Hilary Duff Responds to Backlash After Letting Her Daughter Sit in the Car Without a Car Seat

Actress and singer Hilary Duff is known for her incredible career and being a mom of three. It’s quite clear that Duff enjoys her role as a mom the most, and as she tells Romper, she might not be done, having children, that is.

While talking with the magazine, of which she is the cover model this month, Duff revealed that she might be interested in baby number four. “It’s psychotic, I know. We might be. I don’t know. I love being a parent with Matt,” Duff said of her husband, musician Matthew Koma to which she shares her two daughters. 

“We are obsessed with our kids, even though we’re so exhausted,” Duff continued, who is also a mom to 10-year-old Luca from her first marriage. “My entire life’s mission is to be a good parent.”

And if the smiles on her Instagram page are any indication, the mission is going smoothly so far. But while Duff has put her heart and soul into being a great mother to her three children, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t dealt with her fair share of internet trolls and mommy shamers.

Hilary Duff Responds to Backlash After Letting Her Daughter Sit in the Car Without a Car Seat

While talking with Romper, Duff addressed one of her most recent run-ins with a group of internet mommy shamers. As Romper reported, Duff and her family live in a small gated community. They describe it as a place with “a lot of trees, a smattering of gardeners, and zero traffic.”

So when Duff put her middle child, Banks, in the backseat with her godmother, Molly Bernard, without a car seat, she didn’t think much of it. But the internet did.

“There was this huge story that came out because my friend Molly [Bernard, Banks’ godmother and another Younger cast member] was in the backseat of our car with Banks without her car seat. It’s not like I’m driving on the 405 with my kids in the backseat without a car seat. You have no context. You don’t know where I am,” she told Romper.

”Do you know how many times I let my kids sit on my front seat once we get [close to our driveway] to pretend like they’re driving home? You’re telling me you’ve never put your kid in the backseat to drive a block before with an adult back there? I’m like, ‘Happy new year to you, too.’”

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Hilary Duff also revealed she chooses to be an open book parent when it comes to teaching her children. She recalled a moment when her son came home upset because his friends know more than he does because they all have older siblings.

“What do you want to know? I will tell you,” Duff recalled telling Luca, only to be shocked when he asked her what one of the “more esoteric euphemisms for penis meant,” Romper reported. “I was like, ‘I don’t know how you heard that. I don’t even want to know.’ I’m sure it was on the bus.”

“It’s that moment where you’re like, ‘OK, here’s my choice: Am I going to lie, or am I just going to be an open book?’ And it’s so much healthier to be an open book,” Duff admitted.

Hilary Duff, along with her career, is praised by those who know her best for her very natural maternal instinct. She’s there, even when she’s exhausted, and although she may lose her temper at times, she always finds a way to fix it and move on.

“I have, like, the craziest guilt. I don’t know why that was my mom card dealt to me, but I feel like I can never give my kids enough of me.” And that is a mom card many parents know too well.

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