Grandmother’s Epic Rant About ‘Entitled’ Millennials Using Grandparents as Free Babysitters Strikes a Chord With Others

Grandparents taking on the role of babysitter for their grandkids isn’t an entirely new concept. It’s free, it gives grandparents that one-on-one time with their grandchildren many often crave, and it gives parents peace of mind that their children are being cared for by someone who loves them.

However, just because most grandparents try to help where they can, doesn’t mean they should be expected to drop everything to care for their grandchildren. And that is precisely the point Quayla Ann‘s mom made during the epic rant that was caught on camera and later posted to YouTube.

Grandmother Rants About Using Grandparents as Babysitters
Quayla Ann/YouTube

Grandmother’s Rant About ‘Entitled Millennials Using Grandparents as Free Babysitters Goes Viral

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“Just because I’m a capable grandparents does not make me the babysitter or a daycare,” the grandmother said. “Grandparents, true grandparents, they’re supposed to raise their children right to where when y’all start having kids, y’all can financially provide for your own children and secure their daycare so you can go to work, so you can go out, so you can do anything else.”

Grandmother's Epic Rant About 'Entitled' Millennials Using Grandparents as Free Babysitters Strikes a Chord With Others
Quayla Ann/YouTube

The grandmother then went on to say that “true grandparents” should be able to call for their grandkids when it’s time for them to visit. “Grandparents are supposed to be able to come to your house and stay with you and visit with their grandkids. You are supposed to drop your kids off when the grandparents call for them and in their leisure time. Grandparents are not supposed to be daycares.”

Just because she is a grandparent doesn’t mean her time isn’t valuable anymore, she said. “We have our own life. We worked very hard to get everybody out of the house. Why would we want to raise your kids and keep your kids? That’s out of order. […] It don’t go that way. Y’all got it messed up.”

Grandmother Rants About Using Grandparents as Babysitters
Quayla Ann/YouTube

And that’s not to say she doesn’t want to spend time with her grandkids and spoil them and love on them. But she wants to do all of that on her own time “because we already had our life with raising kids.”

“We aren’t supposed to be tied down raising (expletive) kids. We’re supposed to be gardening, going to the senior citizen’s place, bingo … That’s what we raise you all for, to be able to take care of your kids.”

She went on to say Millenials have a “sense of entitlement. Y’all think that just because I’m the mom, I’m the grandma, that you’re supposed to push your kids off on me. That’s not how it goes.”

You can watch this grandmother’s full rant below. (Warning: Some of the language used in the below video can be offensive to some.)

Hundreds of people commented on the video, many of whom agreed with the grandmother’s stance. One commenter wrote, “Is this supposed to be “exposing” this woman, because she is speaking truth!!! Literally, every word is truth!!!”

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Another person shared, “Grandma is absolutely correct. If you’re going to have kids, make sure you can financially take care of them yourself. Don’t burden others.”

However, some also disagreed with what the grandmother said. Another commenter added, “If I were that grandma, I’d be happy to take care of those twins. This woman has no love.”

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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