25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

25 Gender-Neutral Italian Baby Names That Challenge Norms and Chart a Path Forward

Italian baby names are so lyrical, romantic, and charming. However, you might have noticed that there are not too many gender-neutral options. As the words and structure of the Italian language are gendered, so too are its names. And for a very long time, a baby’s name would be rejected by the Italian government if it was given to a baby of the “opposite” assigned gender.

Nevertheless, some Italian word-names or formerly gender-assigned names are starting to cross over into application for babies of both sexes. Here are some of our favorite, enchanting unisex Italian baby names that are sure to spread the gender-neutral Italian name trend far and wide. Check out these unique unisex names for babies!

25. Rizzo

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

If you’ve seen the musical Grease, you know the real star of the show is Rizzo. Rizzo is a unisex Italian name that means “curly-haired.” The name has a ritzy quality to it and we love how offbeat this option is. Be bold, new parents!

24. Armani

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

If you are after a “designer” baby name, Armani might appeal to you as a gender-neutral. Armani is a gorgeous name with Italian and Persian origins meaning “warrior” or “freeman.” The name has been growing in popularity in the US since 1997 and it’s nearly a top 500 most popular name!

23. Coda

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Coda is a perfect name for a few reasons. For reasons of this list, it’s wonderfully versatile and a gender-neutral Italian one. But, beyond that it’s also a term from music that means “conclusion” and refers to the end of a section or movement of music. For music-loving parents who want to honor their Italian heritage, you could do no better.

22. Volta

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

We find another lyrical name in Volta a term that’s often applied to poetry which describes shift or dramatic change in thought or emotion. Thus, Volta means “turn.” In Italy, you will find this as a surname and one famous bearer was Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the electric battery.

21. Monaco

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Monaco is the name of a small country that’s Italy-adjacent, however, you’ll find the name in Italy from Greek origins that mean “monk-like” or “alone.” The studious and frugal connotations of the meaning of this name contrast to Monaco’s reputation as one of the wealthiest and expensive places in the world. Monaco would make for a glamorous, gender-neutral name.

20. Leone

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Leone is the preferred, Italian form of the name Leo or Leon. Leone saw popularity as a name for girls in the US and made its way to the US top 1000 for several years until falling off the chart in 1938. Leone means “lion.” We absolutely adore this Italian gender-neutral name and are certain it would be welcomed back.

19. Alessi

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Alessi is a handsome Italian name which is a variant of the Greek name that became Alexis. Like Alexis, Alessi is unisex and works excellently for both boys and girls. The name means “defender” or “defender of the people.”

18. Piccolo

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Piccolo is a precious Italian surname that has been adopted as a given name. A piccolo is a small flute and the name for it is Italian for “compact” or “small.” Thankfully, you can’t venture too far in Italian names without finding another that is associated with music.

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17. Domani

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Domani is an Italian word name that means “tomorrow.” Domani sounds like a fitting name for either a boy or girl thanks to similar names like Dominica and Dominic. However, this name, and its secular meaning, is going to look very attractive to contemporary parents.

16. Rome

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Given that Rome is arguably the most important city in European history, it has been used as a first name remarkably little. However, Roman is now in the top 100 name. Rome made the top 1000 in the US in 2019 for the first time since 1882! This Italian city name has long been in use as a surname and we’re excited to see that it’s taken off again as a given one.

15. Lanza

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Lanza del Vasto is a famous Italian with this name. He was a twentieth-century philosopher and activist who became deeply influenced by Mohandas K. Gandhi. Lanza is also a common surname in both Italian and Spanish traditions. Lanza means “lancer.” This would make for the most thrilling gender-neutral Italian name for babies.

14. Ricci

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Ricci is an Italian name that comes from riccio, a word that means “curly.” Ricci had a moment in the US in 1954 when it made the top 1000 for boys. It has since, never made the list again. We find attractive for both boys and girls as a romantic alternative to Ricky or Rikki.

