How Can I Hide My Pregnancy During My Family’s Traditionally Booze-Heavy Celebrations?

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QUESTION: How Do You Hide Your Pregnancy Around the Holidays?

“How did you hide your pregnancy around the holidays? I’ll be ten weeks exactly on Christmas Day, and currently, at seven weeks, it’s hard to hide.

Both sides of our family drink at least wine at Christmas, and usually, I don’t even ask. They just pour a glass.

We aren’t telling anyone as we’re having complications and have recently lost a baby as well so are scarred.”

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How do you hide your pregnancy around the holidays?

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“It’s a pandemic -your not suppose to be with family! In your condition I wouldn’t chance being around anyone else!”

“Tell everyone you’ve committed to a weight loss program that requires giving up alcohol for 30 days or something. Baggy sweaters are the best this time of year.”

“Stay home and say you’re following CDC guidelines so you don’t have to stress over hiding it.”

“Everyone giving all these excuses… it’s not hard to say that you don’t want to drink. No one should pressure anyone into drinking.”

“Tell them you’re on medication you can’t drink while taking or even say you’re on a low carb diet that doesn’t allow for sugary alcoholic drinks.”

“I had a sneaky old aunt that INSISTED we child-bearing-aged ladies have a glass of wine. I let her pour me some, pretended to sip without drinking, and would just pour a little out into the sink at a a time (while washing hands, trips to the bathroom to check my hair, etc). It was my 3rd pregnancy in three years and I just didn’t feel like hearing all the crap. I’m not one to waste wine, but desperate times called for desperate measures.”

“If you don’t feel like saying you’re not in the mood to drink that night, you could say you had a UTI or some other issue that required antibiotics… and that your doctor advised not to drink on them. A little white lie doesn’t always hurt!”

“I say they are family, they would want to support you and comfort you if you are worried. It’s one thing if you want to hide it for a big reveal. I know when my SIL announced and then had to tell everyone she had a miscarriage we all rallied and supported her. It’s what family should do.”

“Tell them that you’re not feeling well, that you have a stomach issue and are just drinking water. I mean not everyone drinks! So rude to just pour it and expect everyone to drink, what if they’re alcoholics?”

“My husband and I have a rule one drinks the other drives. You can be the DD for the night.”

“Say you are the designated driver is the best line. If not possible use antibiotics, feeling under the weather, are tired, or just tell the truth. With it being Christmas, surely you may get to avoid difficult questions by redirecting the attention to the tree/food/weather/gifts, whatever!”

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