How can I make my daughter understand the dangers of talking to people she doesn’t know?

My youngest is 13. I’m a single mom, so phones are a requirement since I work full time. Yesterday it came to light she and her friends have been sexting with supposed teens. Turns out one particular who was going by Sam, is a married man in Alabama!! How do I make her understand people are evil? What’s the scared straight tactic for teens who just seek attention for social acceptance?

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    1. Chelsi Beittel it’d be a good way to teach her daughter as well that people can be evil. I was sexually assaulted when I was 14, when my sister and her friends got to that age I made sure they had an idea of how bad things can go in a hurry.

  1. Show her some stories of girls her age doing the same but having worse outcome. Not like graphic…but like discovery i.d. channel. They’re like documentaries

    1. Randi-lee Sewell IMG I’d die to know my daughter is texting random boy’s but sexting????????
      I would punish her and let her see all the truth On TV documentaries

  2. Google and you can find some teen girls have actually been charged in the past with distributing child pornograohy for sending nude pics of themselves. They’re under 18 so it’s illegal regardless of if she sends them herself (same for boys!) of course laws vary by state

  3. Make sure she also knows that she can be expsosed in whichever light they see fit. At anytime they can release photos if sent and also private conversations.
    It is a scary world for young girls (and boys) and sometimes you have to let them know exactly what can happen.
    Teens are usually private and dont want to be exposed. Just tell her all the dangers… Over and over.
    Find some videos of teens that have been exploited. They talk about what happened and how. They warn and educate young ones….
    Good luck

  4. Ask your local police station if you can bring her in so they can explain to her she will take them more serious as teens don’t always listen to parents.

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