25 Extreme Face Piercings That Are Anything But Superficial

Are you ready to look beyond the modest ear piercing and to discover more extreme facial decorations? Yes, you’ve seen a charming nose ring or perhaps some interesting lip adornments, but what about a stretched labret that puts a literal hold near the mouth? How about subdermal implants that look like horns? If you haven’t come across those types of body mods in your daily life, no worries! We’ve got you covered.

Now, we decided to look at some of the latest piercing hashtags to bring you some truly interesting and extreme face piercings. And, we’re here to tell you that kids these days are not scared of getting poked. We found some remarkable images of people expressing themselves through their body decorations. We start out modestly, but things get rather serious after the first few images. If you think you can handle it (warning: some of these images are disturbing), go ahead and take a scroll through these bizarre face piercings.

Let’s Ease Into This

Subdermal implants look like piercings, but they’re technically implants. An anchor is docked underneath the skin and jewelry can then be attached to it. These in the cheek are not all that scary.

Not Too Bad

Okay. We’re still breathing. We’ve got some cheek piercings that look sort of like dimples here. There’s also an industrial through the bridge of the nose. We’ll get back to that. You know so, stick a pin in it.

That’s A Lot

We count a total of ten piercings on or around the mouth here. All piercings come with the risk of infection and that’s even more true for piercings of the cheek and lips. Take care to make sure the area stays clean and free of infection.

Okay, Not So Bad

Ow. All of these lip piercings hurt to look at. Here, we find a horizontal lip piercing and a vertical labret. Oh, and the nose ring!


So, there’s a lot going on on this face. We’re not sure what the experience of getting screened by the TSA is, but we imagine it’s not too fun.

Through the Nose?

All right. Back to the noses. Here, is an industrial piercing right through the nose. Can you imagine how this felt?

Yep, Right Through It

Here’s a rhino piercing that “deep” or comes through high on the nose. What does flu and allergy season feel like for this person?

These Poor Noses

Here’s a closer look at the bridge piercing we mentioned earlier. It looks rather intense, but we suppose it could be worse, right?

A Lot of Eyebrow Action

Right! This person has a triple bridge piercing, a unicorn piercing, and a few eyebrow piercings for good measure.


Here’s some more lip action and we think a retainer device to make it appear this person has fangs? At this point, why not?


Here, we find a very balanced piercing scheme that’s completely parallel on each side.

The Chin?

Our best guess is that these are two very low labret piercings outfitted to look like fangs. It’s a look.

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A Hole in the Lip

A philtrum piercing is one that’s done right above the center of the upper lip. This person has stretched their philtrum. Which means, it’s a hole right in the upper lip.


We think the piercings on the chin are subdermal implants. How else could this be possible, right? It’s a strange placement, that we don’t often see.

Chill Out, People

Well. There are too many piercings to count here. We have a hunch that these could be fake, as the photo was shared by a makeup artist. However, rest assured dear reader, we’ll be bringing you the real deal shortly.

This Ear.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but let’s just focus on this ear. There is not one, but two stretched lobes. Have you ever seen an ear like this before?

Elf Vibes?

Ah, yes. Our split tongue of the list. There’s a lot of spikey jewelry here that help give this otherwise soft look some edge.

A Lot of Stretching

Why have one giant gaping hole around your mouth when you can have several? Self-expression comes in many forms. Do you!


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Here’s another, very large stretched labret. There are many other face adornments on display here, so feel free to take a moment and feast the eyes.

Ouch! But, It Gets Worse

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “I wonder if anyone has ever pierced there…” The answer is most likely yes and they’ve done so multiple times.

Subdermal Time

This person’s nostrils have nostrils. Here, we find subdermal implants on the forehead in the form of studs and little mounds that almost look like horns. We’ve also got some stretched nostril piercings and a stretched labret.


This person has taken everything to the max. There are so many piercings around the mouth! Feel free to take a break, because it only gets worse.


Live your life!

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Take a Breath

Marcus “The Creature” Boykin is one of the most tattooed and pierced people on the planet. He’s certainly an enthusiast who is marching to the beat of his own drum.

Ahh! No.

Well, this face seems to have a mouth in its cheek. Which, is a sentence we could have lived without composing. We’re sorry.

There you go! 25 bizarre and even extreme facial piercings to illustrate the limits of body modification and facial decor. We hope you enjoyed this wild ride!

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