How can I make my daughter understand the dangers of talking to people she doesn’t know?

My youngest is 13. I’m a single mom, so phones are a requirement since I work full time. Yesterday it came to light she and her friends have been sexting with supposed teens. Turns out one particular who was going by Sam, is a married man in Alabama!! How do I make her understand people are evil? What’s the scared straight tactic for teens who just seek attention for social acceptance?

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  1. She is 13 not 18. Restrict what she has access too. She wants to put big girl panties on then show her the real world. Research and make her watch and look at dead women, teenage girls. Talk to families and parents who have lost young girls to this type of behavior.

    1. Ashlee Na’Cole absolutely! Let her talk to real women who are out there living with being a survivor of some sort. Let her talked to women who have been raped and beaten and abused. Who have gottwn pregnant and sex trafficked.

  2. My sister in law was doing this when she was young so my MIL called the cops & one came out & took her phone away to get the evidence off since she was sexting grown men. The police officer was pretty straight foward & stern & told her all the potential danger she was putting herself in & made her promise to him she wouldn’t do it again. He told her if she did, he would find out lol. It scared her straight ????

  3. Contact your local PD. Make a report and ask them if an officer would be willing to talk to her. Not reporting sexting of a minor could get you a felony charge. The phone is in your name. I’m also old school so she would have a flip phone for emergencies no texting ability and locked down internet….. And a serious ass whoopin’

  4. I say if she thinks she’s grown enough to do this crap, she’s grown enough to see the graphic, factual images of what happens to young victims of predators. Police department might can help you out with that!

    Report the adults ASAP!!

  5. I would totally report that …… even if she doesnt it do it again. I’m sure this creep will be looking for another little girl to creep on.

    Then get her one those phones or watches that can only call certain numbers that are programmed. A 13 year old can do without the smart phones.

  6. JessikAleksandria D.

    Seriously talk with her. But not every person is evil. Tell her the dangers. Show her stories and videos of girls who fell victim to thise specific types of people. And tell her that you will be monitoring her phone from now on

  7. Tell her about all the CHILDREN going missing everyday in Alabama. It’s so sad, most of them never make it home…???? I live here and we have had FIVE missing children (youngest were months old and now there’s a 13 year old missing as of yesterday.) And all these kids are within an hour of where I live. They just found a three year old baby in a dumpster in a landfill who they kidnapped from a freaking birthday party. ???????? There are SICK AND TWISTED people in the world, unfortunately hardly anyone cares for the children’s wellbeing anymore. I’m so sorry you’re going through this mama… Just have a heart to heart with her and tell her what could really happen. ☹

  8. If you an her have android phones or both have iPhone there a app that you can put on both phones called family link basicly it allows you to control her phone you can shut off all Inter access gaming you name it an you can turn it off so she cant talk to anyone but you I have it for my 12 yr old an on top of that I see her text an call log right off of my phone so if I notice she doing things she shouldn’t I cut it off an she gets pissed because i have to put a code on phone to unlock an lock her phone good luck

  9. I would get ahold of your local police about that man and I know-it-all may seem silly but my mom made me watch SVU growing up to shower what’s out there and it really scared me to see all what all sick people can do and I was very cautious growing up because of it

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