25 Piercings That Are So Extreme That We Just Cannot

Are you ready to look beyond the humble ear piercing and to learn more extreme body decorations? Yes, you’ve seen a charming nose ring or perhaps some interesting lip adornments, but what about an eyelid? How about subdermal implants that look like horns? If you haven’t come across those types of body mods in your daily life, we fully understand that you value your sanity!

We decided to look at some of the latest piercing hashtags to bring you some truly unusual and extreme body piercings. And, we’re here to tell you that kids these days are not scared of getting poked. We start the list out modestly, but things get rather severe after the first few images. If you think you can handle it (warning: some of these images are beyond disturbing), go ahead and take a scroll through these bizarre piercings.

Put Your Neck Out

This isn’t so bad, right? Just some surface piercings on the back of the neck. Do you have to sleep on your stomach until these heal?

That Poor Lobe

Why go through your lobe just once when you can do it twice? We don’t know why someone would want a piece of metal jammed through the lobe like this, but we support your personal choices, people.


Okay. These surface piercings really aren’t all that scary. These in the center of the chest are a nice touch.

What is the Purpose of a Nose?

Here’s where things start to get a little crazy. We’ve got a subdermal here on the hand, and two stretched holes in the nostrils. Who needs them, anyway? Oh, and what you’ve always wanted, a gaping hole in your chin.

Right Through the Old Gobbler

Nope! This looks like attempted murder. Who would… You know what? Do you, girl.


We warned you, okay. This is something else. Does this mess with someone’s ability to talk, eat, and swallow? This just hurts to look at.

Not Today!

Well, we’ve got some more piercings in the neck, this time we are treated to four rings. Oof.

The Lid!?

This lid deserves revenge. Who would want to do this? Why? Ouch!


This is a crime. The person with these piercings claims they are bars that go beneath the clavicle which seems more like surgery than piercings to us.

When You’re Smiling, When You’re Smiling

Here’s a smiley piercing and after what we just saw, it’s not looking so outrageous. Wouldn’t most people with this need to physically lift their lip up like this to show it off?

Through the Cheek

You know, nothing surprises us at this point. If you want to impale your cheek, go right ahead.


This is called a bridge piercing. Not because it creates a visual bridge between the eyes, but because it goes straight through the bridge of the nose.


Do people with this many piercings get sensitive around magnets? There’s no need to stop at one septum ring, it turns out you can shove about half a dozen in there.

We Don’t Understand Things

They make regular rings that are specifically made to fit on pinkies. You don’t have to go shoving metal into yourself, but you’re clearly free to.


Nope. We don’t want a tongue that looks like a literal pin cushion. Please bear with us as we take a moment to consider the mysteries of life.


Here is a surface tragus because through the ear is just too boring. No, right in front of the ear on the cheek is just right.

Record Scratch

You’ll notice some people on this list have chosen to surgically pigment the whites of their eyes. It’s commonly called scleral tattooing and it’s slightly terrifying. Additionally, that’s a lot of metal around the mouth.

What is Happening?

These metal ear coverings make the bottom part of this person’s ear look like it’s been chopped off. We don’t know why and frankly, not going to care.

Listen Closely

We’ve seen some people some pretty gauges in their ears, but this one the size of a salad plate takes the cake. Who knew skin could possibly stretch this much?

Lots of Holes

Subdermal implants are pretty wild as you can see they give this person the appearance of having baby deer horns. It looks like those or the piercings through the forehead would be some of the most painful.

One Holey Ear

This ear deserves a refund. It did not sign up for this.

The Nose Knows

Yes, you can get a nasal piercing that runs all the way through your nose, because who needs sinuses or air?

Put Us in the Dirt

We’re getting pretty traumatized at this point and we hope you’re hanging in there. What has this individual done to their ears? Why would you want giant holes in your nose? Sigh.

Metal Mohawk

Punk’s clearly not dead. This man went and got a row of spikes implanted in his head. Also, the red-dyed goatee is somehow the most ridiculous thing in this photo.

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Some people really are out here changing their entire face. Too much. Doing the MOST.

Please take a deep breath. Go for a little walk. Drink some water. Register to vote. Do anything that will help you rinse the stain of these images from your mind indefinitely. As we said, we fully support people’s right to express themselves even if we don’t fully get it.

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