180 Hipster Names You May Actually Love

You need to quit hating on hipster names! Hipster baby names are fresh, trendy, and cool baby names that deserve your attention. Yes, they may sound new or novel, but there are some interesting names out there that many parents should not be afraid to explore. These appellations can help you express your family’s values and your own personal worldview. Names that sound a touch offbeat are often the ones that stick with people most so maybe these so-called “hipster names” are actually just memorable monikers that people wish they would have thought of themselves.

We have curated a list of baby names from a variety of languages and naming traditions with a focus on names that really stand out and make a statement. We’ll start with hipster names for boys and then look at some of our favorite hipster names for girls. You might find the perfect vintage name, an obscure name from France, or even an invented name that parents are just seeing the potential for. Let’s get very unironically into these evocative appellations and their meanings!

Hipster Boy Names

Rock Star Hipster Boy Names

180 Hipster Names
  • Dylan – “son of the sea”
  • Bowie – “blonde”
  • Ziggy – “victorious protector”
  • Mick – “who resembled God?”
  • Prince – “noble son”
  • Cash – “hollow”

Is there anyone hipper than Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Prince, Ziggy Stardust (we know!), and Johnny Cash? Looking to your favorite rock stars with unique appellations could prove beneficial for your journey to find hipster names that work for your family.

Spaced Out Hipster Names

180 Hipster Names
  • Castor – “beaver” or “twin”
  • Aries – “ram”
  • Cosmo – “order”
  • Elio – “the sun”
  • Janus – “gateway”
  • Hoku – “night of the full moon.”

Nothing is cooler than space, right? We turn to the stars as they can inspire some truly fashionable hipster names for boys. One that might be new to you is Hoku, which comes from Hawaiin and Japanese tradition!

Hipster Names for Boys That Literally Mean Cool

180 Hipster Names
  • Quilo – “north wind”
  • Blaze – “blizzard”
  • Aspen – “aspen tree” (these trees bloom in the winter)
  • Frost – “born in a cold spell”
  • Whittaker – “from a white covered field”
  • Nevada – “snow-covered”

A fun way to find hipster names for your son is to consider names associated with actual cold. Blaze actually comes from a French surname that means “blizzard,” for instance. Whittaker refers to a “white covered field” and Nevada means “covered in snow.” See? Nice and frosty!

Somewhat Ironic Hipster Names for Boys

180 Hipster Names
  • Lars – “crowned with laurel”
  • Puck – “mischievous”
  • Homer – “pledge”
  • Camus – “snub-nosed”
  • Ansel – “God’s helmet”
  • Laszlo – “glorious rule”

One way to ensure you have chosen a hipster name that not a ton of people are using is to find names that feel intrinsically uncool. Lars is the perfect example as this name felt unfashionable for years with a sort of “blah” quality. But, today? It’s a worldly possibility.

Nature and “Green” Hipster Boy Names

180 Hipster Names
  • Ash – “ash tree”
  • Leaf – “a leaf” or “lord”
  • Bay – “berry”
  • Wren – “small bird”
  • Sage – “wise”
  • Oak – “of the oak trees”

Nature names are more fashionable than ever before. These hipster names conjure images of trees, seas, and wildlife. What more could you want in a fresh appellation?

Fancy Hipster Names for Boys

180 Hipster Names
  • Mossimo – “greatest”
  • Ollivander – “olive tree” + “defending men”
  • Aurelian – “golden”
  • Peregrine – “travaler”
  • Tybalt – “bold people”
  • Campion – “champion”

It’s fine to get really fancy with your baby’s appellation. They deserve it, right? Hipster names can be found in fancy monikers from mythology, ancient Rome, literature, wherever! It just needs to sound a cut above the rest.

Hipster Names That Bring the Fire

180 Hipster Names
  • Apollo – “sun god”
  • Inigo – “fiery”
  • Uriel – “angel of flame”
  • Fintan – “white fire”
  • Kiran – “little fiery one”
  • Haco – “flame”

We know we told you to look for cool names but it would be a mistake not to include baby names that mean “fire.” Yes, each one of these names means “fire” or “fiery one.”

Turn to Spanish for Some Latin Flair for Your Hipster Names

180 Hipster Names
  • Emilio – “rival”
  • Rodrigo – “famous ruler”
  • Cristóbal – “bearer of Christ”
  • Manuel – “God with us”
  • Carmen – “Carmel” and “vivid red”
  • Rafael – “God has healed”

Names from Spanish bring warmth and flavor to a name as many sound much better in their Spanish form. Try to convince us that Christopher is better than Cristóbal. Cristóbal is a name worth fighting for! Similarly, Rodrigo feels much better than Roderick!

Hipster Names That Start with Z

180 Hipster Names
  • Zaid – “master”
  • Zion – “highest point”
  • Zamari – “to worship”
  • Zayn – “beauty”
  • Zekiel – “God strengthens”
  • Zeb – “gift of Jehovah”

For whatever reason, the token nature of baby appellations that start with Z can really shine on the right baby. Z-names bring so much zest and zip to a moniker.

