.” Nigel has never been as common in other countries but was among the 1,000 most common names for boys born in the United States from 1971 to 2010.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

Llywelyn is a Welsh name that’s spelled a few different ways. The name means “lion” or “leader” Many Victorians favored the old name over the newly used Lewis.


Victorian-Era Baby Names

Duncan is the anglicized version of the Gaelic name Donnchadh. The name means “chief.” In the UK, a common nickname for a Duncan is Dun. This handsome name would be a great one for your little leader.

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Victorian-Era Baby Names

Please name your son Basil. It’s an incredible name that you don’t hear much anymore. Basil is a Greek name that means “king” and shares the same root as words like basilica and basilisk. Basil Mott was a cherished Basil in the Victorian Era. He was a civil engineer that helped extend the Central London Railway and was later became a Fellow of the Royal Society, which was a rare honor for engineers.

We love these Victorian-inspired baby names and hope that you might consider one of them for your baby. From Albert to Victoria, many of these names carry a sense of romanticism that was celebrated at the time. If you are still interested in learning about baby names from the past, keep reading. We have forgotten Depression-era baby names to share with you!

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