25 girls night games

25 Fun Girls Night Games

You did it! You and your friends finally found time to hang but now what? Girls night games could be the perfect activity to accompany your next girls’ night out. Fun games for girls’ night will take your special time together to a whole new level. No matter where or how you gather, these girls night games can be played basically anywhere. This means if you are going out, you can easily play on the go. If you and your friends prefer to relax at a friend’s home, even better! These games will keep the conversation going!

Aside from being hilarious and entertaining, these girls night games will allow you to bond and learn more about the friends you’re visiting with. These games will make you feel like you’re 16 again playing with your girlfriends at a slumber party.

Check These Fun Girls Night Games!

Two Truths and a Lie

25 girls night games

One of the most classic girls night games, Two Truths and a Lie is simple to play and requires no boards or props or anything like that. A person must say two things about herself that are true and one that is false. Others in your group must then guess which one of the statements was a lie. You will learn so many interesting things about your friends with this one!

Not So Bad ‘Bad Word’

25 girls night games

Bad Word is another game that requires no forethought. It’s one of the best girl night games if you’re planning on having a drink or two with your girls. You and your friends must come to an agreement on a “bad word” for the night. However, it’s not at all about profanity! Instead, choose a “bad word” or “bad words” like “husband” or “bathroom” or “kids.” The bad word(s) is banned for the night and any time that someone in your group says the bad word(s), they must take a drink.

Truth or Dare

25 girls night games

Classic girls night games got that way for a reason! You likely played this party game as a kid and it does not get any less awkward or entertaining as an adult! Your friends must take turns choosing whether they will tell a truth about themselves or perform a dare. If you’re out for this party game, prepare for plenty of public humiliation! What’s not to love?


25 girls night games

While this next game is not very intellectual it is silly enough to conjure laughs from friends. The game starts when one of your friends puts her thumb down on the table you’re gathered around. It should be done somewhat secretly. Next, others should discreetly put their thumbs down on the table. The last person to put their thumb down, loses! That can mean that she needs to take a drink or do something silly.

Name the Tune

25 girls night games

This is one of the girls night games that is best played at home or in a setting where your own personal music will not disturb others. One person gets to be the DJ and choose random bits of songs. This can be played individually or with teams. The first person or team to guess the most songs correctly wins!

Dance Off

25 girls night games

If you like your girls night games to really turn the party, a dance contest might be in order. You can either have people challenge each other to individual dance offs and spectators get to choose the winner from each “battle.” OR, if you would like it to be more of a whole-group activity, you can pick a start time when all must begin to dance. The woman who dances the longest wins! It’s a last woman standing sort of situation.

Never Have I Ever

25 girls night games

If you have never played the game never have I ever, you have missed out on a truly bonkers game that quickly gets out of hand. It’s an American classic! The game is played by friends taking turns sharing, “Never have I ever…” following those words they must state something that they have never done. For instance, “Never have I ever danced on a table.” Those in the group who have danced on a table, then, must take a drink. If you’re not drinking, you can still play. Keep track of all the things players have done by counting them on fingers. They should hold up 5 or 10 fingers and drop one finger for each thing they have done.

Guess Who!

25 girls night games

This is one of the girls night games that requires a minimal amount of planning. You will need a pen and a piece of paper (or two!) for each person in your group. Have your friends write down one secret or thing that most people do not know about them. Fold up the paper pieces and throw them in a bowl. Your friends will then need to take turns drawing secrets from the bowl and then guessing who wrote each one!

Guess the Celebrity

25 girls night games

Another girls night game that requires some supplies, Guess the Celebrity is a classic in which one person chooses a celebrity for each person in the group. The person will write down names of various celebs on sticky notes (without letting others see). The sticky notes get stuck to peoples heads so that others can see the the name but the person who has the name on their head can’t! The point of the game is for each person to guess the name of the celebrity they’ve gotten. Hints are permitted but no rhymes or cheating!

Scavenger Hunt

25 girls night games

Fancy a Purse Scavenger Hunt? You will need to make a list of items found in a purse. Things like lip balm, keys, gum, etc. should be added to the list. Next, assign one person to be the host (the one who did not bring a purse would be wise) and have them call out each item one at a time. The first person who is able to pull the object from her purse is awarded a point. The person with the most points by the end of the game wins.

Just Say No

25 girls night games

Another fun game to play for girls night involves instructing guests that they cannot use the word “yes” for the entire night. It’s much harder than you think! Each time a person says “yes” they must take a drink. If you’re not drinking, this game can be played with stickers. The person with the most stickers at the end of the night has lost the game as they have said “yes” far too often!

The Presser

25 girls night games

If you are looking for the best girls night games to play at home, this is a very good one. Designate one person to be picked to do a press conference. Now, that person must step away as the other players choose a scenario. They will choose a celebrity or politician or any person. Next, players must choose a situation as to why the press conference was convened. Invite the person who is being questioned to return. The other players get to ask questions about the scenario they came up with without the person answering the questions knowing who she is supposed to be or why these questions are being asked. It’s hilarious!

How’s Yours

25 girls night games

Here’s another one of the girls night games that is best played at home. Have one person leave the room because they are “it.” Other players will choose a common trait (hair, skin, leg, arm, etc.). After all the players understand the trait, invite the woman who is “it” back to the group. Play starts when she asks, “How’s yours?” The person who knows the trait must come up with a one-word descriptor (think “itchy,” “dry,” “moisturized,” etc.) The person must guess the trait!

