35 ‘Game of Thrones’ Tattoos That Are Hotter Than Wildfire

Who knew a fantasy series of books adapted for the screen would be a smash hit? Oh, wait! All jokes aside, Game of Thrones, the TV show and the books that it is based on, made a huge cultural impact. There’s no denying that fact. It was the show everyone was talking about, or at least, those who felt comfortable admitting they watched it talked about. As far as TV shows go, there has never been a show so fearless in its first few seasons. As viewers, we’ve been conditioned to expect big-name actors in leading roles to at least survive the first season of a show. Not on Game of Thrones! The show kept viewers on their toes because any character could meet their demise at any moment. For all of its flaws, the show did manage to develop some compelling characters over its eight seasons. When you follow characters for that long, it can feel like you know them. It gets a little personal! The show was strongest when it focused on character development and interpersonal relationships. Yes, there were dragons. Yes, there were battles. Yes, those were thrilling. As you’ll see, many superfans of the show and books took their love and stuck their skin with the pointy end to create some amazing Game of Thrones-inspired tattoos. Here are 35 Game of Thrones tattoos that will make you want to revisit this incredible universe.

35. A Bobble-Head Jon Snow

HBO wasted no time rolling out the merch for their flagship TV series. The Funko figurines of the characters from the show were extremely popular. This tattoo looks just like the Jon Snow toy that they released. It’s a cutie.

34. Flirty Tormund

Nothing brought fans greater joy than seeing Tormund flirt with Brienne of Tarth. This hilarious, and well-executed tattoo of Tormund reminds fans that unrequited love is still love.

33. A Dramatic Daenerys

This smoky photorealistic tattoo of The Queen of Dragons is a treat. Done in black and grey this tattoo really brings the drama and captures the intensity of the moment.

32. Some Ice and Fire

There were some good dragons and then there was the bad one. This huge back tattoo pays tribute to the name of the series of books, A Song of Fire and Ice.

31. A Needle

“There is only one god, and His name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: Not today.” Syrio Forel taught Arya well when they were sword training. “Not today” has become one of the show’s most popular quotes.

30. Some Greyjoy

Yara was amazing, but all other Greyjoys were trash. Trash! The Stormborn did have a great sigil though. This tattoo plays into that but adds a Sailor Jerry vibe that’s pretty appealing.

29. The Three-Eyed Raven

This large tattoo on the calf is a joy. The Three-Eyed Raven remained a mystery for the early episodes of the series. This incredible black and gray tattoo looks fantastic. Even people who aren’t fans of the show can admire this artist’s work.

28. A Direwolf

This is a fun design of the Stark sigil and direwolf. The creative design incorporates tiny abstract designs into the original to give it a more unique look.

27. A Blind Arya

Arya really went through it when she was training to be a faceless man. One of the very best characters on the show, Arya really put them on notice. The tattoo artist did amazing work with this tattoo and it looks just like actor Maisie Williams.

26. An Oathkeeper

Another fan favorite, Brienne of Tarth, had some of the most touching scenes in the show around her sword which she named Oathkeeper.

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25. Some Dragon Eggs

The use of super-bright colors makes this tattoo design really stand out. The three dragon eggs Dany receives look so cute, almost like Easter eggs.

24. A Sad Tyrion

Well, is Tyrion ever all that happy? This amazing tattoo captures actor Peter Dinklage’s likeness. We love the innovative shading. It show’s a true artist’s touch.

23. Just Dragons

Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion are popular Game of Thrones tattoos. It was exciting to see them grow over the course of the show.

22. Jon Snow and Ghost

This person put Kit Herrington’s face on his chest. Why not? Jon Snow and his direwolf Ghost make for a striking tattoo. The mountain scene in the background looks landscapes from beyond The Wall.

21. A Tribute to the Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

People get creative with their Game of Thrones tattoos and come up with all sorts of ways to shoutout their favorite characters. This very tidy tattoo looks amazing.

20. The Hand of the King

Being the Hand to the King seems like the absolute worst job, ever. This incredible tattoo recreates the pin worn by countless unfortunate souls in King’s Landing.

