30 Hot Girl Names: Trending Names for Girls Today

Hot girl names are popular appellations that are newly popular in the US or have been dusted off and used regularly for the first time in a generation. These names represent trending names on popular baby name databases like Nameberry and BabyNames.com. Many of these names have been climbing the popularity charts, rocketing in favor, and landing on more birth certificates than ever before.

Some trends of note include vowel-forward names as well as goddess names. This includes classic names like Ivy making a return and goddess names like Maeve doing extremely well. If you’re wondering what hot girl names will be most popular in 2022, take a look at this list as it should be a good indicator of appellations that are on fire. Take a look and find a cute name below!

Discover the Hot Girl Names That Are Trending in 2022 Below!


Hot Girl Names

Maeve is quickly becoming one of the most stylish Irish names for girls in the US. You should expect to see this name in the US top 100 when 2022 baby naming data is released next year. The name is associated with an Irish goddess and queen of the fairies. The appellation means “she who intoxicates.”


Hot Girl Names

Before being on track to be one of the US’s most popular botanical names for girls, the name saw its most favor way back in the 1950s. We likely have Beyonce to thank for the resurgence of this name after she famously chose Blue Ivy for her daughter.


Hot Girl Names

Luna is another one of the hot girl names inspired by mythology, a Roman goddess of and the personification of the moon. The name spent nearly 100 years out of the US top 1000 before starting its climb to popularity in the mid-2000s. The name means “moon” and it’s already a top-20 name but expect to see that improve even more in 2022.


Hot Girl Names

Freya is a Norse goddess name that means “noblewoman.” It came seemingly out of nowhere when it first landed in the US top 1000 in 2013. It’s a top-200 appellation today but expect to find it in the top-100 or better in the year to come.


Hot Girl Names

Aurelia returned to favor after 60 years of neglect from new parents. This name can be traced back to ancient Rome where it was used as the clan name, Aurelius. Aurelia’s Latin roots mean “the golden one.” It’s one of the hot girl names that would have been unthinkable just twenty years ago.


Hot Girl Names

Daphne has seen many ups and downs through the years and its most popular year for babies was 1962. It’s on the climb again and it could best its previous record this year. Daphne is a name of Greek origin, meaning “bay tree” or “laurel tree.”


Hot Girl Names

Last year was Eloise’s most popular year ever in the US. This vintage pick has been charming more parents today and we don’t see signs of its climb slowing. Expect to hear Eloise more and more often! This French name means “healthy.”


Hot Girl Names

Another one of the unlikely hot girl names that is surprising baby name-watchers is Ophelia. The name belongs to Shakespeare’s tragic heroine in Hamlet which seems to have scared parents away from it for quite some time. It’s back, baby and on track to best its most popular showing in the US which was way, way back in 1880! The name is of Greek origin and means “help.”


Hot Girl Names

We told you the vowel names are trending and we were not kidding! Ottilie is making a comeback after spending nearly 120 years off of the US top-1000 list. This unusual yet charming appellation is French from German and it means “prosperous in battle.”


Hot Girl Names

Iris has historically been a mildly popular name but it’s doing better today than it ever has before. It’s another one of the hot girl names that start with a vowel and it is on the upward swing. Iris names a flower and its Greek root means “rainbow.”


Hot Girl Names

One of the hot girl names that was unheard of in the US just 20 years ago, Juniper has really taken off. It’s a botanical choice and like all nature-inspired names, it’s climbing up today. The name is of Latin origin and means “young.”


Hot Girl Names

Esme is another one of the hot girl names that would have been unthinkable just 20 years ago. It’s long been popular in France and across Europe but it finally made the US top-1000 in 2011. The name is of French and Persian origin and means “beloved.”


Hot Girl Names

Wren first landed in the US top-1000 in 2013. It’s a newcomer like Esme and Juniper. The name is of English origin and means “small bird.” It’s an excellent unisex option.


Hot Girl Names

Ada was most popular in the US at the turn of the 19th century. Today, it’s on its way back to the top. The name is of German origin and means “nobility.” Like Ivy, this is another one of the vintage vowel names that is really moving the needle.


