Grimes Is Suing Elon Musk, Says “The Situation [Is] Utterly Ripping My Family Apart.”

On Friday (September 29), Grimes (born Claire Elise Boucher) filed a petition against Elon Musk in a San Francisco Superior Court seeking to ‘establish parental relationship’ for each of their three kids – sons X Æ A-12, 3, and Techno Mechanicus, 16 months, and daughter Exa Dark Sideræl, 22 months. 

Grimes and Musk have had a difficult relationship since they started dating in 2018 – they appeared to break up in September 2021 but rekindled their relationship before breaking it off for good in March 2022. While they’ve remained cordial (for the most part) ever since things took a turn for the worse last month. 

On Sept. 6, an excerpt from Musk’s latest biography, written by Walter Isaacson, was published by TIME magazine. The excerpt included several revelations – including the first photograph and name reveal of Musk’s 2-year-old twins (who he shares with Shivon Zilis), and the name of his third child with Grimes. 

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One day later, on Sept. 7, Grimes posted a concerning message on X. “Tell Shivon to unblock me and tell Elon to let me see my son or plz respond to my lawyer,” she wrote in the post. “I have never been allowed to see a photo of these children until this moment, despite the situation utterly ripping my family apart.”

Things started to settle down three days later, on Sept. 10, when Grimes attempted to ‘de-escalate the narrative’ in another X post. Despite not wanting to ‘breathe any more lift into this current press cycle,’ she revealed that she had spoken with Zilis and they had hashed out any issues they had with one another. 

“I spoke with Shivon at length finally, which was long overdue. This wasn’t her fault, plz don’t be angry at her,” she wrote – adding that Shivon is an ‘amazing human’ and they both want what’s best for their kids. “We respect each other a lot and we’re excited to become friends and have the kids grow up together.” 

Shivon then took to X to share a similar message – saying that ‘it all ended up for the best.’ She thanked Grimes for taking the time ‘to really connect and understand each other’ and said she ‘can’t wait for kiddo play date.’ Zilis also congratulated Grimes on her new son with Musk – Tau, who was born in June 2022.

Understanding the Custody Battle Between Elon Musk and Grimes

It appears Grimes and Shivon Zilis have worked everything out between the two of them, but it’s clear she still has some issues to work out with Elon Musk – referring to her tweet on Sept. 7 that claimed she was unable to see her son (Techno Mechanicus, also known as Tau). Now, she is taking the matter to court.

While Elon Musk has yet to respond to the court filing, it seems as if Grimes wants to establish some form of custody rights and child support – especially since Grimes and Musk were never married. Judges tend to award joint custody in these types of situations, but that doesn’t always mean things are split 50/50. 

What we do know is that Grimes deserves to see her son and appears to be willing to go to great lengths to ensure that happens. Unless she is found to be an unfit parent, she will likely walk away with at least some custodial rights. Of course, courts have a way of surprising us – especially when we least expect it.

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After all, we didn’t even know Grimes and Musk had a third child until last month – in fact, it was the new biography by Walter Isaacson that revealed as much. Techno Mechanicus, who was nicknamed Tau, was born in June 2022, just six months after they welcomed their second child – daughter Exa Dark Sideræl.

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