25 Geek Chic Names for Girls That Parents Are Breathing New Life Into

Fashionable baby names for girls have taken a turn in recent years with more and more parents exploring vintage names. These clunky, old-fashioned options come befitted in a sweater vest and a pair of thick-framed glasses. Appellations that were once popular in the US now feel so dated and uncool that they are actually chic and interesting, drawing the attention of new parents who want to breathe fresh life into these dated and offbeat options.

Geek chic baby names for girls tend to first become popular (again) across the pond in the UK before they eventually make their way to the US. For instance, Harriet, Imogen, and Florence have already staged comebacks in the UK but they have yet to land on many birth certificates in the US. But, if history is any indication, Florence, Harriet, and Imogen as well as other geeky names that become popular in the UK will be trendy here within a decade. We wanted to round up some idiosyncratic baby names for girls that will likely become fashionable in the coming years so that you have some baby name inspiration that comes from outside the box.


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Golden Girl, Bea Arthur was born a Bernice but Bea typically is a nickname for Beatrice. Bea is a geek chic name that has the potential to return as a standalone, casual, appellation. Bea can trace its origins to Latin, meaning “she who brings happiness.” Both Bea and Beatrice have fallen from fashion, with Bea leaving the top 1000 list completely in 1910, never to return. Parents today just might change that trend!


Geek Chic Names for Girls

The third-century St. Eugenia, an early Roman Christian martyr, is remembered for disguising herself as a man to escape persecution. Eugenia, a name barely used at all since the 1980s, is another that flourished a century ago and could be due for a revival as a geek chic name. Eugenia has Greek origins and means “wellborn.”


Geek Chic Names for Girls

A top 100 name from 1896 to 1921, Leona reached as high as number 72. Since then, Leona had seemed to be one of the most unfashionable of the “lion” names. Leona does indeed mean “lioness” which helps to give it some bite. Leona returned to the top 1000 in 2009 and has been very slowly rising ever since. People clearly see what we see in this geek chic name.


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Mildred is an ancient Anglo-Saxon name that became popularized in England because of an eighth-century saint. In the US, she was a top 10 choice from 1903 to 1926. Mildred is often considered unattractive along with other names like Bertha and Gertrude, but we think it’s actually perfect as a geek chic pick. Mildred has English origins and means “gentle strength.”


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Miriam is currently the number one name for girls in Israel. Miriam appears in Exodus as the older sister of Moses and Aaron, a prophetess who led the celebratory dance after the crossing of the Red Sea and the deliverance of the Israelites from the Egyptians. This name comes from the same Hebrew elements as Mary which means “drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved.” The name is a top 1000 pick in the US today but is nowhere near its glory days in the 1920s. Expect this geek chic name to land on more birth certificates very soon.


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Wilhelmina was a lot more commonly heard in the US years ago. It was as high as number 215 in the 1880s but has been off the top 1000 list completely since 1955. The name has a history as a royal moniker belonging to the Queen of the Netherlands who became a hero during the World Wars. Wilhelmina is the femme form of Wilhelm, a German name, meaning “resolute protector.” This geek chic name comes with some awesome nickname potential in Mina and Willy (or Will).


Geek Chic Names for Girls

After spending 30 years off the charts, Vera has finally begun trending for baby girls. Perhaps we have Vera Wang and Vera Farmiga to thank for this renaissance. Vera has Russian origins and is found wherever Slavic languages are spoken aplenty. This vintage geek chic charmer means “faith.”


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Despite a return to such feminization of male names like Josephine, Clementine, and Theodora, clunky Henrietta has not made it into that group. We have a soft spot for this geek chic name that fell out of favor in the sixties. The name shares its meaning with Henry, “estate ruler.” As we mentioned, it’s currently a hit in the UK and we expect American parents to follow.


Geek Chic Names for Girls

In Greek myth, Eudora was one of the Hyades, a set of sisters transformed into the star cluster that bears their name. This name has not been used on a bunch of birth certificates since the 1920s! Eudora has a pleasant sound and offers new parents geek chic nicknames Eu and Dora. The Greek elements that form this name mean “generous gift.” We’ll take it!


Geek Chic Names for Girls

American photographer Berenice Abbott was an esteemed photographer who proved masterful at capturing captivating portraits of cultural figures. Berenice is a storied name belonging to Egyptian queens and a 4th-century Saint. The geek chic name enjoys Greek origin and means “she who brings victory.”