Hot Girl Names

Mabel is a diminutive form of Amabel, a name of Latin origin that means “lovable.” It’s one of the retro names to make a comeback in recent years. The appellation has a casual yet cool appeal that new parents can’t seem to get enough of.


Hot Girl Names

Cordelia returned to mild favor in 2015 and we expect it to have a great 2022. The name went virtually unused in the US for over 60 years. The name is of Latin or Celtic origin and can mean “heart” or “daughter of the sea.”


Hot Girl Names

Again, another one of the hot girl names to spend decades out of fashion, Willa is once again stealing hearts. The name is the female form of William, from German and English, meaning “resolute protection.”


Hot Girl Names

Not used since the 1960s before coming back in 2006, Evangeline is now more popular today than ever before. The name is of Greek origin and means “bearer of good news.”


Hot Girl Names

Elsie was at its most popular in the early 1900s. Today, it’s on track to match that in 2022. Elsie is a diminutive form of Elspeth, a Scottish variant of Elizabeth. The name means “pledged to God.”


Hot Girl Names

Poppy has been a popular name across the UK for years but it took a very long time for new parents to consider it in the US. It first landed in the US top-1000 in 2016. So, it’s a new contender for sure. The name is of English and Latin origin and refers to the red flower you know and love.


Hot Girl Names

Imogen is also a popular name in the UK but it has never landed in the US top-1000. The name is of Celtic origin and means “maiden.” Will 2022 be Imogen’s first year on the popularity charts? It’s likely!


Hot Girl Names

Genevieve is a name of English or French origin that comes from the Medieval Germanic name Kenowefa. It was most popular at the turn of the 19th century in the US but that could change in 2022! This appellation has a beautiful sound and means “tribe woman.”


Hot Girl Names

Hazel rebounded from obscurity in the 2000s and it’s been flying up the popularity charts ever since. This name is of English origin and means “hazelnut tree.”


Hot Girl Names

Josephine is one of the unlikely hot girl names this year. It’s on track to be the most popular it’s ever been in 2022 or 2023. The name is French from Hebrew and means “Jehovah increases.”


Hot Girl Names

Nora was a mildly popular name in the US before things took a turn in the 2010s. Now, it’s more popular than ever before. The name is an Irish diminutive form of Honora, a name from Latin, meaning “honor.” The name can also be considered a form of Eleanor, meaning “light.”


Hot Girl Names

One of the juiciest hot girl names on this list is Clementine. The name went unused for 60 years before making a comeback in recent years. The name is a form of the Latin appellation Clement. It means “merciful.”


Hot Girl Names

One of the hot girl names that plays double duty as both a flower and a color name, Violet is now more popular than it ever has been before in the US.


Hot Girl Names

Lyra could be counted among other hot girl names when it landed in the US top-1000 for the first time in 2015. The name is of Greek origin and means “lyre.” A perfect, subtle choice for music-loving families.


Hot Girl Names

After losing steam in the middle of the last century, Matilda’s fortunes turned around in the 2010s. Could it reach its former glory? Only time will tell but the name is trending today. It is of German origin and means “battle-mighty.”


Hot Girl Names

After 1916, you’d be hard-pressed to find a baby girl named Astrid until recent years. This Scandinavian charmer is one of the hot girl names we really see catching fire in 2022 and 2023. This name means “divinely beautiful.”

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30 Hot Girl Names: Trending Names for Girls Today | What names are moving the needle? Take a look at these hot girl names that are trending today.

One of the truly unimaginable hot girl names that’s trending today is Lilith. The ancient name has roots in Assyrian and Sumerian and names a night monster or demon in lore. Despite its unsavory association, the name is on fire today. The name means “of the night” or “ghost” or “night monster.” Do you dare? We hope so!

There you go! Expect to see and hear these hot girl names more and more as the year continues. These trending girl names are on the cutting edge of cool and stylish with new parents gravitating toward them more and more. We hope you found some appellations to consider for your daughter! Happy baby name hunting!

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