Disciplinary Action Taken After Social Media Photos Revealed Students in Lingerie Giving Teachers Lap Dances

Take a moment and try to remember what spirit week was like for you in high school as your football team geared up for the big homecoming game. I can remember being asked to wear school colors, designing a funky hairdo, and even wearing toe socks with sandals for crazy sock day.

We’d imagine most people who had a traditional high school experience can recall almost the same memory, but for one high school in eastern Kentucky, their Homecoming week got a bit out of hand. Now, disciplinary action is being required.

Disciplinary Action Taken After Social Media Photos Revealed Students in Lingerie Giving Teachers Lap Dances

According to USA Today, during homecoming week at Hazard High School in Kentucky, one of the events was called a “man pageant.” And thanks to the Hazard High School Athletics Facebook page, it appears that the man pageant resulted in students in their undergarments giving lap dances to staff.

While the photos have since been removed from the social media page, among the images was one of the school’s principal with a student dancing in front of him. Hazard principal Donald “Happy” Mobelini is also the mayor of Perry County city.

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According to screenshots of the deleted photos, it appears that the students who were giving the male staff lap dances were also male. However, further photos reveal female students in full “Hooters” uniforms as well. Another photo depicts staff and students paddling each other.

Disciplinary Action Taken After Social Media Photos Revealed Students in Lingerie Giving Teachers Lap Dances During Homecoming Week

While Mobelini and other staffers have yet to make a statement regarding the outrage, Superintendent Sondra Combs has revealed the disciplinary action is happening. She did specify, however, who had been punished, according to USA Today.

“As it is a personnel matter, we are not allowed to disclose any further information regarding the specifics of the discipline,” Combs said in her statement. The nature of the discipline has also not been revealed. 

“Spirit Week at Hazard High School has a long and celebrated tradition. Homecoming activities were planned as a celebration for students, staff, and the school community,” Combs wrote. “All were intended to be fun and good-natured however, the activities did not play out as intended.”

Combs also told The Courier-Journal that the district “has a tradition of excellence and academics and everything we do, but the incident is being investigated and once the investigation is complete, appropriate action will be taken. Using this as a teachable moment, we will provide social media training for our students and staff,” Combs added.

It is also unclear if any of the students involved in the planning of these events will also face disciplinary action.

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