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Alma is one of the surprising names that has always been in the top 1000, but after sinking to its lowest point ever in 2011, we think it could use some more love from new parents today. Alma has Latin origins and it is frequently used in Spanish-speaking communities. It means “soul.” We find it to be one of the warmest geek chic names on this list.


Geek Chic Names for Girls

After an entire century on the top 1000 list, Letitia fell off in the early 1980s and has not yet returned. We are absolutely nuts for this geek chic name as it yields some of the best nicknames in Tish, Tisha, Lettie, and Tia. Spelled Laetitia, the name belongs to the Roman goddess of celebration and gaiety. Letitia has Latin origins and it means “joy.” Who is mad about that?


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Geraldine was at its height from the 1910s through the 1940s, peaking at number 38 in 1931. The appellation was invented in the time of Henry VIII by a poet who fell in love with Lady Elizabeth Fitzgerald and, inspired by her surname, called her “Faire Geraldine.” Geraldine is considered to mean “ruler with a spear” coming from the elements that compose the name, Gerald.


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Cora is a top 100 name again but it took plenty of time to climb back to this point and it is nowhere near as popular as it was at the turn of the twentieth century. Cora has Greek origins and is associated with the mythological queen of the underworld, Persephone. The name means “maiden” and it was the Greeks used when Persephone transformed into the goddess of spring (Kore), making this name a perfect choice for a spring baby.


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Fay was most popular in the US in the early decades of the twentieth century, reaching Number 202 in 1907. Fay is an English geek chic name that comes complete with a sprinkle of magic dust in the meaning “fairy.” The name is heating up in Europe today, one of the most popular choices in the Netherlands for baby girls.


Geek Chic Names for Girls

1954 was the last year Enid last made the US top 1000. A largely forgotten geek chic name for many US parents, Enid lives on in Arthurian Legend and Celtic folklore. Enid has Welsh origins and means “spirit.” Because of its roots, the name remains a popular option for baby girls born in the UK. Enid will sound old-fashioned to many, but we think it holds plenty of charm.


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Avis is a bird name that’s been in hibernation for a while, possibly due to the car rental association, but it could make a return on the back of Ava. In fact, last year this geek chic name found widespread favor was in 1966! She’s past due for a return! Avis has Latin origins and means “bird.”


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Mabel reentered the US top 500 in 2017. The name had been off of new parents’ radars for about fifty years. We are so excited to hear this charming, retro favorite once more. At its height in the 1880s and 1890s, Mabel proved an amicable alternative to Amabel, a Latin appellation that means “lovable.”


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Kay has been out of sight and out of mind since the 1980s but was in the double digits from 1936 to 1945. The name was attached to several glamorous actresses of the period, such as t Kay Francis. Kay is considered a casual, shortened form of Katherine which means “pure.” Thankfully, Kay is a straightforward geek chic name that parents are beginning to circle once more.


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Sadie has been soaring in popularity recently. Its last big showing was a century ago. Sadie is a diminutive of Sarah and thus, means “princess.” We are thrilled that this geek chic name is finding love from new parents.


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Opal is on the verge of getting a fresh shine following other jewel names like Ruby and Pearl. A top 100 name during the first two decades of the twentieth century, Opal has an excellent chance of coming back today. It’s a geek chic name on the rise! Opal has Sanskrit origins and means “gem.” It was a favorite gem of Queen Victoria. The opal is the birthstone for October so this could be very attractive for new parents expecting a fall baby.


Geek Chic Names for Girls

In the US, Philomena ranked in the top 1000 through 1940, peaking at number 355 in 1915. Abroad, the name is still in use in English-speaking communities. We would love that to be true for America as well. Philomena is a modest Greek name that means “lover of strength.” In Greek myth, Philomena was an Athenian princess who was transformed by the gods into a nightingale.


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Hazel is a rare example of a name that fell completely off the US top 1000 list after cracking the top 25 at the turn of the twentieth century. After 23 years of absence, Hazel has returned in a huge way landing in the top 50 today. We know this name is an established old geek chic that’s seen as fresh again, but we love it so much we had to include it on this list. Hazel has English origins and refers to the “hazelnut tree.”


