16 Funny ‘This Claim Is Disputed’ Tweets That Have Turned a Label Into a Meme

The President of the United States, who won’t admit defeat after his loss to President-elect Joe Biden, has taken to Twitter (a lot) to air his grievances about the election. In a series of tweets that followed the call of a Biden victory, the President falsely claimed that there was election-related voter fraud.

As with many social media platforms trying to navigate this moment, Twitter decided to add a little tag to Trump‘s tweets that were misleading. Unprecedented times call for measures to match, and the platform labeled the false claims with “This claim about election fraud is disputed.” Now, people are crafting tweets with the text and it’s become a full-blown meme.

16 Funny 'This Claim Is Disputed' Tweets That Have Turned This Label Into a Meme
Donald Trump / Twitter

Almost every tweet from Trump since the election has been flagged with the label by Twitter. So, people are running with it and making it funny. Let’s take a look at some of the best “claim is disputed” tweets.

Dirty Dog Claims

We’re into any sort of dog-themed content so we are definitely into this. This cutie looks like he’s been really enjoying some time in the great outdoors. His cleanliness is up for debate.

Who’s Counting?

Do as the president does and make wildly irresponsible claims on Twitter. It’s what the platform was built for, right?

Freaky Enough

Jamie Lee Curtis who starred opposite Lindsay Lohan in 2003’s Freaky Friday, might dispute the claim that a given Friday is freakier than another. Try switching bodies with your daughter.

From Canada

The old cliche about having a romantic partner who may or may not exist in Canada is the star of this tweet. This is brilliant because it’s a play on the same juvenile ideations of our current leader and chief.


With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we find a person voicing a goal rather than an actuality. Who only eats one piece of pie on Thanksgiving?

It’s Fine

This is perfect. We’re living through a few once-in-a-lifetime crises and absolutely nothing is fine. But, carry on.

Disputed Jeans

“Low” is the debut single by American rapper Flo Rida, featured on his debut studio album Mail on Sunday and also featured on the soundtrack to the 2008 film Step Up 2: The Streets. This claim is not disputed.

Not Feeling the Fleet

If you’re not on Twitter (we envy you), you might not be familiar with a new feature that the platform has recently debuted. It’s called “fleets” and it’s identical to the “stories” feature of Instagram. All the apps should just combine and become one at this point.

Nothing to See Here

This tweet is a reference to a very frivolous dispatch from Taylor Swift who shared a black and white photo with the same caption. This is essentially the same sentiment as the “everything’s fine” tweet.

Pizza Claims

The greatest debate known to man, if pineapple belongs on pizza, is thrust into the public sphere once more with this tweet. For the record, pineapple on pizza is disgusting.


For fans of overthinking, we bring you this amazing tweet about anxiety. We have no doubts that the author of this tweet is a good person!

Not Taking Themselves too Seriously

Actor Curt Mega appeared on the television series Glee from 2010-2013. We always remember him fondly as Nick in the show. Good work!

Cookie Crumbles

Even major brands like Oreo got in on the fun. Here, we find an assertion that elevates the modest cookie. Well played.

Living Single

There’s nothing wrong with being single or joking about it. We hope this person finds love if that’s what they’re after.

Writer’s Be Like:

This tweet perfectly captures the joy most writers feel after turning in a draft. It’s called “rough” for a reason.

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Just Allergies

We feel like this is the most relatable tweet of the bunch as it’s been a rough several months and the holidays are very weird this year. Take care of yourselves and try to focus on the positive.

There you go! 16 “this claim is disputed” tweets that have transformed the label into a meme. We hope you enjoyed these funny tidbits and will continue to make jokes at Twitter and the President’s expense.

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