123 Fairy Names from A to Z

Did Tinker Bell speak to you on a deep level as a child? You might have her or other fairy tales to thank for your obsession with fairies and fairy names. As humans, we have always been intrigued and inspired by the unknown, the magical world. There are so many mysteries that were explained by fairies in ancient times and those old stories and fairy names live on today.

We wanted to gain a better understanding of fairy names from fairy tales but also from folklore and mythology. We were surprised to learn that so many names are composed of elements that mean “fairy” or “elf” or “nymph.” These fairy names have been in use around us for decades with many of us not realizing they contained secret magic. For instance, did you know that Tanya means “fairy queen?” We’ve got so many fairy names to share with you that you can use as baby names!

Check Out These Enchanting Fairy Names!

Fairy Names That Start with A

Fairy names for girls and boys
  • Aubrette – A German name, meaning “elf”
  • Avery – From Old English, meaning “ruler of the elves”  
  • Aelfdene – An English name, Meaning “from the Elf valley”
  • Aine – From Irish, meaning “queen of fairies”
  • Alette – From Latin origins, meaning “small winged one”
  • Ashera – A goddess of fertility and motherhood in the Hebrew tradition
  • Asia – Meaning “Sunrise,” from Greek mythology

Fairy Names That Start with B

Fairy names for girls and boys
  • Brucie – Meaning “forest fairy,” from the Scottish tradition 
  • Blossom – An English flower name 
  • Briar – An English name, meaning “thorn” 
  • Brigid – From Celtic origin, a goddess of wisdom, meaning “strength”
  • Breena – From Gaelic, meaning “land of fairies”

Fairy Names That Start with C

Fairy names for girls and boys
  • Calypso – A sea nymph in Greek mythology, meaning “hidden one” 
  • Carlin – A unisex Irish name meaning “little champion,” also associated with hills where witches and fairies gather 
  • Ceilidh – From Irish tradition, pronounced like Kaylee, meaning “dance gathering” 
  • Chepi – Chepi is a ghost or fairy in the mythology of the Narragansett tribe of Native Americans 
  • Cordelia – From Latin and Celtic origins, meaning “daughter of the sea”

Fairy Names That Start with D

Fairy names for girls and boys
  • Dana – An Irish mother goddess, meaning “good” 
  • Delicia – A Latin name, meaning “delightful” 
  • Dela – Related to Delicia, meaning “small winged one
  • Derya – A unisex Turkish name, related to the Persian name, Daria, both meaning “sea” 
  • Diantha – From Greek mythology, meaning “divine flower” and “flower of Zeus”

Fairy Names That Start with E

fairy names
  • Elfie– An Irish name that means “elf power”
  • Elida – An Irish name meaning “fairy,” also found in Greek, meaning “gift of the sun” 
  • Elvina – From English, meaning “friendly elf” 
  • Elvinia – From English, meaning “elf friend” or “elf queen” 
  • Elowen – From Cornish tradition, meaning “elm”

Fairy Names That Start with F

fairy names
  • Fay – Meaning “fairy,” from Old English.
  • Fayette– From French, meaning “little fairy” 
  • Freya – From Old Norse, meaning “noblewoman” 
  • Firtha – A Scottish name, meaning “sea maiden”
  • Fern – From English, meaning “fearn” or someone who lives among the ferns

Fairy Names That Start with G

fairy names
  • Gelsey – A Persian name, meaning “flower” 
  • Gulliver – An Irish name, meaning “glutton” 
  • Gullveig – From Old Norse, meaning “gold-drunk,” a name of a mythical witch
  • Glenda – A Welsh name, meaning “fair and good” 
  • Griselda – A German name, meaning “grey battle”

Fairy Names That Start with H

fairy names
  • Hai – Meaning “fairy shoe,” from Vietnamese
  • Hyacinth – A unisex Greek flower name referring to the flower or meaning “precious stone,” in mythology, the name belonged to a young Spartan whose spilled blood caused flowers to grow 
  • Hansel – A name for boys, a form of Hans, meaning “God is gracious” 
  • Hildi – A Norse name, meaning “armed for battle,” referring to one of the Valkyries
  • Holly – An English nature name, meaning “holy day”

Fairy Names That Start with I

fairy names
  • Ilayda – Meaning “water fairy,” from Turkish
  • Ione – A Greek sea nymph (Nereids), meaning “a violet stone” 
  • Iolanthe – Another Greek name, this one meaning “violet flower” 
  • Ianeira – Another Greek name, meaning “sea deity” 
  • Ivy – An English nature name, meaning “vine” and “fidelity”

Fairy Names That Start with K

fairy names
  • Kelpie – From Gaelic lore, a shape-shifting aquatic being, meaning “colt” 
  • Klabautermann – From Baltic mythology, a being that assisted sailors and fisherman on the Baltic Sea 
  • Kali – From Sanskrit, meaning “black one,” a Hindu goddess of destruction
  • Kalliope – Meaning “beautiful voice,” the music of epic, Greek poetry 
  • Kerensa – A Cornish name, meaning “love” 

Fairy Names That Start with L

fairy names
  • Lanette – Meaning “a small songbird” and “nymph,” with Welsh origins
  • Lara – Meaning “citadel,” a name to a nymph in Ovid’s Fasti  
  • Linette – From Welsh tradition and Arthurian legend, meaning “idol” and “image” 
  • Laila – From Arabic, meaning “night,” an angel 
  • Leucothea – A Greek sea goddess who came to the aid of sailors, meaning “Of the Ionian Sea” 
  • Lily – An English flower name, meaning “pure”

