How This Woman Became Famous Is One Heck of a Story

Last Tuesday morning when Jackie Stallone passed, pictures of her supposed famous face were everywhere — however, it was not in fact, her.

The Celebrity Big Brother star and mother of Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone died in her sleep on Monday at the age of 98.

However, many online news outlets, including the BBC, The Sun, Mirror, The Star, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, all used a stock image of someone that was not, in fact, Jackie.

It all began at the 2012 LA premiere of action movie The Expendables 3, where Jackie’s son, Sylvester starred in. However, the famous Jackie was not at the event, but Ivone Weldon was.

Her son, Les Weldon, was a producer on the film. And so, Ivone’s five minutes of fame on the red carpet led to her being wrongly identified as Jackie on multiple picture agency websites. Can you imagine?

From Paralyzing Her Son During Birth to Hating Her Plastic Surgery: Sylvester Stallone's Moms Many Confessions
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Last September, Jackie came clean about her son being paralyzed at birth as well as her plastic surgery to the Irish Examiner in June of 2013.

Previously, the famous personality admitted to getting multiple surgical procedures over the years and ultimately, confessed she regretted her choices.

When asked if she still has cosmetic surgery, she admitted: I do and actually I’ve got too much, I look like I’ve got a mouth full of nuts, it’s [cosmetic filler] Juvederm, too much of it. I feel as though I look like a chipmunk.”

Explaining Juvederm, she added: “It plumps you up but it looks like you have a mouth full of walnuts.”

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“I’ve had chemical peels, I’ve had three of those and about 50 injections,” she continued.

That being said, Jackie was against Botox fillers at the time, which reduce wrinkles but can end up making the face look a bit stiff.

She added: “No Botox, I don’t need that, what I want Botox wouldn’t help. I don’t have wrinkles in my forehead, I genetically don’t have that, that’s something I can be thankful for.”

And while she previously lived in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica, Jackie did not frequent doctors in nearby Beverly Hills for her surgery, as she didn’t trust them as far as she could throw them.

She added at the time: “I’m all for everything to make you look good – anything and everything. But most of the plastic surgery in Beverly Hills is rotten. I have seen on TV and in person the biggest hacks. I will go to other states.”

What an icon!

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