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Edna was a hugely, hugely popular name at the end of the 19th century and early 20th century in the US. It was a top 25 baby name for many years. However, the name began to take on a frumpy, geeky image leaving it relatively unused by parents after the 1990s. Edna has Hebrew origins and is related to the name Eden which means “delight.”


Geek Chic Names for Girls

Blanche gained a reputation as a name for a Southern woman (of a certain age) thanks to characters Blanche DuBois in Tennessee Williams’s A Streetcar Named Desire and Blanche Devereaux in TV’s Golden Girls. Those huge pop culture touchstones are likely why the name completely fall out of fashion in the latter part of the 20th century. Blanche has French origins and means “blonde” or “white.” We would love for this geek chic name to make a comeback.

There you go! We hope you fell in love with some of these Geek chic names. These appellations for girls are primed for a comeback in the coming years so get ahead of the trend by choosing one of these familiar yet offbeat baby names for your daughter. If you liked these names for girls, perhaps you will also like to read about unique names for girls that mean “love.” Keep reading for more name recommendations.

Discover the Most Soulful Girl Names That Mean Love Below:


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Agapi is a name of Greek origin that means “love” and “affection.” Despite the name being well-used in Greece today, you rarely encounter this name in the US. The name is used often and found in Greek pop culture:

  • “Agapi” is a song by Greek singer Despina Vandi
  • “Agapi Einai Esi” is an album by Greek singer Anna Vissi
  • Agapi Deligiani is a character in the Greek television series “Deligianneion Parthenagogion”


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Ahava is an endearing Hebrew name for girls that also comes in the following forms: Ahavah, Ahaba, Ahabah, Ahuva, and Ahuvah. The name is referenced in the bible as a small river on whose banks Ezra assembled the Jews to prepare them spiritually for their journey out of Babylonian captivity. This name means “love.”


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Aiko is a unisex Japanese name that’s popular there today for both boys and girls. The appellation means “beloved child.” There are many famous folks with this name today. They include:

  • Aiko: Princess Toshi, daughter of Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako of Japan
  • Aiko Yanai: Japanese pop singer
  • Aiko Kitahara: Japanese pop singer
  • Aiko Sato: Japanese actress
  • Aiko Climaco: Filipina actress and model
  • Aiko Kaitou: Japanese TV newscaster
  • Richelle Aiko Simpson: Canadian gymnast and acrobat
  • Jhene Aiko: American R&B singer


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Amada is the feminine form of the Spanish name, Amado. It means “loved.” Amada is a unique name that’s becoming more famous thanks to Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes, who named their second daughter Amada Lee and their first Esmeralda Amada. We love the rhythmic quality of this understated name.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Amanda might seem like a name that became trendy in the last century but the name was used throughout Europe for hundreds of years before it became popular in the US. Amanda is of Latin origin and means “she must be loved. It’s one of the most popular girl names that mean love. There are many, many famous people with the name, including:

  • Amanda Laura Bynes: American actress
  • Amanda Michelle Seyfried: American actress
  • Amanda Leigh “Mandy” Moore: American singer and actress
  • Amanda Blake (born Beverly Louise Neill): American actress
  • Amanda Lepore (born Armand Lepore): American model
  • Amanda Reifer: Musician of Barbadian band Cover Drive
  • Amanda Crew: Canadian actress
  • Amanda Peet: American actress
  • Amanda Michael Plummer: American actress, daughter of actor Christopher Plummer
  • Amanda Lear: French singer and TV presenter
  • Amanda Jones: Miss USA 1973


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Amata is a darling name of Italian and Latin origin, from the name Amatus, meaning “beloved.” Despite its simple sound and accessibility, this name has never been a popular choice in the US. It’s one of the girl names that mean love that we want to hear more of. Famous Amatas include:

  • Saint Amata of Assisi: Nun who was healed by her aunt, Saint Clare of Assisi
  • Amata Catherine Coleman Radewagen: U.S. Congressional delegate from American Samoa


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Amora is a name of Spanish origin for girls that’s become popular in the US in the last several years. It’s now a top-500 name. This Latinate name means “love.” Fun fact: amora is a Portuguese word for “blackberry.”


