15 Funny Parenting Tweets From @Mommy_Cusses That Are Almost *Too* Relatable

Mommy Cusses, the self-proclaimed domestic hot mess of a mama, never fails to make us laugh via her Twitter account, @Mommy_Cusses. The over-sharing, swearing social media queen is navigating school zooms, tantrums, and emotional breakdowns. Thankfully, she’s letting her followers in on the madness at every turn.

If you’re looking for a laugh from a mom who keeps it real, we have a treat for you. Our team has rounded up the most hilarious, top 15 tweets from Mommy Cusses for your enjoyment. The next time you are whisper screaming during your kiddos home school session, remember that you’re not alone and Mommy Cusses is probably somewhere tweeting about the exact same thing.

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The Funniest Parenting Tweets by Mommy Cusses

Security System

The baby gate is the best home security system you’ve ever seen. We dare you to just try to get past it.

Sweet Stressors

You want to know why I’m on edge? Let me introduce you to the little humans who are surrounding me, non-stop.

Breakdown, Popstar-Style

Someone please hid the hair clippers!

Whisper Screams

Whisper screaming during a Zoom mute is truly a sign of the times.

Netflix and Chillin’

Please let us relax and attempt to solve murder mysteries in our sweats.

Super Spreaders

Teaching is a filthy business. Bless you.

Google Goodnights

What’s the last Google rabbit-hole that you went down while hanging off the side of the bed?

All or Nothing

Either you’re going to get my entire life story or I’ll leave you on read for three months.

Barely Hanging On

It takes everything we have just to hang on, mamas.

Good Intentions

Taking calming breaths sounds nice, but have you met my kids?

Permission Granted

This is not the time for enforcing all of the rules.

Get the Shovel

It should entertain them for at least an hour.

Educational Meltdown

We’re pretty sure she is learning resilience.

Oregon Trail: Parent Edition

At least dysentery is no longer a threat!


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