How can I get custody or guardianship?

Does anyone know how to go about getting guardianship over children that are not biologically related to you? Two months ago we had two girls dropped off by there mother they haven’t eaten or showed in days and have been sleeping in there mother’s car. Anyways we took them in because they are like my own kids but not really related if you know what I mean.. Anyways it does not look like there mother is going to get her stuff together any time soon. And we don’t want to get DFS involved because they are safe and happy living with us. We just need to find out how to go about getting a guardianship or legal custody. So we can get them into Dr’s and therapist.

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  1. Has the mother been back at all, or did she drop and run with no contact..
    If so could that be based on child abandonment and you can go through lawyer and do it that way..

  2. Court and an attorney is the only way. If she hasnt had any contact with them and you dont know where she is, you can file emergency custody. Other than that, itll take a while unless mom signs them over. Either way, you need an attorney

  3. Will the mother give you custody? If she is willing to do so get a lawyer and get everything situated. I know you do not want child services involved, but they need services that the state will provide for them

  4. talk with the mother and a lawyer and see if she would be willing to sign guardianship over to you (my aunt signed over my 2 cousins to my grandparents, they just had to post an ad in the paper for 30 days for their fathers to have a chance to come forward but of course they didn’t) ….. otherwise if she isn’t willing, your only other choice would be to go through child services

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