Hipster Names for Boys That Start with X

180 Hipster Names
  • Xabat – “savior”
  • Xander – “defending men”
  • Xavier – “new house” and “bright”
  • Xi – “hope” or “practice” or “dawn”
  • Xerxes – “monarch”
  • Xen – “Japanese Buddhism”

They don’t call it “the x-factor” without a reason! X-names for boys are super appealing much like the Z-names are. Xavier and Xerxes bring Euro vibes while others like Xander and Xen are hipster names because they sound so casual.

Nickname Names for Boys

180 Hipster Names
  • Bud – “friend”
  • Ace – “unity”
  • Art – “bear”
  • Bo – “to live”
  • Gus – “magnificient”
  • Ollie – “olive tree”

Nickname names are simply shortened forms of more formal, established names. They offer you an opportunity to have teachers, pals, and more to call your son your preferred form of their name. We imagine there are many Roberts out there who do not like Bob and Pat’s who prefer Patrick. Take out the guesswork!

Androgynous Hipster Names

180 Hipster Names
  • Yves – “ewe”
  • Artemis – “butcher”
  • Indigo – “Indian dye”
  • Jules – “youthful”
  • Addison – “son of Adam”
  • Avery – “elf”

“Girl names” for boys is a touchy topic for some. While some names are more closely associated with one gender over another, many are actually gender-neutral or started out as a surname before they were given to many baby girls. Flip the script and break some rules for hipster names!

Gender-Neutral and Unisex Hipster Names

180 Hipster Names
  • Kennedy – “misshapen head”
  • Sterling – “genuine”
  • Cameron – “crooked nose”
  • Lake – “from the lake”
  • Dakota – “friend”
  • Knox – “round hill”

You may think that androgynous names and gender-neutral are interchangeable terms, but for our purposes, gender-neutral means names that have always been evenly split among genders. These names often come from established surnames or nature.

Hipster Baby Names with the Greatest Meanings

180 Hipster Names
  • Von – “hope”
  • Zeke – “God strengthens”
  • Kenzo – “healthy” and “wise”
  • Felix – “fortunate”
  • Amal – “hope” and “labor”
  • Bodhi – “enlightenment”

Names that have fascinating meanings are also a great source of intriguing baby names. Bodhi, for instance, is the Buddhist concept of enlightenment. Hipster names can come from everyday concepts or any manner of inspiring word. Get weird with it and enjoy!

Bohemian Cool Hipster Names Won’t Do You Wrong

180 Hipster Names
  • Emerson – “Emery’s son”
  • Albus – “white”
  • Bear – “animal”
  • Idris – “lord” and “studious”
  • Iago – “St James” or “supplanter”
  • Jupiter – “father of gods”

Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle. When applied to names, these are simply cool baby names that evoke art, literature, and a liberal spirit.

Hipster Names for Girls

Rock Star Hipster Girl Names

180 Hipster Names
  • Alanis – “precious”
  • Dolly – “gift of God”
  • Janis – “God is gracious”
  • Joan – also “God is gracious”
  • Tina – “bearer of Christ”
  • Stevie – “crown”

The women of rock are an excellent source of inspiration for your little rock star. Alanis Morissette, Dolly Parton, Janis Joplin, Joan Jett, Tina Turner, and Stevie Nicks are just a few examples. Who is your favorite rock singers? Let them inform your hipster names for girls.

Spacey Hipster Names for Girls

180 Hipster Names
  • Stella – “star”
  • Astrid – “divinely beautiful”
  • Aurora – “dawn”
  • Ceres – “to grow”
  • Elara – “citadel”
  • Estelle – “star”

Turn to the stars for hipster names! Names inspired by space are red hot right now with names like Aries, Estelle, and Ceres appealing to more and more starstruck new parents.

Hipster Names That Mean Cool

180 Hipster Names
  • Olwen – “white footprint”
  • Eira – “snow”
  • Alaska – “great land”
  • Alba – “white”
  • Nieva – “snow”
  • Lumi – “snow”

Look to appellations with cold meanings for baby name inspiration! After all, what’s cooler than cool? Eira is a Welsh name and Lumi is Finnish both mean “snow.” They sound so cool, don’t they?

Hipster Names So Uncool That They Are Actually Great

180 Hipster Names
  • Tabitha – “gazelle”
  • Pepper – “berry”
  • Goldie – “gold”
  • Saffron – “yellow flower”
  • Zora – “dawn”
  • Gladys – “princess” and “small sword”

Some appellations just come back in style after falling from use. Choose a vintage charmer that’s a touch offbeat and you can’t go wrong. The more “old lady” they sound, the better!

