25 Friends Tattoos That’ll Be There for You (Forever, Literally)

Ross, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, and Joey are all characters that we know and love deeply. The television show Friends captured a moment in American culture when we all realized that friends are family and family is what you make it. Friends was a sitcom that aired for a decade from 1994-2004. The show was not only a ratings success, but it also had a huge cultural impact. We all know “a Joey” or have an offbeat friend like Phoebe. The characters were so well-developed it was hard not to love each and every one of them. The theme of Friends, of course, was friendship and how those relationships are so valuable, especially in adulthood. Friends are just as important as family when you’re dealing with romantic struggles, professional struggles, and much more. The characters on the sitcom went through it all and were there for each other every step of the way. We wanted to take a look at some tattoos inspired by the show and as you’d expect, many of them are hilarious. Here are 25 Friends tattoos that will put a smile on Friends fan’s face.

25. The Peephole

In Monica’s apartment, the peephole frame on her door was so stylized and fun that people connected with it. This Friends fan decided to pay tribute to the show and got the frame tattooed.

24. A Coffee Cup from Central Perk

This super cute micro tattoo of a coffee mug would seem ubiquitous if it weren’t for the colorful dots underneath it. The dots, of course, match the ones that are used in the Friends title sequence.

23. The One with Unagi

“It’s what the Japanese call unagi.” Ross tried to mansplain self-defense to Phoebe and Rachel but accidentally used the word for sushi that is actually fresh-water eel. It’s a hilarious moment in the show that’s been lovingly tattooed here.

22. Best Friends

This pair of friends decided to get matching Friends tattoos done in the signature style of the show. Is there a better way to celebrate friendship than matching tattoos?

21. Hope You Dance

Chandler Bing could deliver a one-liner like no other. One of his best, “Are you suggesting we dance our troubles away” is perfectly meme-worthy and this tattoo totally gets that.

20. The Couch

How many happy, sad, hilarious, and thrilling scenes took place on the iconic couch from Friends? Probably more than you can count. This couch tattoo is perfect!

19. Turkey Love

‘The One with All the Thanksgivings’ is such an incredible episode of Friends. Who could forget Monica dancing with a turkey on her head and then Chandler professing his love for her? A classic!

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18. The Dots

These tidy little dots are an understated homage to Friends and look great. What better way to show your devotion to all six of the stars of the show than with these dots.

17. When You Frame It That Way

The theme song from Friends is a hit in and of itself! In the song, the lyric “I’ll be there for you” is repeated again and again and leaves a lasting impression about friendship.

16. Just Fine

Joey’s catchphrase, “How you doin’?” is so silly and endearing. This tattoo is much the same! It combines Joey’s iconic line with an image of him with a turkey on his head. (This scene came before the scene where Monica puts the turkey on her head.) What a creative and fun tattoo.

15. Talk Turkey

This incredible turkey tattoo would make Monica proud! This is a watercolor tattoo or, at least, the background is! What a tasty tribute to one of the funniest moments on the show.

14. The One with the Stairs

Ross yelling “Pivot!” as he tried to move a couch up a flight of stairs was a classic Friends moment. The word has come to mean “transition” in the post Freinds world we live in. What a brilliant tattoo that incorporates so much of what makes the show so special.

13. Friends from Abroad

Friends wasn’t just a hit in the US, it was also a global phenomenon. These matching tattoos belong to a mother and daughter who live in the Czech Republic.

12. The Universe Is Phoebe’s Tattoo

In one of the greatest Friends gags ever, Rachel and Phoebe get tattoos. While Rachel chose to get a small heart on her hip, Phoebe got a dot. She explained that it’s “The Earth from a great, great distance.” In reality, she had chickened out mid-tattoo and this was the result. A true deep cut for real Friends fans only!

11. Hey Sis

These sisters wanted matching tattoos that meant “I’ll be there for you.” Done in the Friends font and theme, these tattoos are fabulous and just so sweet.

10. Variations on a Theme

This person took their two greatest loves, Friends and animals, to a whole new level! The picture frame that hangs over the peephole now contains a whole bunch of wildlife! Why? No clue!

9. Best Buds

This pair of friends decided to get matching tattoos that show their love for one another, the sitcom, and coffee. We love all of those things! Not sure how we’re feeling about the location. On the hand? That was a choice!

8. More Best Buds

This pair of friends have been besties for 15 years! They decided to celebrate their “friendversary!” They’ve taken some of the most iconic elements of the TV show and added to qualifier “best” to create these Friends-inspired tatts.

7. Your Lobster

“Because she’s your lobster!” According to Phoebe, lobsters mate for life and actually fall in love. She claimed that lobsters “hold claws” as they walk around their tanks. And when Ross and Rachel finally got together, it was to the chorus of “He’s her lobster!” We’re all about this tattoo.

6. A Promise

This woman decided to get what she describes as “a promise to my sister.” Like the theme song of the show, she promised to always be there for her sister. The watercolor effect of this tattoo is amazing.

5. When the Rain Starts to Pour

In the title sequence for Friends, the gang is filmed dancing around a fountain. The joy! They also open umbrellas before ending up in the said fountain. Why? Because they’re always there for each other, even during tempestuous times.

4. A Very Nineties Looking Tatt

This person let their imagination run wild while designing their Friends-inspired tattoo. Some big moments from the show are represented by the camera, glasses, and an airplane. It’s clear the show means a lot to this person.

3. Joey’s Date Took a Turn

“Joey does not share food” is such a hilarious moment from Friends. In the show, Joey goes on a date and everything goes well until his date “steals” some of his food. This is a huge faux pas to Joey!

2. What Are They Feeding You?

Our favorite moments from the entire show are when Pheobe sings “Smelly Cat.” Lisa Kudrow is a legend. She turned a simple, silly song, into a cultural touchstone that made the world a funnier place. This amazing tattoo is a fitting tribute.

1. Just Six Friends

This incredible line drawing of Ross, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, and Joey depicts our favorite Friends enjoying some snacks at Central Perk. This simple and crisp tattoo is perfect.

Friends was such a huge hit and stories about adult friendship often go unsung. For many of us, we were able to see ourselves and others in the misfit characters. For anyone who has ever had the displeasure of dating in a big city, it was also a great relief to see characters go through some of the same struggles while trying to find love. The show made us laugh and cry! It had it all. Friends should be remembered as one of the most influential TV shows ever made. We love these incredible tattoos and how much the show means to people.

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