Granddaughter Goes Viral After Doing Adorable ‘Fit Check’ Trend With ‘Gramps’

Of all the trends going viral on social media today, one of the most popular and widely-used trends is the ‘fit check’ – where users show off their outfit and shout out the brands they’re wearing. It’s a trend that millions of people have taken part in with several users basing their entire account around the trend. 

On December 18th, one TikTok user – 24-year-old Grace Pettit – shared her hilarious attempt at the ‘fit check’ with her 86-year-old grandfather (his name is Liam Ryan, but he goes by ‘Gramps’). “This is my new favorite video ever,” she wrote in the caption – little did she know it was everyone’s favorite video.

In the few weeks since the TikTok was posted, Grace’s video has received nearly 2.0 million views, 350,000 likes, and more than 7,000 comments – large numbers compared to her normal stats, which usually hover around 15,000 views, 100 likes, and a couple comments. That’s what we call viral. 

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The video starts with Gramps introducing himself and revealing he’ll be doing a ‘fit check’ with his granddaughter. With Grace laughing hysterically in the background, Gramps starts rifling through his outfit and where everything came from. What happens next is just hilarious – and relatable for so many people. 

“My jeans are a Christmas gift. My shirt is a Christmas gift. My sweater, my brother gave me. And my sneakers …” he said, as he tried to lift his shoe high enough for the viewers to see. After sharing a laugh, Grace asks her Gramps where his glasses are from, to which he hilariously responds “from the doctor.”


This is my new favorite video ever.

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With her grandfather’s outfit out of the way, Grace took over and quickly rifled through her outfit – pants from Athleta, a sweatshirt from Rutgers, and socks from Adidas. She then has her grandfather come back into the frame to do his ‘Hi, I’m Gramps’ intro one more time – which he does perfectly, yet again. 

The wholesome moment received quite the reaction in the comments section, with people claiming he’s ‘OUR’ Gramps now. Other notable comments included a user calling his sweater fire, several users relating to the incident, and another user expressing her jealousy over the ‘rasp’ in Grace’s voice. 

Grace Pettit Talks to ‘GMA’ About Her Viral ‘Fit Check’ 

Grace Pettit normally lives in Hawai’i, but she was in New Jersey visiting her grandfather during the holiday season when she decided to do the trendy video with him. She recently opened up about the experience to Good Morning America and expressed their shock over the positive reactions from it. 

“We were just sitting on the couch, hanging out, and I kind of was like, ‘OK, let’s do something. We’re both not doing anything.’ And then I forced Gramps to get up and make this video. We obviously had no idea that people would like it so much,” she told GMA, adding that the two have a ‘very close’ relationship. 

The two had no idea it would be perceived so positively, with Grace explaining that they’re still in shock. “I’m amazed. I couldn’t imagine it would be that interesting to anybody,” said Gramps, who praised his time spent with Grace for helping to keep him young. Nonetheless, he does see the humor in the video.

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“We’re happy we could make so many people laugh and you know, it was just something fun for us to do and we’re glad other people saw it like that,” said Pettit. The ‘fit check’ continues to be one of the most followed trends and is something you can do daily as you show off your outfit for the day – give it a try!

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