How can I get my child to poop on the potty?

can you ask lol and its probably already been asked I have three kids my first two were super easy to potty train but dog went it if my five-year-old is giving me a run for my money!! he pees on the potty just fine… but pooping is a whole another issue.. how do I get him to poop consistently on the potty iv tried treats snacks dollar store treats fun days pooping party! (outside the bathroom obviously lol) he just sometimes says hey I got to poop but most of the time he sits behind the couch or under a table or in his room and craps his pants

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  1. Start punishing him for it. Make him clean himself off. Maybe if he sees how nasty it is compared to just using the toliet, he will get it.
    And before you go jumping me, I have known someone who personally went threw this with a autistic child, and that’s what her doctor recommended her to do, and it did work. It wasn’t easy, not helping him to clean it up, (time wise, it’s faster for us to do) but, after a couple of days, he stopped shitting himself.

  2. My son would do that and I took him to the doctor he had a medical condition encapresis, it’s kind of like a mega colon and it was extremely painful for him to just sit on go on the potty.

  3. A 5 yr old is old enough to understand to use the toilet. I say they may be some other underlying issues and talk to your pediatrician, because that’s not normal for a 5 yr old. Maybe discipline him.. he may just be acting lazy.. or maybe make him clean out his own underwear and wash his own butt when ever he shits himself.. I bet he won’t do it too many more times whenever he has to clean it up.

  4. My daughter had this issue up until she was 4 and it wasn’t until after that I found out it’s a super common problem.
    After several talks with our doctor we ended up using Miralax for a few weeks and it really was a miracle. My daughter was literally terrified to poop on the potty. She would scream, cry and flat out refuse.
    But she knew when she had to go because she would ask for a pull up and go to her room to do it. So it wasn’t a “training issue” but a legitimate fear.
    After the miralax it didn’t hurt for her to go and it made it much easier for her to go which reduced the fear.

  5. I gave mine a tablet to sit n watch. They would never sit long enough to go. They thought it was a good treat so they wanted to go poop on potty. My 6 year old still does it lol

  6. I’m actually going through the same thing. Mine is 4 though goes to pee by himself but poop ???? it’s a hit and miss and he understands the concept because he will hurt and take dump his poo in the toilet. And he doesn’t have a tantrum when I sit him on the toilet he literally just sucks it back up and eventually gets off. I just started him on a probiotic vitamin and hopefully that works ????

  7. Some kids are just afraid to poop and let it “fall out”. My second kid, my daughter, was one of those. She would hold it in until she got completely backed up. I tried every form of bribery and reward system and nothing worked until I did this: first thing was that I put her on Miralax with her pediatricians approval. That way she couldn’t “hold it” anymore. When nature called she had to go. Then the next thing was getting her to tell me when she had to poop. When she had to go I would put a pull up on her and she had to go in the pull-up in the bathroom. That was for about a week or so. Next week she would go while wearing the pull-up on the toilet. The next week I made a tiny hole in the pull-up while she went poop on the potty. Each couple of days I made the hole a little bigger until the hole was big enough that her poop just went down the toilet. It was a slow and tedious process but it was successful with minimal trauma for her and no more tears and terror. Good luck!

  8. Maybe he feels like he’s going to fall in. A step stool in front of the toilet helped my daughter feel more secure. Also check with his pediatrician to make sure he isn’t constipated. I wouldn’t punish him. Positive reinforcement and encouragement.

  9. Is he afraid to sit on the potty? Have you tried a potty training seat with a step ladder and handles? That’s what helped my son. Also, maybe try not to put too much pressure on the issue. Good luck! It will happen ????

  10. My middle only liked to poop in her pull up and would hold her poop all day until she had a pull up on at night. We put an open pull up on her little potty then slowly weaned her out of using the pull up and just the potty. It made for an easier transition.

  11. Sounds like hes doing it for control. Punishing him will make it worse. He needs counseling obviously hes feeling he has no control in his life. Make him clean it though.

  12. Omg ???? I can’t believe the feedback. I had 1 that did this. He’s now a grown man and doesn’t poop his pants. They are all different. No need to whack them

  13. After each meal or snack get him to run around a bit or do star jumps on the spot, have the potty close by and when he feels the urge to poop sit him down. This worked for me, Good luck!

  14. Potty training my older son, now 11, at age 3 was a breeze. Started and ended in a month, one incident of bed wetting and then smooth sailing. Now my almost 4 year old son will pee in his potty only first thing in the morning. Then he wets his pants whole day. So pull ups are on. Then he will only poop in the potty if he is naked, which is directly after a shower, before he puts on clothing. Otherwise, poop only in the pull up diaper. I dont know how to get him to see the pull up only as a safety measure. And how to get him to want to use the potty more than a novelty.

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