Hilaria Baldwin Reveals If She and Alec Baldwin Will Grow Their Family to 8 Children

Hilaria Baldwin is revealing what is next for her family, specifically, if her family will grow even bigger.

In an interview with People that comes two months after welcoming their seventh and youngest child into the world, Hilaria has revealed whether or not she will have any more children. “I would say that we’re done, but I said we were done with six,” she said with a laugh. “And yeah, I would say hopefully we’re done.”

According to Hilaria, she uses the word hopefully because they aren’t exactly doing anything to stop another pregnancy, she admits. “Alec still has to go and do his part. So if he does not do his part, sometimes things can happen,” the mom of seven admits.

On September 24, Hilaria Baldwin took to Instagram to share that she and her husband, actor Alec Baldwin have welcomed their seventh child into the world!

And Just Like That…Hilaria Baldwin Makes the Big Announcement Everyone Has Been Waiting For

The proud mom shared a photo of the moment she and Alec met their baby girl for the first time and the moment each of their other children got to meet her for the first time as well. You can watch that below:

People Have a Lot to Say About the Name

Hilaria also shared their baby girl’s name, revealing that they named their seventh child after her. “She’s here! We are so excited to introduce you to our tiny dream come true,” Hilaria wrote.

Named Ilaria Catalina Irena Baldwin, she was born on September 22 and weighs six pounds, 13 ounces. “Both she and I are happy and healthy,” Hilaria continued.

However, several people took issue with the name they choose for their seventh child. It’s no secret that Hilaria and Alec have chosen rare names for their children and many of the names they chose over the years have Spanish roots. But following the reveal that Hilaria isn’t Spanish and the backlash she faced in 2020 for “faking a Spanish accent and lying about her heritage for years,” people were surprised by the name they chose for their seventh child.

“Her blatant trying to be Spanish is really quite irritating, why is it okay? Why does she keep trying? Have they really let it go to their heads that much,” someone wrote. Nonetheless, while people were quick to jump on the Baldwins for the name, Ilaria is actually Italian for “Hilary.” It means cheerful and it was one of the more popular Italian girl names in 2006.

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“Her Baldwinito siblings are spending the day bonding and welcoming her into our home. Much love to you all. We are so happy to celebrate this wonderful news with you.”

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, during this pregnancy, Hilaria Baldwin opened up about how this pregnancy is different from her first. Currently 38 years old, Hilaria wrote the post as she was entering the final trimester of her pregnancy.

“As I begin the final trimester of this pregnancy, I feel my body slowing down. I love exercising while pregnant and feel grateful that my pregnancies have allowed for me to be active,” Hilaria explained. However, things have felt very different this time around, she admits. 

“We all know that every pregnancy is different and much control we have to let go to nature and listen to what our reality is,” Hilaria continued. “I got pregnant with Carmen at 28 and I’m 38 to have this baby girl. Age and wear and tear of so many pregnancies and babies are things I def feel.”

Hilaria paired her caption with a video of her doing a quick workout routine while wearing leather pants and stiletto-heeled boots. She said these are the small movements her body has allowed her to do doing this pregnancy, specifically.

“I was looking at old photos of the babes and I found this video from a few years ago. These are exercises I do now and will be some of the first I go back to after I give birth. Lots of pelvic floor concentration here with squats. Obvs no heels…you guys know me: always moving around with whatever I am wearing.”

In the end, Hilaria admitted that she has chosen to listen to her body and give it what it needs even if she isn’t used to feeling like this. 

“Respecting the slowing down process and then the slow rev up again after baby,” she concluded. “The expansion and contraction of the body. How grateful I am to have these experiences in my life’s story.”

In a separate post, Baldwin shared with her followers what it feels like to be a mom of seven. “When people ask or comment, we often go to silly and very self-deprecating jokes on my part. I love to laugh at myself—so it’s all good…keeps me sane,” Hilaria admitted while talking about her seventh child.

However, she added, “All jokes aside, however, I am grateful for this experience. I know too well the joys and the losses, the beauty and the heartache, that motherhood brings. I have learned to respect and embrace the wonderful, the hard, the uncomfortable, the magical, and the unknown of this incredible process I am so blessed to experience again and again.”

Alec responded to this particular post, writing, “You are a very special person and my hope is that your children are as special as you.”

We couldn’t be happier for the Baldwin family, as this is surely a bright spot in what has been a different year for them. Congratulations!

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