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Aroha is a treasure of a name of Maori origin, it means “love.” If you’re looking for exotic girl names that mean love, this could be the right choice for you. Famous Arohas in the world include:

  • Aroha Hathaway: New Zealand TV and radio presenter
  • Aroha Harawira: New Zealand radio host and DJ
  • Aroha Newby: New Zealand model
  • Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford (b. 2018): Daughter of New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Avila is a German name for girls that means “desired,” “wished for,” or “water island.” The name is the precursor to the more popular name today, Evelyn. Probably the most famous Avila, St. Teresa of Avila (the name of the Spanish town of her origin).


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Aziza is a name found in a number of naming traditions including Swahili, Hebrew, and Arabic. It’s one of the zippiest girl names that mean love thanks to the double-Z. The name means “powerful and beloved.” Famous people with this charming name include:

  • Aziza Mustafa Zadeh: Azerbaijani musician
  • Aziza Brahim: Sahrawi singer
  • Aziza A.: Turkish/German rapper
  • Aziza Ali: Singaporean former chef and food consultant


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Do you have Welsh heritage? If so, Cariad would be one of the best girl names that mean love for you to consider. The name is closely associated with the Welsh folk song “Cariad Cywir.” The name means “love.” It’s never been a popular choice in the US but it is one of the easiest Welsh names for English speakers to pronounce.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Carina is one of the girl names that mean love in Italian. The name was once popular in the US from the 1970s to the 2000s but has since fallen from fashion. To be more precise, this name translates as “dear little one.” Folks with the name Carina include:

  • Carina Lau (Karling): Hong Kong actress
  • Carina Witthöft: German tennis player
  • Carina Marguerite Benninga: Dutch Olympic field hockey player
  • Carina Persson: Swedish model
  • Carina Rose Mariano (b. 2010): Daughter of reality TV personalities Rob and Amber Mariano


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Carita is a name that originated in Latin but you will find it most popular today for girls born in Scandinavia. This delicate name means “beloved.” A famous person with the name today is Carita Elisabeth Holmström who is a Finnish singer, songwriter, and pianist.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Carwen is the feminine version of the Welsh name Carwyn, meaning “blessed love.” It’s another one of the Welsh girl names that mean love. Carwen has yet to take off for girls born in the US but we feel it has tons of potential.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Pronounced CA-riss, this is another Welsh name that means “love.” The name is very popular across the UK, even outside of its native Wales. Famous folks with this name include:

  • Carys Davina “Tanni” Grey: Thompson, Baroness Grey, Thompson, British MP, and former wheelchair racer
  • Carys Parry: Welsh hammer thrower
  • Carys Hawkins: Welsh-born Australian football player
  • Carys Margaret Bannister: British neurosurgeon
  • Carys Phillips: Welsh rugby union player
  • Carys Zeta Douglas (b. 2003): Daughter of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

The superstar Cher has kept parents from flocking to this name of French origin that means “beloved.” We think she’s a great excuse to choose this name! She’s not the only famous individual with the name. Other notable Chers include:

  • Cher Lloyd: English singer and songwriter
  • Cher Butler: American model and actress


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Cordelia is one of the girl names that mean love with a bit more specific meaning in “heart” and “daughter of the sea.” The name originated in Latin as well as Celtic traditions. Cordelia is not nearly as popular today as it was a few decades ago in the US but we still view it as a contender. Famous people with the name include:

  • Cordelia: Queen consort of Aganippus of the Franks
  • Cordelia Abidaoud: Phoenician princess
  • Cordelia Bugeja: British actress
  • Cordelia de Castellane: French designer
  • Cordelia Fine: Canadian-British-Australian psychologist/writer
  • Cordelia Agnes Greene: Physician/suffragist
  • Cordelia Hawkins: For whom the town of Cordele, Georgia was named
  • Cordelia Scaife May: American philanthropist
  • Cordelia Adelaide Harvey: American Civil War nurse
  • (Henrietta) Cordelia Ray: American poet and educator
  • Cordelia Mendoza: American antiquarian


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Desiree is another one of the French girl names that mean love. The name means “desired,” to be exact. The name ranked in the top-1000 from 1957 to 2017 in the US but has since fallen from favor. Famous Desirees include:

  • Desiree Hartsock: American reality TV personality (“The Bachelor,” and “The Bachelorette”
  • Desiree Goyette: American singer and voice actress
  • Desiree Akhavan: Iranian-American filmmaker
  • Desiree Rose Marie Scott: Canadian soccer player
  • Desireé Apolonio Bassett: American guitarist
  • Desiree Nicole Linden: American runner
  • Desirée Glapion Rogers: Former White House Social Secretary


