25 Funny Parenting Tweets by @LurkAtHomeMom: ‘Nobody Is Hungrier Than a Child Who’s Just Been Told It’s Time for Bed’

Whether she’s dodging an invitation to the latest drive-by honking parade or stress eating Skittles, @LurkAtHomeMom never fails to make us laugh with her funny parenting tweets. She’s breaking down the most hilarious, and challenging, moments of parenting, one tweet at a time.

The comedy writer and mama is constantly dodging her kids’ excuses and cleaning up their messes while letting us in on the madness. Give her a follow and enjoy our hilarious parenting tweets from Lurkin’ Mom.

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Our Favorite Funny Parenting Tweets by @LurkAtHomeMom

We’re in Trouble

Why in the world did we sign up for this never-ending game?

Tired Excuses

Isn’t it interesting how the fatigue comes on strong when it’s time for chores?

It’s “I’m Starving” Bedtime

At our house, they also become quite thirsty and have to go to the bathroom 700 times.

Keeping Up Appearances

The lawn looks great, but the living room appears to have been hit by a tornado.

Good Intentions

Why did I think a family beach day would be relaxing?

Taste the Rainbow

That didn’t work out. Time to try M&M’S, I guess.

Call the Moving Van

That’s where all of our dishes and blankets went!

Undying Devotion

The love of our life is nothing if not consistent until the very end.

Executive Assistant

Hey Boss Baby, we need a raise for all of this administrative work.

No Splashing

You have no idea what goes into obtaining a “natural” beach wave, kids.

So Much Plastic

Mother Earth sheds a tear each time one of these dolls is unwrapped.

Lesson Learned

Apparently now is not the time for independent exploration.

STEM-Based Curriculum

We believe in hands-on learning at our home school of excellence.

Goodbye Youth

At this point a drunk brisk walk feels risky.

Dog Days of Summer


No Self-Control

Yet that bag of carrots has lasted 90 days.

Forever Trolling

I don’t remember asking you, but thanks for your humble opinion.

Chef Chez Moi

Pretty sure that mac and cheese will earn us a Michelin Star.

Watermelon Wasteland

Just when we think we have them figured out, they go and completely contradict everything.

Cardio Emergency

Going to need 90 minutes of recovery after that one.

Unicorn Expert

Your creative ideas are not welcome here.

Take Your Pick

It’s also a time to burn that copy of Lean In hanging around on the bookshelf.

Everything is Fine

It’s great… we’re saving on haircuts.

Bless Him

His great struggles will build character.

Introvert Problems

Who made these drive-by parties a thing? We’d like to have a word.

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