How can I help my stretch marks and loose skin?

Any mommas out there get bad stretch marks and very loose skin? if so what did you do to tighten the skin and completion of the stretch marks

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    1. Amy Byerly I tagged a rep that is in this and she can give you details and a website. 10/10 second on recommending pure Romance products. I use the save my skin to try to prevent stretch Mark’s and it’s done well so far

    2. Yes girl, I keep everything in stock and been helping you for a while. Anytime you want to send friends my way… I will always take great care of them plus I offer quick shipping and if local, I deliver also!

    3. Glenda Lai our body boost will help tighten that loose skin. It doesn’t completely erase it but it helps a lot. I used it for 30 days and could see a difference.

  1. Yes Save My Skin from Pure Romance which is a blend of oils definitely helps with stretch marks and I’m not just saying this because I am a consultant for them I have personally used it and it works wonders

  2. My sister made something out of carrots but I couldn’t use it during pregnancy because it may have triggered premature labor. I used it after of course and it definitely helped compared to my first pregnancy 12 years prior

  3. Right now I’m using a neoprene vest with a cream that’s supposed to help with stretch marks and such..the neoprene vest helps you sweat and holds you a little more tight..I got pants and the vest lol I have a lot of stretch marks on my thighs

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