What Are The Best Ways To Help Manage A UTI?

A mom writes in after being diagnosed with having a UTI. This is her first UTI and would like suggestions on how to manage it.

A Mamas Uncut Community Member asks:

So I got my first UTI. My doctor basically said I have an infection, gave me pills, then told me I should already know what to do? So I didn’t get much info. What can I do and not do? Is it contagious? Can I still shower with my kid or no? Can I have sex?

– Mamas Uncut Community Member

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Community Member Seeks Advice On How to Manage Her UTI

To see what advice the Mamas Uncut Facebook community has for this mom in need, read the comments of the post embedded below.

Fan QuestionHow should I manage my UTI?I want a question posted. So I got my first UTI. My Dr basically said I have…

Posted by Mamas Uncut on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Advice Summary

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Community responses were pretty unanimous: change your doctor. Here are a few responses:

Drink lots of water make sure you take your meds on time cranberry juice is good too but it has to be 100 percent. Avoid sex until it’s gone!! Take showers, not baths hope you feel better.

“Take meds, wear cotton undies, loose-fitting pants (not leggings, jeggings), take showers, definitely no sex. Tons of water. I agree with others that the Azo will help with symptoms but I don’t know if it happened to others but it messed up my stomach bad! Just a warning on that one. I was lucky to have been at home if you catch my drift.”

First, change doctors considering it’s their job to inform you. Second, GOOGLE! It’ll help so that next time you don’t have to ask strangers.

This is a perfect example of why pharmacists ask you if you have any questions when you pick up your medication. They’ve heard it all. Just ask.

“First off:  Either get a new doctor or don’t be afraid to ask questions. If your healthcare provider is good, they would rather you ask all questions you have (no matter how “stupid” you think they are) and know exactly what to do instead of leaving the office having no idea. That said, UTIs aren’t contagious however sex may be uncomfortable while you have one. Make sure you drink plenty of water and/or cranberry juice and don’t hold your pee. The longer you hold your pee the more the bacteria can multiply. Make sure you take all of your antibiotics. You can also add Azo into the mix to alleviate symptoms or ask your doctor for some pyridium. Both help a bit with pain but they also both turn your pee an orange Tang color.

Final Thoughts

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When you have a medical condition and you don’t understand how to manage it, you need to call the doctor’s office, speak with a nurse. You can speak with a pharmacist if it’s medication-related or management advice. Reaching out to people can be helpful when you want to hear what their experiences are, but you should always follow up with a qualified medical professional.

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