19. It’s Just Winter

We hope this tattoo made you giggle. In the show, “Winter is coming” is such a foreboding and ominous warning. It applies it to the fears that many of us feel before the holidays. This is a very clever tatt.

18. Winterfell at Night

Yep, winter, she’s still-a-coming. This tattoo imagines Winterfell in a snowglobe. Which is pretty funny as well, all things considered. This is a fun tattoo executed with vivid color.

17. Longclaw

The Lannisters family symbol is the lion. This tattoo imagines Jon Snow’s sword, Longclaw going right through it. We love the design, especially the lion.

16. Tyrion’s Greatest Strengths

Tyrion Lannister has the best lines in the entire series. One of our favorites: “That’s what I do. I drink and I know things.” This tattoo takes the quote and wraps it around meaningful imagery from the show that relates to Tyrion.

15. The North Doesn’t Forget

The Northerners in Game of Thrones say this line about at least 1,436 times in the run of the show. This amazing tattoo uses a watercolor effect for the background which contrasts with the imagery of the banner, direwolf, and sword.

14. More Tyrion

This very creative and attractive portrait of Tyrion somehow manages to capture Peter Dinklage perfectly. This stylized design is one-of-a-kind and we absolutely love it.

13. Cool Dany

Although she’s known for having a hot temper, Dany is actually a really cool character. The design conjures the romance of pre Raphaelite art mixed with stained glass.

12. Queen in the North

To put it mildly, Game of Thrones was not kind to Sansa Stark. We love seeing this tattoo tribute to a character who really deserved better. It’s done in a traditional style that makes it almost look like flash.

11. A Littlefinger

One of the characters whose creepiness snuck up on fans was Littlefinger. We have no idea why anyone would want a tattoo of him, but at least the artist did a decent job of capturing Aiden Gillen.

10. A Message from Bear Island

Lady Lyanna Mormont portrayed by Bella Ramsey was a scene-stealer when Jon and company went to Bear Island to ask for her help. This tattoo tribute is remarkable.

9. A Pin-up Jon Snow

It doesn’t all have to be dragons and battles. Game of Thrones fands can afford to loosen up a bit. This hilarious pin-up style tattoo of Jon Snow will haunt you.

8. The Mountain and the Viper

One of the craziest fight scenes happens in one of the most intense episodes of the entire show. The episode, The Mountain and the Viper made every fan break out into a cold sweat the first time they saw it. This fantastic tattoo captures so many of the elements of the fight and balances them into one coherent design. Well done!

7. Just Chill

How many seasons of the show did it take for Winter to actually come? Let’s not dwell there. This funny tattoo of the Night King getting ready for a summer vacation is a smash.

6. The Lord of Light

The Red Priestess Melisandre probably said this a gazillion times. In the end, we realize, it was worth repeating. The colors employed in this tattoo are really stunning.

5. A Catspaw Dagger

Our girl Arya really came through with this one. This fabulous tattoo depicts the Catspaw dagger freshly pulled from you-know-who. The detail in the handle alone is breathtaking.

4. A Girl is No One

A girl is no one until she’s someone! Arya Stark impressed fans when she finished her “training” at The House of Black and White and then proceeded to kick some tail. This tattoo captures her coolness at that moment.

3. Dracarys?

Someone really loves Game of Thrones and Daenerys and dragons and fire. We can’t believe someone got this much GOT tattooed on their body. We hope this was done after they saw the final season.

2. Those Poor Direwolfs

Well, The Red Wedding really changed the trajectory for many of the characters in Game of Thrones. One of the most tragic moments befell Robb’s direwolf, Grey Wind. This tattoo uses the same style popular across the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

1. Hodor

Sorry! We don’t mean to make light of one of the most tragic moments of the show, so we will let this tattoo do that work for us. Hodor was such a sweet and wonderful character. It was such a shame that it all led to that one sad moment. He really did hold that door.

We hope you enjoyed these 35 Game of Thrones tattoos. As you can see, the love for the show and the book is still thriving. The blockbuster TV show ran for nearly a decade with many fans watching and rewatching the show many times over. The complex universe and multitude of characters make the show a delight to watch.

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