Halsey ‘Absolutely Not’ Having a Gender Reveal, But Teases the Unique Place She May Be Getting Name Inspiration

Halsey announced her pregnancy in January and ever since then the musician has been very candid about her motherhood journey. She was recently asked if she would be doing a gender reveal party for her unborn child and staying true to form, she responded “Absolutely not.”

The expecting mother’s relatable answer along with a hint at a possible name were told to the paparazzi and reported by Toofab.

Halsey Will Not Be Throwing a Gender Reveal Party But She Is Open to Baby Name Suggestions.

“Absolutely not,” she responded when asked about a gender reveal. “No, we’re good…Nah, we’re gonna keep that a secret.”

The pregnant star was also asked if she would consider a name for her child inspired by her favorite basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers, and her answer just might surprise you!

“Maybe? Maybe!” she replied. So, perhaps she has not ruled that out. Celebrity parents have done stranger things!

Further, it might not be a stretch for her to pick a Lakers-inspired name. After all, she recently shared an Instagram photo of her bare baby bump next to a basketball and compared the two.

“These spot the difference games r getting harder every day,” she captioned the photo, referring to the basketball and her bump.

The “Without Me” singer was also asked if she planned on taking maternity leave after giving birth. “No,” she bluntly replied.

Her answer about the gender reveal should come as no surprise to fans as the star has openly discussed how her pregnancy has changed the way she perceives it.

In February, shortly after announcing her pregnancy, the artist shared an Instagram post that included her new assessment of gender. “I’ve been thinking lots about my body,” she wrote at the time. “It’s strange to watch yourself change so quickly.”

“I thought pregnancy would give me very strong, binary feelings about womanhood, but truly it has leveled my perception of gender entirely,” she continued.

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Halsey 'Absolutely Not' Having Gender Reveal,  Teases Baby's Name
Halsey / Shutterstock

“My sensitivity to my body has made me hyperaware of my humanness, and that’s all. Doing a remarkable thing. And it’s grand,” she added.

She also took to her replies to discuss her feeling further: “I thought there would be a lot of expectation or pressure on me to wake up every day feeling like some ‘girly-girly fertility goddess,’ but instead I wake up and eat when I’m hungry, sleep when I’m tired, and focus on growing a human.”

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Halsey 'Absolutely Not' Having Gender Reveal,  Teases Baby's Name
Halsey / Instagram

“And that is all I expect myself to do. Liberating!” she also added.

While we know not to expect a gender reveal party, she has not ruled out a Lakers-themed baby name. We very well find out that she has named her child LeBron! Who knows!?

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