Watch This Dad Accidentally Hit His Pregnant Wife in the Face with a Baseball Bat During Yet Another Wild Gender Reveal Fail

Another day, another gender reveal gone wrong. And this one looks painful.

In a clip that has gone viral on Twitter, a dad-to-be accidentally thwacks his pregnant wife in the face with a baseball bat mid-gender reveal. And if that sounds too crazy to be true… Well, first of all, have you not been paying attention to just how badly a gender reveal can go??? And secondly, there’s video proof it went down that very way.

Watch this man hit his pregnant wife in the face with a baseball bat during a gender reveal gone very wrong.

In the short clip, which has been viewed more than a million times on Twitter, the man steps up and counts down, ready to swing and hit the ball that will reveal their baby’s sex when hit. He begins his countdown, “One… two… three…”

And then he takes a big swing, hits the ball — back to that in a minute! — but the bat does not stop there. The force of his swing keeps the bat going until it connects with his pregnant wife’s head. And trust, you can hear the hat hit both the ball and her head. Ouch.

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The man immediately realizes what has happened and, without paying much attention to the blue smoke that erupted from the ball indicating that they’re having a boy, turns to his wife and embraces her before the video abruptly cuts off. All the while, screams can be heard, although it is unclear if people are screaming for the gender reveal or the poor pregnant woman whose husband just hit her in the head with a baseball bat.

But hey: At least this couple knows they’re having a boy now! Congratulations!

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It is not known where the clip originates from. The person who shared the clip, @JRAF21, captioned the video, “Have these people never watched a gender reveal video before? But here they are,” implying that it is not them in the video.

This is hardly the first of these to go spectacularly wrong. And it won’t be the last. Last year, one went so wrong it resulted in the loss of human life. Then there was the gender reveal that caused a plane crash. Let’s not forget the one where everything went wrong to hilarious effect.

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At the end of the day, if you must do a gender reveal, may we recommend that baseball bats not be involved? It’s just safer for everyone that way.

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