‘Fiver’ Parties are the Latest Brilliant Birthday Party Trend, and We Cannot Wait to Throw One

If you haven’t heard of a “fiver” birthday party, odds are, you will very soon. The new trend is all about how less is more.

In an age where many kids have so many toys it’s not possible to play with them all, the “fiver” birthday party is focused on the party experience, rather than gifts. Parents note on the invitation that gifts are not necessary, but, if you do want to get something, it should cost $5 or less.

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Fiver Parties are All the Rage

The $5 gift could be in the form of a gift card or money to be put towards some sort of experience for the child.

“Birthday parties can be so expensive – spending $20 on a gift..really limits the amount of birthday parties I let our kids attend,” mom-of-three Sarah Shultz told Today. She said her son Baden saved the money he got for Christmas and from his “fiver” birthday party to get a pet hedgehog.

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Another mom told the morning show that her daughter saved the money from the birthday party to get a zoo pass. “It was so wonderful and [the zoo pass] is creating many more memories than a toy could,” Rachel Horan said.

Positive Parenting Solutions founder Amy McCready agrees with the concept, but does think the birthday child should approve of moving forward with it before the parent nixes gifts.

What do you think? Would you throw your child a fiver party? Let us know by dropping us a line in the comments!

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