How can I make brushing my daughters hair easier?

Hi, mom’s I have a super big question. How do you deal with your daughter, who is tender-headed? She cries and screams and bobs and weaves. I know it hurts her, but it’s very annoying. Any suggestions

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  1. My daughter is as well And her hair is extremely curly. So I use hair milk after washing it and I braid it before bed to keep it from getting tangled at night. It also helps if I use a wide toothed comb in the shower with her conditioner

  2. Detangler, wet brush, good tv show on, snacks, counting- I’ll stop brushing in 10 brushes let’s count how many times we brush. Or just chop it and save your sanity.

  3. No word of a lie, we use a double sided dog brush ???? my daughter has the worst tangles. I soak her hair in spray conditioner, and brush starting at the bottom with a dog brush. Also her haor is ALWAYS in french braids. Braid when wet and helps not get tangled at school

  4. My daughter, now 15 is so tender headed as well. She opted for very short hair most of her life because of it.
    Lots of detangler and soft brushes….brush from the bottom and work upwards.

  5. Spray bottle with warm water and conditioner.. my girls have very fine hair which tangles super easy,this is the only way it works.. and start brushing from the bottom up instead of top to bottom

  6. We use a wetbrush and lots of detangler spray. My girls arent tender headed but we’ve got the native amercian hair that is this and tangles easily. Sleek and shine shampoo/conditioner are our best friends to

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