Who’s Most Likely To…

25 girls night games

This is one the girls night games that is best played with a close group of friends. Have the players stand in a circle. Pick a person to start and then take turns asking “Who’s most likely too…” For example, “Who’s most likely to spill hot coffee all over herself?” Then the person who asks the question must do a countdown from three to one. Other players must drumroll until one is called. At that moment, all players must point to the person who best answers the question. This game can go on and on. Or, you can eliminate people who were chosen!

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Would You Rather

25 girls night games

One of the most beloved girls night games is Would You Rather? It’s rather low-stakes and requires no forethought. Friends must take turns answering a series of questions about two challenging situations. “Would you rather skip showering or brushing your teeth for a year?” is an example. After the person answers the question, it’s her turn to ask someone else a “Would you rather” question.

Camera Hot Potato

25 girls night games

If you want some truly hilarious photos to share after your girls’ night, consider the following game. Choose a smartphone with a camera. Set the timer for ten or fifteen seconds. Then, pass the phone around with each person striking a pose in front of the camera before passing it to another. The timer will go off and undoubtedly provide you with a hilarious photo. Repeat and enjoy!

20 Questions

25 girls night games

One person is chosen to go first. Instruct her to choose an item (animal, celebrity, plant, object, etc.). Once that person has a thing in mind. Other players must ask yes or no questions about the thing she has in mind. Players have a 20 question max before they ultimately guess the mystery thing. If someone guesses the thing, they win and get to go next. If no one guesses correctly, the person who answered the questions wins.

Copy the Motion

25 girls night games

This game can be played on a dance floor to music but we think it’s even more fun when members of the group create a simple beat themselves. Have friends stand or sit in a group. Each person needs to pick a gesture or dance move that belongs to her for the game. Ask players to memorize these moves. Now, employ a steady beat.

Pick a person to start by doing her motion and then the motion that someone else chose. This next person will do their own motion, then the motion of a third person, who will do the same. There are no pauses or hesitations. Whoever messes up first is out! Keep it going as long as possible!

Can You Keep a Straight Face?

25 girls night games

One of the most ridiculous girls night games to play involves having each one of the players write down an outrageous phrase on a piece of paper. This can be inside jokes within the group or totally random phrases. Fold up the phrases and put them in a bowl. Each person takes a turn drawing a phrase and reading it to the group. The hard part is trying to keep a straight face. Any person who laughs, smiles, or “breaks” is out. Try and keep it going for as long as possible.

Who Is It?

25 girls night games

This is one of the best girls night games to play at home. Gather your girls in a circle and choose a person to be “it.” Blindfold the chosen person and spin them around three times. The blindfolded person must then feel around until they find another person. Then, she must ask “Who is it?” The person that’s been tagged must then answer incorrectly in a funny voice. The blindfolded person gets one guess. If they’re right, they win and get to join the circle. If they guess incorrectly, it’s time for three more spins and another round.


25 girls night games

This is one of the girls night games that is deceptively simple but is harder than it seems (especially if the Pinto Grigio has been flowing). It’s essentially a different form of Simon Says. One person is chosen to give commands like “stand still” and players must do the opposite. So, they should walk or dance or jump. If a person is caught standing still, they’re out. The last player standing wins.

Ping Pong Blow

25 girls night games

This is one of the better girls night games for those playing in a home. Break players up into two teams. Have each team gather at opposite ends of a table. Place a ping pong ball in the middle of the table. Ask the players to put their hands behind their backs. The object of the game is for each team to blow the ping pong ball across the table and over the edge where their opponents started.

Try Not to Laugh

25 girls night games

Gather the girls in a circle. Taking turns, each player must say “Ha” or “Hee” or “Ho.” If anyone laughs, they are kicked out of the game. The person who never laughs wins the game. It’s harder than it seems!

Ice Cubes

25 girls night games
Group Of Female Friends Enjoying Night Out At Rooftop Bar

You could play this game out at a bar but chances are the other patrons will think you’re friend-group is slightly unhinged, but who cares? Divide friends into two teams. The first player of each team must pick up an ice cube and try to melt it as quickly as possible. The rules prohibit players from putting the ice in their mouths or crushing the cube. It has to melt using just body heat. After the first player successfully melts their piece, it’s the next person in their team’s turn.

The team to have all of its members complete the task wins!

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NeverEnding Story

25 girls night games

This is one of the best girls night games for those tamer gatherings. Gather all of your friends in a circle and give the first player a pen and a piece of paper. Give them thirty seconds to come with a story that’s about five sentences long. When the time is up, have the player fold the piece of paper so that only the last line is visible to the next player. They are given the same amount of time to continue the story. Repeat until all players have contributed. The last person gets to read the story you all have created to the group. Get ready for plenty of laughs!

There you go! Do you want to play all of these girls night games? We imagine you discovered some new activities for ladies’ night and we hope they will bring you and your girlfriends even closer together. Girls night games are all about frivolous fun and enjoying the moment so remember to choose activities that will foster play and not a super competitive mood! Have fun at your next girls’ night gathering!

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