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Dua is one of those names made famous by a single celebrity, British-Albanian model and singer Dua Lipa. The name is found in both Albanian and Arabic traditions as one of the girl names that mean love or “prayer.” It’s only a matter of time before this modern-sounding name takes off more broadly.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Elska is one of our favorite girl names that mean love. It originated in Old Norse and is still widely used across the Nordic countries and Scandinavia.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Eowyn is a name made popular by The Lord of the Rings, but the name is ancient, originating in Old English and meaning “horse lover.” Novelist Eowyn Ivey is one famous American example with the name. It’s uncommon in the US but we want that to change.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Esme is one of the girl names that mean love that’s on the rise in the US today. It is of French and Persian origin and it was long popular in France before it crossed the pond. There are very many remarkable people with the name, they include:

  • Esme Rosemary Irwin: English cricketer
  • Esme Langley: English writer
  • Esme Mackinnon: Scottish Olympic skier
  • Esme Grace Melville: Australian actress
  • Esme Irene Tombleson: New Zealand politician
  • Esme Bianco: English actress, model, and performer
  • Esme Patterson: Lead singer of American band Paper Bird
  • Esme Jane Gardner: American Gardner quadruplet
  • Esme Scarborough: Daughter of actor Adrian Scarborough


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Habiba is one of the girl names that mean love that’s popular in Somalia and North Africa among Muslim families. The exact translation of the name is “beloved” or “sweetheart.” Unfortunately, the appellation is not popular in the US but there are plenty of international examples of people with the name:

  • Habiba Ghribi: Tunisian runner
  • Marguerite “Habiba” Msika: Tunisian singer, dancer and actress
  • Habiba Nosheen: Pakistani-Canadian journalist
  • Habiba Sarobi: Afghan hematologist and the first Afghan woman governor
  • Habiba Akumu Obama: Kenyan paternal grandmother of U.S. President Barack Obama
  • Habiba Djahnine: Algerian film producer
  • Habiba Marzouk: Egyptian rhythmic gymnast


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

One of the girl names that mean love which has the most poetic meaning comes from Hawaii. Halia means “remembrance of a loved one.” Isn’t that amazing? The name is widely used in Hawaii but it is most rare elsewhere. Bring Halia to the Lower 48.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Haviva is a name of Hebrew origin that means “well-loved.” The more common form of the name is spelled Aviva but if you’re looking for one of the girl names that mean love starting with H, it could be the way to go.

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50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Pronounced ID-uh-nee, Idony is another one of the Norse girl names that mean love. To be exact, the appellation means “love again” and “renewal.” Idony is the mythic Norse goddess of spring and eternal youth making this name one to really fall in love with.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Ife is a simple yet beautiful name of Yoruba-West African origin. The name has gone virtually unused in the US despite it being one of the most straightforward girl names that mean love.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Janan is a name of Arabic origin that’s used for both girls and boys. The emphasis is on the second syllable for this appellation which means “heart” and “soul.” This name has never been popular in the US but we hope that changes in the coming years.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Kalila is another one of the girl names that mean love in Arabic. If you’re looking for alternatives to names like Lola and Lila, this could be the right choice for you. Kalila is one of the girl names on this list that’s the most fun to say.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Karita is the Icelandic form of the name Carita which we shared with you earlier. Both names mean “beloved.” Further, both names are popular across Scandinavia.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Kerensa is one of the few Cornish girl names that mean love. Kerensa is a name used by novelist Victoria Holt in the Cornish-set The Legend of the Seventh Virgin. You will also find this name spelled Kerenza which has added zip.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Lennon is a unisex option of Irish and English origin that means “lover.” This name has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity over the past several years, especially for baby girls. It’s one of the hottest girl names that mean love in America today. Famous examples include:

  • Lennon Ray Louise Stella: American actress and singer of duo Lennon & Maisy
  • Lennon Parham: American actress
  • Lennon Wynn: American actress
  • John Lennon: English musician of The Beatles
  • The Lennon Sisters: American musical group


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Luba is one of the girl names that mean love found in Russian, Slavic, and Yiddish. All meanings translate to “love” for this multi-cultural appellation. Famous Lubas:

