My Boyfriend Got a Call From a Strip Club at Midnight: Do I Have the Right to Be Upset?

A mom writes in asking for advice after a woman who allegedly works at a strip club called her boyfriend’s phone at midnight to ask if he was still coming by. Although the boyfriend said he never and would never cheat on her, the mom—who is 8 weeks pregnant—still feels betrayed. Now she’s looking for advice on how she should respond.


A member of the community asks:

“Hi, I am quite confused right now as this happened just yesterday: I am 8 weeks pregnant with my second child with my boyfriend. Last night, my boyfriend and my brothers-in-law got together for drinks at home. Then I decided to go out for food after the drinks. All went well after, and so my boyfriend slept when they arrived back home. I could not sleep because of nausea every midnight.

Just when I was about to sleep, my boyfriend’s phone rang once. My gut feeling told me to get his phone and check. On the phone was a caller named Janet and the name of a well-known strip club. I immediately called back the number and put it on record. She answered and asked if he was still coming over. I didn’t speak, and she dropped the call. I saved the voice record, took photos of his call log under her name. The saved number was recent, but he still called her a couple of times prior to that midnight.

I woke him up to confront him, and he said he did nothing wrong. He was supposed to take my brothers-in-law since one of them requested to go, and he got her contact details a few nights ago since she called the police precinct for police assistance (boyfriend is a police officer). He claimed and voiced his feelings that he has never cheated on me, will never do so, and that they weren’t able to go to the club since they were caught on heavy traffic.

I feel betrayed, and I couldn’t even tell my sisters about it. What should I do? Should I forgive and forget this? Am I overreacting? I have been too emotional after, and now, I am ordered by the doctor to go on bed rest due to threatened abortion. What should I do? I really am confused and desperate for guidance.

– Mamas Uncut Community Member

Community Advice for This Mom Whose Boyfriend Got a Call From the Strip Club

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Advice Summary

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It may sound fishy, some think, but others think she shouldn’t assume the worst.

One commenter wrote, “I will say that I have known personally of several officers who have a hard time getting women to leave them alone. These guys would legitimately tell them that they are committed and uninterested. But some women are persistent. Ask him to be transparent with you while he handles it. But don’t assume the worst. The badge bunny is a real phenomenon. But it doesn’t necessarily mean your man is cheating.”

Another person said, “You have her number, call and politely say you’re in a relationship with the dude and ask her if anything’s going on between them. Some girls will be happy to help you out and tell you the truth, plus kids are involved. Could be nothing, could be something, better to not have to jump to conclusions.”

And one woman added, “I always say give him the benefit of the doubt…..but sounds real suspicious to me!”

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