15 Hilarious Memes About How 2020 is the Absolute Worst

It’s safe to say this year isn’t shaping up to be one of the finest. Between a global pandemic and actual murder hornets (remember those?!), we’ve all endured a lot in the last eight months. The only upside is that the 2020 memes are unstoppable.

The internet has determined that 2020 is the absolute worst and we are here for all of the hilarious memes that are flooding our Instagram feed. We still have several months left of this wild ride, so we might as well get in a few laughs to carry us through. Enjoy the 15 funniest 2020-inspired memes out there!

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15 Hilarious Memes About How 2020 is the Worst

It’s Not Over Yet

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2020 surprise me by: u/usernamef—ingtaken

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Can we all agree that time moves differently in 2020? It feels as though we’ve experienced eight years, as opposed to eight months.

Which Mindy Are You?

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Pretty much. Inspired by @reesewitherspoon

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There is nothing more that we love than a #2020Challenge, especially these relatable looks served up by Mindy Kaling.

Hot Trash Scent

While we prefer more of a floral scent, there is no denying that flaming garbage is the official smell of 2020.

Karen is Here

Things were going as smooth as Pam and Jim’s adorable office flirtation and then Karen, aka 2020, showed up and ruined all our plans.

Out of Office

Are we working from home or living at work? It’s truly hard to tell sometimes.

What Now

Honestly, nothing surprises us at this point… not even the evil meme cat.

2020 Trifle

Remember the one where Rachel put meat in the trifle? Well, that is 2020 in dessert form.

Mask Problems

You know that feeling when you want to drink your coffee on the go, but the mask is in the way. What is this life?

Yum Yum

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#2020sucks #imsodone #pandemicfunny

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While 2019 may have been delicious for you, we’re pretty sure 2020 would taste quite disgusting if it were in chip form.

Official 2020 Flag

Who would’ve thought that this would become a global symbol for this year?

No Candy This Time

You’ve been warned before you grab a bat…2020 is serving up hornets instead of treats.

Carrie’s Big Moment

We would like to take out our 2020 aggression with a bouquet of flowers, Carrie Bradshaw-style.

History Lesson

We’re pretty sure this one is going to dominate the history books. Good luck, future educators.

I Saw the Sign

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Nature answer ???????? #2020memes #2020funnymemes

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There is no denying that this year is basically giving us a big finger in the sky.

An Unfortunate Christmas Story

This year is hitting hard, like the moment you were given bunny pajamas on Christmas morning.


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