Nature Hipster Names for Girls Are Hotter Than Ever

180 Hipster Names
  • Cricket – “insect”
  • Blossom – “flower”
  • Birdie – “small bird”
  • River – “flowing down”
  • Posy – “handful of flowers”
  • Clementine – “merciful”

Baby names inspired by nature are appellations that harness the beauty of the natural world. Vintage flower names are a great place to start for girls, but we would not be mad if we met a girl named Bear. Hipster names are all about expression so if you value nature, you absolutely should explore these names.

Fancy Yet Free Hipster Names

180 Hipster Names
  • Anastasia – “ressurrection”
  • Valentina – “healthy”
  • Cleopatra – “father’s glory”
  • Rosabelle – “beautiful rose”
  • Celestina – “heavenly”
  • Demetria – “follower of Demeter”

Extravagant and fancy baby names are a lot and that’s why we love them. They are somewhat buttoned-up but they do sound distinguished and timeless, two qualities we feel many are looking for in hipster names.

Hot Hipster Names for Girls

180 Hipster Names
  • Egan – “little fire”
  • Enya – “fire”
  • Iskra – “spark”
  • Ember – “glowing coal”
  • Hestia – “fireside”
  • Azar – “fire”

We know we told you to consider baby names that mean cold, but we think fiery names are equally appealing. Iskra means “spark” and Hestia means “fireside.” All the rest mean “fire.” They are red hot!

Hipster Girl Names from Spanish

180 Hipster Names
  • Itzel – “star”
  • Paloma – “dove”
  • Soledad – “Our Lady of Solitude”
  • Maya – “mother”
  • Esmeralda – “emerald”
  • Reyna – “queen”

When in doubt, choose a Spanish baby name for your little girl. These names feel more romantic than others and are dripping with Latin charm.

Hipster Names Beginning with Z

180 Hipster Names
  • Zaria – “princess”
  • Zadie – “prosperous”
  • Zendaya – “to give thanks”
  • Zephyr – “west wind”
  • Zoe – “life”
  • Zia – “splendor” and “life”

Hipster girl names that start with Z are few and far between but we suggest choosing one if you are the least but tempted. Z-names offer such energy and zeal for little baby girls.

Hipster Names Beginning with X

180 Hipster Names
  • Xanthe – “yellow”
  • Xiomara – “famous in battle”
  • Xavia – “bright” and “splendid”
  • Ximena – “son”
  • Xena – “stranger”
  • Xi – “hope” and “practice” and “dawn”

As with Z-names, X-names do not let parents down. There are fewer names that begin with X for girls than Z! So, these rare appellations are baby-name treasures.

Nickname Names for Casual Cool

180 Hipster Names
  • Liza – “pledged to God”
  • Edie – “strife for wealth”
  • Izzy – “God’s promise”
  • Nora – “light”
  • Poppy – “red flower”
  • Thea – “goddess”

Some nicknames are so good that they should be used as standalone baby names. Liza, Edie, Izzy, Nora, Poppy, and Thea are all very cool baby names that have a casual feel. Hipster names are all about ease and style.

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Androgynous Hipster Names

180 Hipster Names
  • Drew – “strong, manly”
  • Luca – “man from Lucania”
  • Blake – “black” and “fair”
  • Finn – “fair”
  • Charlie – “free man”
  • Niko – “people of victory”

What “boy names” actually sound better for girls? Just about all of them! Do not be afraid to break some rules and flip a typically gendered name on its head. You won’t regret giving your daughter a name with plenty of character and heft!

Gender-Neutral Hipster Names

180 Hipster Names
  • London – “from the great river”
  • Brooklyn – “broken land”
  • Harper – “harp player”
  • Adrian – “son of Adria”
  • Sidney – “wide meadow”
  • Parker – “keeper of the park”

Unlike androgynous names or “flipped” names, gender-neutral options have always gone equally to both boys or girls. These cool baby names are easy and versatile and will be great go-to’s as middle names as well.

Hipster Names with Good Vibes

180 Hipster Names
  • Iris – “rainbow”
  • Nessa – “pure”
  • Esme – “to love”
  • Evangeline – “bringer of good news”
  • Phoebe – “bright”
  • Beatrix – “voyager”

Knowing that your baby’s name not only sounds fun but also has a meaning that is uplifting is a great proposition. These uplifting baby names all radiate good vibes.

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Bohemian Chic Hipster Names Take the Cake

180 Hipster Names
  • Willa – “resolute protector”
  • Juniper – “young”
  • Cosima – “order”
  • Fenna – “peace”
  • Signe – “victory”
  • Fern – “from among the ferns”

Bohemian baby names are simply free-spirited names that evoke art, literature, and freethinking. These charming yet fashionable appellations are always going to serve your child extremely well. These names all have the “it factor.”

There you go! What did you think of all of these hipster names? We hope you found a couple of options for your cool kid on the way. Don’t let anyone scare you away from a name that might not be “mainstream.” We encourage you to dance to the beat of your own drum! If you are worried about a name being too “out there” consider it as a middle name option or go with a “safe” name in the middle for your child to switch to if need be. Happy baby name hunting!

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