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Fairy Names That Start with M

fairy names
  • Meriol – An Irish name, belonging to a nymph, meaning “of the bright sea”
  • Melusine – From French folklore, a legendary magical being associated with water, meaning “strong in work” 
  • Morgan – A Welsh name associated with Morgan le Fay of Arthurian legend, meaning “sea-born” and “sea-circle” 
  • Marigold – An English name, meaning “golden flower” 
  • Maurelle – A French name, meaning “dark” and “elfin” 
  • Muirenn – An Irish name of a mermaid, meaning “born of the sea”

Fairy Names That Start with N

fairy names
  • Naida – Meaning “water nymph,” occurring in both Arabic and Greek traditions
  • Nissa – A Scandinavian name, meaning “elfin” and “fairy” 
  • Nerida – A Greek name meaning “sea nymph” (related to Naida), and “mermaid”
  • Nyx – Another name from Greek, meaning “night” and referring to a goddess of the night likened to a shadow
  • Navi – A Hebrew name, meaning “to name,” a biblical class of prophets 
  • Nixie – A German name, meaning “water nymph”

Fairy Names That Start with O

fairy names
  • Ondine – A Latin name, meaning “little wave,” a mythical spirit of the waters
  • Olette – Another Latin name, meaning “small winged one” 
  • Oberon – A unisex English name, king of the Faries in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Oona – An Irish name, meaning “lamb” 
  • Odiane – An English name, meaning “elfin spear”

Fairy Names That Start with P

fairy names
  • Pari – A Persian/Iranian name, meaning “fairy” 
  • Parisa – Related to Pari, meaning “fairy-like” 
  • Pixie – To the Swedish and Cornish, this name means “fairy”
  • Puck – A mischievous pixie created by Shakespeare
  • Pan – A legendary European fairy figure with the legs of a goat and body of a man, likes to play the pipes, meaning “all”
  • Posey – An English name, meaning “bouquet of flowers”

Fairy Names That Start with R

fairy names
  • Rosemary – A Latin name, meaning “sea dew” 
  • Radella – An English name, meaning “elfin advisor” 
  • Rusalka – Name to a woodland sprite, the Slavic equivalent of the Little Mermaid 
  • Rhiannon – A Welsh name, from Celtic legend, meaning “divine queen” 
  • Rhoswen – Another name from Welsh tradition, meaning “white rose” 
  • Rosalia – From Spain and Italy, refers to the Roman tradition of hanging roses on coffins, meaning “rose”
  • Rue – A Latin botanical name, also a word-name, meaning “regret”

Fairy Names That Start with S

fairy names
  • Sebille – From the Legend of King Arthur, a fairy, meaning “prophetess” 
  • Shayla – From Sanskrit/Hindu origins, meaning “fairy place” 
  • Siofra – From Irish Gaelic myth, meaning “a sprite” or  “a changeling” 
  • Sabrina – A legendary Celtic goddess, meaning “from the River Severn” 
  • Sindri – A name from Norse tradition, meaning “mythical dwarf” 
  • Sereia – A Portuguese name, meaning “mermaid”

Fairy Names That Start with T

fairy names
  • Tiana – Meaning “fairy queen,” from Slavic origins
  • Tanya – A Russian diminutive form of Tiana, also meaning “fairy queen” 
  • Titania – A fairy from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a Greek name meaning “giant” 
  • Triton – A Greek mythological name, meaning “merman” 
  • Tryamon – From Arthurian Legend, meaning “fairy princess”
  • Tunder – From Hungarian origin, meaning “fairy”

Fairy Names That Start with U

fairy names
  • Ulrike – From German, meaning “mistress of all” 
  • Ula – A Celtic name, meaning “gem of the sea” 
  • Uira – From Arabic, meaning “water lady” 
  • Ulka – From German origin, meaning “power of the wolf” 
  • Ursule – A Scandinavian form of Ursula, meaning “little she-bear”

Fairy Names That Start with V

fairy names
  • Venus – A Roman goddess of romance and beauty, meaning “mother of Rome” 
  • Vernise – A Latin name, meaning “spring” 
  • Velika – A Slavic name, meaning “wondrous” 
  • Venish – Meaning “butterfly,” from Greek 
  • Vesta – Meaning “pure,” the Roman goddess of the hearth and household

Fairy Names That Start with W

fairy names
  • Win – From Old English, meaning “fairy” and “fair” 
  • Willow – An English botanical name, meaning “willow tree” 
  • Winnie – A Welsh name, from Winnifred, meaning “fair” and “peacemaker” 
  • Wilda – From Old English by way of Old German, meaning “untamed” 
  • Wednesday – From Old English, Norse, and Germanic mythology, meaning “Woden’s Day”

Fairy Names That Start with X or Y

fairy names
  • Xantho – From Greek mythology, a sea nymph, meaning “golden one”
  • Xyla – Another Greek name, meaning “dweller in the woods”
  • Xeni – From Guatemalan origin, meaning “protector of flowers” and “welcoming”
  • Yolie – From Spanish, meaning “a violet flower”

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Fairy Names That Start with Z

fairy names
  • Zephyr – A unisex name, from Greek, meaning “west wind” and associated with the God of westerly breezes
  • Zahra – From Arabic, meaning “white flower”
  • Zillah – A name from Hebrew origin, meaning “shadow”
  • Zylvia – From Latin, sharing the same root as Sylvia, Silvanus, a Roman deity of the woods, thus, the name means “from the forest”

There you go! What did you think of this magical fairy names? Would you choose one of them for your daughter? Some of these appellations are rather whimsical and exotic but many of them seem rather attractive. Further, you probably encountered many names you already knew but did not know that they were related to fairies or had a fairy meaning. Feel free to steal these fairy names for your magical little sprite!

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