7 Hilarious Parenting Memes to Start Your Week Off Right

Parenting is wonderful, joyful, hilarious, tiring, frustrating, and about a million other things. It’s a real rollercoaster of emotions at times, which is why we highly recommend a regular dose of humor to help alleviate some of the parenting stress that comes from bed-time battles, picky eaters, and rushed mornings.

Here are a few of our recent favorite parenting memes that are guaranteed to lift your spirits and remind you that, yeah, we all go through it.

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Summer Schedule

Summer is a glorious time, right? The kids are off from school, there’s so much free time, and the weather is lovely. Ha! While there are, of course, wonderful memories made each summer, let’s be honest: the reality is that it’s just as chaotic as the school year, just with more sun and popsicles. 

Self-Care Is a Thing of the Past

Finding time for self-care is particularly challenging when you have kids running around, as @realmomsweargrey can attest. She recently tried to sneak in a bath, but her two kids decided to join in, except they decided against bubble bath and opted to bring in her bronzer instead. We imagine a second bath was in order…

Don’t Say It…

It takes kids several years to learn that actions actually have consequences, but that doesn’t stop you from thinking, “whyyyyyyy are you doing that?! You know X will happen!” Alas, they are pre-programmed to do the exact things they know will cause the most irritation and damage to our furniture.

Time to Get a Lawyer

Bedtime routines are basically an Olympic sport and requiring multiple Q&A sessions. This dad’s got it down though: always ask follow-up questions to ensure the task is fully completed.

A Typical Day for a Mom

An average day in the life of a parent involves a lot of time-management between you and your kids’ needs. Oh, and you often have to make time to shower, get ready, work, do laundry, clean, etc. Who says there’s no time for self-care?

What’s a Vacation?

Remember pre-kids when you went to the beach and could just lay there all day, relaxing and reading a book? Beach days with kids, and vacations generally, are a bit different and involve lots of sand… So, so much sand in all the places

A Party No One Wants to Attend

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Living the dream

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Just like summer vacations, weekends can look just a tad different once you have kids. Sleeping in is out the window, but luckily, there are frequently lots of activities to fill the day, including children’s birthday parties, errands, and, most likely, a minimum of one meltdown. Family time!

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