15 Hilarious Parenting Memes to Help You Through These Trying Times

Who’s ready for more funny parenting memes?

Parents around the country are looking forward to the start of fall – the cool air, changing leaves, and the start of a new school year. Oh, who are we kidding! This year things are going to look very, very different in pretty much every part of the country and parents aren’t feeling excited about the start of school as much as they’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious. For that reason, now more than ever, parents need some comic relief.

We’ve pulled together some parenting memes that will make you chuckle and forget about all the daily stresses (for a moment at least).

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Funny Parenting Memes to Help You Through These Trying Times

We are the latter.

Let’s just be honest: Homeschooling isn’t for everyone.

My new favorite game to play with the kids.

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???? Winning at this mom thing! (by: stay.at.homies)

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Seriously, virtual high-five to the parent who not only thought of this, but had it actually work on their kid.

It can take a lot of work to get the kids outside, but their complaints will not deter the mission.

(How do they always forget that they have fun once they’re out of the house?).

Desperately trying to fit in a daily workout since about 2005.

So far, only my husband has been successful in meeting all of my health and fitness goals

Bonus rounds for everyone!

Seriously, though, why haven’t we always used this phrase to describe everything good and wonderful.

Bedtime is officially the best/worst part of every day. Cute little cuddles – awesome. Tiny humans using every single delay tactic imaginable – terrible (and oh so tiring!)  

But it goes without saying that we’ll miss that craziness one day.  

Between you and your partner, about 500 names are automatically out.

This explains why people just create names from inanimate objects sometimes.   

 It’s important to teach your kids to be independent, but man does it take patience.

Teaching the kids new skills is the number one reason we’re always late.

Empty cardboard box FTW.

Let your imagination go wild, kiddo.

Dreaming of a day everyone puts their things where they’re supposed to go.

Still dreaming, but at least the house is clean!

Kind of annoyed at my kid’s ability to snack at all times.

But cleaning up after said snacks is also one of my least favorite things.  

Tiny CEOs are very demanding about their snacks.

It doesn’t help that they change their mind about 1 million times a day.  

Need help explaining important life lessons? Daniel Tiger FTW.  

As a side note, how in the world do Daniel’s parents stay SO calm All. Of. The. Time?!

It can be downright shocking the number of opinions a four-year-old can have.

But, man, life would be so much easier if we followed all of their demands.

Bedtime is my favorite part of the day with my kids.

Hahahahahaha just kidding! It’s a nightmare.

Most of the time, parenting is a complete joy, but these days, it’s fair to say that more and more parents are feeling stressed beyond their wild nightmares. Our parenting hack: Take those few free minutes you have each day to do something for yourself, not limited to reading, watching TV, drinking a glass of wine, or sleeping. In the meantime, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from parents across Instagram – you are not alone.

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