13. Capri

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Chosen by the late Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa for their youngest daughter, Capri is being considered more than ever as a possibility as a given name. Capri is a storied Italian island which is reason enough to choose it, but the name has origins meaning “wild boar,” “goat island,” or “rocky.” Notably, Capri is also a color name for a tint of blue.

12. Fendi

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Fendi is an Italian surname from the verb fendere meaning “to split.” Most likely an occupational surname for a wood splitter or woodsman. Fendi is also associated with the Italian luxury design house started by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in 1925. Fendi is a fun gender-neutral Italian name that has never appeared in the top 1000 in the US.

11. Gianni

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

The Italian name for boys, Gianni, has started to be used for girls, with over 125 girls in the US being given this appellation in 2018. However, you will not find too many girls with this name in Italy. Gianni is the Italian equivalent of Johnny and means “God is gracious.”

10. Sole

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Pronounced SOL-eh, Sole is an attractive Italian unisex name for a baby that has a bright meaning, “the sun.” The Spanish form of this name, Sol, has traditionally been more popular in the US. It is associated with Marisol or Solidad for girls and has the same, sunny meaning.

9. Ambrosi

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

The name Ambrosi comes from the Family Of Ambrogio and is of Italian origin. This surname name is also related to the Latin ambrosia which means “immortal.” Similar names from the same origin, like Ambrosia or Ambrose, makes this name universal and of use for both baby boys and girls.

8. Zappa

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Italian surname Zappa literally translates to “hoe” or “mattock” from Italian zappa, probably denoting someone who worked agriculturally, a farmer. Parents might use this name to honor American rock musician Frank Zappa. This would be a bold choice, but we think other names like Bowie, Ziggy, Prince, etc. make this a distinct possibility.

7. Marconi

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

No, not Macaroni, but Marconi. Marconi is best known the surname for Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian electrical engineer and inventor credited with the invention of the radio. Marconi has a long history as a surname and translates to “of the family Marcus.” Because of the strong Marc-beginning of this name, it might appeal to parents of a baby boy more, but we love the name for any baby.

6. Ferrari

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Ferrari is an Italian, occupational surname meaning “blacksmith” or “iron worker.” The name famously belonged to Enzo Ferrari the founder of the automaker Ferrari. While this name is definitely associated with sports cars now, it’s a perfectly wonderful name for both boys and girls.

5. Lozano

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Lozano is a multi-cultural hit that originated in Italian-Swiss tradition as a family name meaning “from Locarno” a Swiss town in the southern Alps that’s rich with Italian history and the language is still widely spoken there. Lozana also holds significance in Spanish tradition. Lozano would make for an excellent given name

4. Fauci

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci, American physician, immunologist, and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases could be inspiration for your baby’s name this year. Fauci is a popular Italian surname that has Sicilian origins and means “sickle.” It is an occupational name for a maker of sickles. This would be a very bold choice and it might best be seen as simply a possibility right now.

3. Milan

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

In many Slavic and other European countries, Milan is purely a boys’ name, but in the US, it’s also popular for girls, no doubt inspired by the fashionable Italian city. Milan is related to an ancient Roman name, which means “of Milan.” However, the slaving meaning of this name is nice, “gracious.”

2. Messina

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

Messina is a popular Sicilian surname that means “from the town Messina,” the third-largest city in Sicily. The city was given its name, which means “scythe” because of the shape of its harbor. Messina would be an excellent name for both boys and girls.

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1. Luca

25 gender-neutral baby names with italian origins

If there was once a prejudice against this charming and venerable Italian name for possibly sounding too feminine, consider it gone. Since Luca entered the boys’ names U.S. popularity list in 2000, it has shot up in popularity. Luca is primarily used as a name for boys in Italy and beyond in Europe. It’s mainly an American practice to choose this amazing name for baby girls as well. We love it no matter what! This Italian name means “man from Lucania (a historical region of southern Italy).” It’s the preferred Italian form of Luke.

There you go! We hope you enjoyed these gender-neutral Italian names. Please, name your child with an open mind. You can still honor your Italian heritage with a unisex baby name, even though these names are scarce today. Get ahead of the trend with one of these amazing Italian monikers.

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