2 911 Calls Were Made to Brian Laundrie’s Home the Day Before Gabby Petito Was Reported Missing and What Dog the Bounty Hunter Thinks He May Have Found

According to the Independent, prior to the day Gabby Petito was officially reported missing, the police were called to Brian Laundrie’s home twice. As Mamas Uncut previously reported, Gabby Petito was officially reported on September 11.

We are now learning that the police had been to Brian Laundrie’s home twice on September 10. As the Independent reported, one of them was reportedly made by Petito’s father. 

2 911 calls were made to brian laundrie’s home the day before gabby petito was reported missing and what dog the bounty hunter thinks he may have found

Gabby Petito’s biological father, Joe, also lived in Florida while his daughter lived with her boyfriend and his parents. Joe reportedly lives 150 miles away in Vero Beach. 

While Joe did not travel to the Laundrie’s home himself, he expressed concern for his daughter’s safety in the 911 call. According to records released by the North Port Police, one of the 911 calls was made just before 4 p.m. on September 10 and another was made around 6:30 p.m.

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The first of the calls was described as a “public service.” The second of the calls was marked as “problem settled.”

The Independent also revealed that on September 4, his family’s attorney confirmed that Brian Laundrie purchased a cellphone before his family visited the Fort De Soto campsite from September 6 to September 8. It is still believed Laundrie had arrived back in Florida in the white Ford van without Gabby Petito on September 1.

2 911 calls were made to brian laundrie’s home the day before gabby petito was reported missing and what dog the bounty hunter thinks he may have found

From September 1 to September 11, Petito’s mother, Nicole Schmidt, had made multiple attempts to get ahold of Brian and his mom in hopes of learning more about where Gabby was. Nicole and the rest of Gabby’s family last heard from her on August 25.

Over the last 19 days, the North Port Police responded to 46 calls to the Laundrie’s residents. Further, it was also confirmed by the police that they DID NOT see Brian at his parents’ home when they seized the white Ford van he and Gabby Petito had been traveling in on September 11. This piece of information had been widely misreported.

On September 30, the FBI was seen at the Laundrie’s home again. This time, they briefly searched the camper that the family took with them to go camping at Fort De Soto. According to Fox News, the FBI was there for about 30 minutes before leaving with a bag.

“The FBI is at the Laundrie home today to collect some personal items belonging to Brian that will assist the canines in their search for Brian.  There is nothing more to this,” the family’s lawyer said in a brief statement regarding the FBI’s presence at their home today.

In the latest update of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s search, it has been reported that Dog has been using a K-9 for assistance after finding a freshly drunk Monster energy drink and a campsite. As Mamas Uncut previously reported there is still a warrant out for Brian Laundrie’s arrest after he was charged with allegedly using someone else’s bank card.

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