  • Lubomyra “Luba” Kowalchyk: Canadian singer-songwriter
  • Luba Mason (born Lubica Anna Gregusova or Lubitza Gregus): American actress
  • Luba Goy: Canadian actress
  • Luba Rudenko Marks: Bulgarian-American fashion designer


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

We’re not sure if the Slavic name Ludmila translates for a baby born in the US today but it is one option that means “beloved of the people.” Ludmila names a tenth-century saint who had been a princess from Bohemia. Thus, Ludmila is widely used in Russia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. Famous Ludmilas include:

  • Saint Ludmila of Bohemia: 10th-century Czech martyr, wife of Duke Bořivoj I of Bohemia
  • Ľudmila Cervanova: Slovakian tennis player
  • Ludmila Richterova: Czech tennis player
  • Ludmila Engquist: Russian-Swedish Olympic hurdler
  • Ludmila Belousova: Russian Olympic pair skater


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Mabel is one of our favorite vintage girl names that mean love. It is a shortened form of Amabel, from Latin, meaning “lovable.” The name is on a slow climb once more in the US as more parents are returning to this absolute gem of a name. Famous folks named Mabel:

  • Mabel Kroger (b. 2006): Epic Gamer
  • Mabel Martine Wisse Smit: Princess of Orange, Nassau, wife of Prince Friso of the Netherlands
  • Mabel Elizabeth King: American singer and actress
  • Mabel Esmonde Cahill: Irish tennis player
  • Mabel Esplin: English stained glass artist and muralist
  • Mabel Ethelreid Normand: American silent film comedienne
  • Mabel Gardiner Hubbard: Wife of inventor Alexander Graham Bell
  • Mabel Ida Albertson: American actress
  • Mabel Mercer: American cabaret singer
  • Mabel Seeley: American mystery novelist
  • Mabel Suffield Tolkien: Mother of novelist J.R.R. Tolkien


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Want a sweeter form of Mabel? The Welsh use Mabli which has a touch more romance. It’s one of the girl names that mean love that’s making a comeback in Wales today after falling from fashion for decades. We’re happy to see this one return.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Pronounced MY-teh, Maite is a name of Basque origin. Despite this name’s mighty sound, it means “beloved.” It’s one of the girl names that mean love that is virtually unused in the US.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Milada is an enchanting name of Czech origin that means “my love.” Despite it being unknown to most English speakers the name is a huge hit in its native country. Famous people with the name include:

  • Milada Petrikova: Pavlikova, first woman architect in Czechoslovakia
  • Milada Emmerová: Czech physician and politician
  • Milada Kubíková: Czech pair skater
  • Milada Šubrtová: Czech operatic soprano
  • Milada Horáková: Czech politician and resistance leader


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Another one of the Czech girl names that mean love, Milan additionally can mean “warmth” and “grace.” The name is fairly uncommon in the US but it is the given name for Mila Kunis. It’s a huge hit among Slavic languages. Famous Milenas include:

  • Milena Vukotić: Queen consort of Nicholas I of Montenegro
  • Milena Markovna “Mila” Kunis: Ukrainian-American actress
  • Milena Govich: American actress
  • Milena Jesenská: Czech journalist; subject of Kafka’s “Letters to Milena”
  • Milena Sharkova: Miss Bulgaria 2008
  • Milena Toscano: Brazilian actress and model
  • Milena Ceranic: Serbian singer
  • Milena Dravić: Serbian actress
  • Milena Maria Rosner: Polish volleyball player


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

A name rarely heard outside the Latino community, Nayeli originated in Zapotec, a language from indigenous Mexico. Nayeli has been a popular choice in the US since the 1990s. We absolutely love it. Famous people with the name include:

  • (Lydia) Nayeli Rangel: Mexican footballer
  • Nayeli Lavender Spears: Daughter of Aaron D. Spears


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Pronounced NEE-mee, Nemy is a name of Mende origin that’s found in West Africa. It’s one of the girl names that mean love that sounds equally as sweet. In fact, it means “sweet.”


