15 Homework Fails That Are So Wrong They’re Right

We’ve all had moments as parents when you’re looking over your kid’s homework from school only to discover one of the answers isn’t correct. Welcome to the world of homework fails! You’re so proud of them for completing the work on their own, but your eye is drawn to the incorrect answer circled on the page. Then, you burst out laughing. The answer may be wrong, but it is also hilarious.

Every kid dabbles in homework fails and we’ve rounded up some of our recent favorites.

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15 Hilarious Homework Fails

My dad is afraid of NOTHING.

Oh, except for mom. He’s very afraid of her.

We all deserve a drink after a week of homeschooling.

No judgment here.

This kid might be wise beyond his years.

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It’s genius #kidshomework

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Cynical, but wise.

This is a good life lesson.

Meal first, dessert second.

To be fair, a ruler is a great way to solve this issue.

They got to the correct answer, right?

Sometimes spelling errors are hilarious.


When your younger sibling gets ahold of your homework.

It’s the new “my dog ate my homework.”

Well, this kid went the straight-forward route.

Not sure how humorous the teacher found their creative thinking.

This kid’s got an advanced palate.

He meant to write escargot!

Perhaps they go to Target a bit too often.

They’re BFF now, ok?

Not a fan of ol’ Paris.

Crepes, at least, not crappy.

A very literal interpretation of the question.

But it’s not necessarily a wrong answer.

Maybe in life, but not in math.  

A+ for effort though.

An unexpected answer from someone so young.

But used correctly, so 100%!

Making up sentences sometimes leads to wonderful places…

We relate to that last one in particular.

As many parents are homeschooling this year, the odds of you catching a homework fail are pretty high. On the bright side, they’ll make the days of homeschooling that much more entertaining.

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