pinky promise: 25 incredibly cool finger tattoos

Pinky Promise: 35 Incredibly Cool Finger Tattoos

From thumb to pinkie, there is ample space between your knuckles for some incredible ink. Tiny tattoos or micro tattoos are small works of are that fit perfectly on your digits. You can have little works of art for each of your fingers! Some people choose themes while others get random symbols that mean something to them. The possibilities are endless when it comes to these small tatts. Because (most of us) wash our hands often, tattoos on the hands tend to fade over time and will need to be freshened up down the road. In case you’re interested in getting tattoos on your fingers, it’s something to keep in mind. If you’re ready to get some very visible tattoos on your hands, here are some great ideas. If you’re just curious about what people are getting tattooed on their fingers, get ready to gawk. These are some truly amazing finger tattoos that we think you’ll probably love, but there’s a good chance you’ll give us the finger.

Tribal Triangles

Black ink is all it takes to make a statement. These tribal-inspired designs on the thumbs are beautiful but not abstract enough to avoid people asking you, “What does it mean?” Two thumbs up!

A Tiny Tattoo for Each Finger

This person was not messing around when they decided to get their fingers tattooed. There’s a scorpion, a (rat?) skull, a dagger, a mercury symbol, an eye, some dots, a frond, and a moon.

Eye of Horus

This is a teeny tiny tattoo on the inside of a middle finger. It took some serious skill and probably breath-holding on the part of the artist. The Eye of Horus is an ancient symbol that can be found in the pyramids of Egypt. What a mysterious looking little tatt.

The Crescent Moon

Sometimes only a moon will do. This crescent moon tattoo is crisp and clean and looks fantastic.

Shamrock ‘n’ Roll

pinky promise: 35 incredibly cool finger tattoos | from thumb to pinkie, there is ample space between your knuckles for some incredible ink.
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Shamrocks are popular symbols of Ireland. This vivid green one really pops because of the watercolor purple background.

Get Money

This person thought to themselves, what’s important to me? US Dollars! Whatever tattoo design you land on, make sure it’s something you want to live with. What’s the old saying? “A was person should have money in their hand, not in their heart.”

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Some Advice

Speaking of old sayings, this person got a part of one tattooed inside his middle finger. It says, “no shortcuts.” This encouraging tattoo is a reminder to work hard and never give up. We like the unique, handwritten font here too.

Lil Kitty

This adorable geometric cat makes for a great tattoo for all the folks with feline friends at home. This tattoo looks like it’s been filled in a watercolor-style with pinks, purples, blues, and greens. So cute!

Baby Berry

We see your crescent moon and raise you a strawberry! This mini stick-and-poke tattoo looks sweet enough to eat. We endorse fruit-themed tattoos.


A bolt of lightning can symbolize lots of things. For instance, it can mean a great idea or motivation. This sharp looking bolt of lightning is more charming than it is shocking.

Tiny Odin

In Norse mythology, Odin is the god of wisdom, poetry, death, and magic. This fine black line tattoo is so neatly done it almost looks like a stamp.

I Spy an Eye

Wow, take a look at this little peeper. Like the Eye of Horus, this is another super small tattoo that’s about half the size of a fingernail.

She’s a Lady

This ladybug tattoo looks lifesize and has been shaded and colored beautifully. Ladybugs have long been considered a sign of good luck and with one tattooed on you, you’ll bring good fortune wherever you go.

A Fist Full of Predators

We don’t know why, so don’t ask. This person has a lion, a great white shark, and a wolf tattooed across their fingers. Considering that the tattoos are so small in scale, it’s interesting that the artist has put so much effort into shading each one.

Elk in the Middle

This tattoo of an elk with a big rack of horns that extends up onto the back of the hand is pretty innovative. The artist has kept things simple in grey and black and we like the overall effect.


This whimsical tattoo imagines a small octopus wrapped around the ring finger. The artist has packed a lot of detail into such a tight, little design. This is one of our very favorite finger tattoos we’ve come across.

Fan the Flames

Spicy! This mini flame tattoo brings the fire. This tattoo seems to be warning others not to get burned.

Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Who needs a ring when you can display that tattoo bling? This diamond tattoo is composed of some very clean lines and really does look sharp.

The Plumage

Feathers are a popular way to cover up older tattoos. This gorgeous black and grey feathers does the job perfectly and looks way better than the character that sat there before it.

A Gentle Reminder

This pretty little bow looks properly dainty on a digit. We don’t know if this person just likes bows or if this tattoo is supposed to serve as a reminder of something. Either way, we won’t be forgetting this cutie any time soon.

Please Hurry

Some people have no chill! The Gothic Script was a good choice here, but we question the motivation. There are a couple of things this tattoo could mean. The first being, “As soon as possible.” The second that came to mind, “Always strive and prosper.” We hope it’s the latter.

To Infinity

The infinity symbol, of course, means forever. You’ll see a lot of infinity symbol finger tattoos on ring fingers as some couples get them to symbolize the hope that their love lasts a lifetime. However, this person got this stick and poke tattoo on their middle finger. They must be forever flipping people off?


This arrow finger tattoo is very well done with clean, fine lines. Perhaps this person is a hunter, or maybe they thought it would be cooler than wearing a ring. Either way, this is a great finger tattoo.

A Full House

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Hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs are all symbols from a deck of playing cards. These finger tattoos would be excellent for a cardshark.

Don’t Put a Ring on It

While infinity symbols are common couples tattoos, there not the only way to show your love. This couple got a north star and a compass to symbolize how they fit together. These sweet tattoos are a great alternative to rings. If they were lost without each other before, they know the way home now.


While the meaning of “om” differs from person to person, it most often has a religious or spiritual meaning behind it. And as the above picture shows, it’s the perfect tiny tattoo if you’re looking to add some art to your hand.

Feel the Beat

If you have a love of or a passion for music, this just might be the tattoo for you. These are the symbols for treble clef, beamed note, bass clef, and eight note.


Are you looking just to add some design to your digits? These tiny lotus flower tattoos just might be what you’re looking for. Lotus flowers also hold a special meaning, “purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth.”

Mandala Darling

Take a look at this artist’s version of a mandala. The mandala, which is often viewed as a spiritual symbol as well, “are circles contained within a square and arranged into sections that are all organized around a single, central point.”

Tiny Designs

For those of you looking to add something to all your fingers, this minimalistic design is right for you. Every finger is unique, just like you.

My Heart Beats for You

Looking to get inked with your soulmate? How sweet are these tattoos of their heartbeats? This particular couple got the art on their ring fingers to make it that much more special.

The Sun and The Moon

How cool is this sun and moon tattoo? These two symbols go well together and they’re the perfect size for a person’s finger.

I Can’t Stop Smiling

This unique tattoo is sure to keep a smile on your face and the faces of others. If not that, it’s sure to remind you to do so.

Anchors Away

Feeling nautical? Do you have a love of sailing, ships, or the oceans? This could be the perfect tattoo for those who have a boat. Or the anchor can take on a bigger meaning of remaining grounded during the hard times.

Finger tattoos are awesome forms of self-expression that are almost always on full display. Be sure to think long and hard before you get your hands tattooed! You can’t live life with your hands in your pockets. Another thing to consider is the fact that a hand tattoo is going to need to be touched up about once a year if you want it to look its best. That’s a commitment! So be prepared.

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