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Philomena has been an old standard in the UK for decades. It was last popular in the US in the 1940s. It has since fallen from fashion and is considered an “old lady name.” We still have a fondness for this name which means “lover of strength.” Famous people with the name include:

  • Saint Philomena: Greco-Roman martyr, patron saint of children and impossible causes
  • Philomena Begley: Irish country music singer
  • Philomena Bijlhout: Dutch TV presenter and politician
  • Philomena Franz: Sinti (Romani) Holocaust survivor & writer
  • Philomena Garvey: Irish golfer
  • Philomena Theresa Gianfrancisco: American female baseball player


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

One of the rarest girl names that mean love comes from Greek and will likely be attractive to parents of faith. Philothea means “lover of God.” There are two possible pronunciations for this name: fil-oh-THEE-ah or fil-oh-THAY-ah.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Pippa is an English diminutive form of Phillipa, a name of Greek origin, meaning “lover of horses.” Pippa has a youthful, energetic vibe that’s much more current than Phillipa. Pippa is much more commonly given in other English-speaking countries than in the US. Famous Pippas:

  • Philippa Charlotte “Pippa” Middleton: Sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
  • Pippa Scott: American actress
  • Philippa “Pippa” Bennett: Warner, English actress
  • Philippa Rachel “Pippa” Funnell: English Olympic equestrian
  • Pippa Mann: English racing driver
  • Philippa Jill “Pippa” Olivier Harris: English film producer
  • Pippa Black: Australian actress


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

One of the very best girl names that mean love comes from Sanskrit. Priya means “beloved,” to be exact and it is widely used in India today. There, Priya is traditionally given to girls born in August. Famous people named Priya include:

  • Priya Cooper: Australian Paralympic swimmer
  • Priya Malik: Australian reality TV personality of “Big Brother”
  • Priya Anand: Indian actress
  • Priya Dutt (Roncon): Indian MP
  • Priya Page: Daughter of social media stars Jordan and Bubba Page


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Querida is a rare Spanish name that means “beloved.” It’s a bit of a mouthful but not a dealbreaker.


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Shirin is one of the girl names that mean love that’s love-adjacent. This Persian name means “charming” and “sweet.” The name is considered a unisex choice but we favor it for girls. Famous Shirins:

  • Shirin Ebadi: Iranian human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
  • Shirin Neshat: Iranian-American artist
  • Shirin Fakhim: Iranian artist
  • Shirin Tinati: Iranian-American photographer
  • Shirin Sadeghi: Iranian-American journalist
  • Shirin: Persian queen and wife of Khosrau II


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

One of the best and most accessible Japanese girl names that mean love is Suki. The name more specifically means “loved one.” Notable people with the name include:

  • (Alice) Suki Waterhouse: English actress and model
  • Suki Low (born Low Sook Yee): Malaysian pop singer (“One in a Million”)
  • Susannah Claire “Suki” Brownsdon: English Olympic swimmer
  • Suki Chui (SukMan): Hong Kong actress
  • Suki Kim: Korean-American novelist
  • Tzruya “Suki” Lahav: Israeli violinist
  • Melanie Susan “Suki” Potier: English model
  • Suki Schorer: American ballerina


50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Vashti is a Persian name that means “lovely” and it is mentioned in the Bible. Vashti was once a mildly popular option in the US but fell completely out of fashion by 1907. We think this treasure should return. Famous people with the name:

  • Vashti Bartlett: US nurse who served with the American Red Cross during World War I, and in Siberia and Manchuria after the war
  • (Jennifer) Vashti Bunyan: English folk singer-songwriter
  • Vashti Clarke: Jamaican model, actress, and entrepreneur
  • Vashti Cunningham: US track and field athlete specializing in the high jump
  • Vashti McCollum: The plaintiff in the landmark 1948 Supreme Court case McCollum v. Board of Education, which struck down religious education in public schools
  • Vashtie Kola (often stylized as Va$htie): US music video director, filmmaker, artist, designer, creative consultant, and disc jockey
  • Vashti Murphy McKenzie: bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

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50 Girl Names That Mean Love

Yaretzi has been a popular choice in the US since 2006. This name comes from Nahuatl and Aztec traditions as an appellation meaning “you will always be loved.” It’s one of the girl names that mean love with the most arresting sentiment behind it. This name is also popular in Mexico today and we hope it continues to see favor.

There you go! What did you think of these girl names that mean love? We hope you found some handsome options with the most meaningful sentiments behind them. As you’ve seen girl names that mean love come from all around the world and as different as they might be, they are all about the thing that binds us all together, love. Happy baby name hunting!

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