Protected: How To Pick Out the Best Shoe for Your New Walker — All the Best Tips and Tricks

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There are so many things you need to be aware of when buying your new walker their first pair of shoes. When to wear them, where to wear them, and how do you know if they fit your little one properly?

Well, Stride Rite and Mamas Uncut are here to help with just that! The first thing you should know is that according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “a person’s lifelong gait, or walking pattern begins with their first steps. Babies learn to walk by gripping the ground with their toes and using their heels for stability. This helps develop the muscles needed for walking.”

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how to pick out the best shoe for your new walker — all the best tips and tricks | there are so many things you need to be aware of when buying your new walker their first pair of shoes. when to wear them, where to wear them, and how do you know if they fit your little one properly? stride rite is here to help.
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Because of how babies learn to walk, the AAP suggests that when your little one is indoors and on even surfaces, it “is easier to do without socks or shoes.” However, while the AAP states that “your baby’s feet will develop just as well without footwear,” the AAP also suggests that “shoes should be worn to protect your baby’s feet when cruising or walking outside or on uneven, hot, or cold surfaces.”

So “shoes, socks, and footed pajamas should have wiggle room.” But how do you know if your little one has enough wiggle room? Well, that’s what Stride Rite is here to help with.

For decades, Stride Rite has been the go-to brand for moms when it comes to picking out their child’s first pair of walking shoes.

stride rite
Stride Rite

And now that we know where to go for the shoes, how do you pick them out? Stride Rite agrees with the AAP that barefoot is best for building muscles, but when it’s time to go outside, Stride Rite says “the shoes you choose should be designed specifically for baby feet so they don’t interfere with normal development.”

Stride Rite’s Soft Motion shoes are best for this. And there are so many different styles! Here are just a few!

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When it comes to choosing sneakers for your baby or for your toddler, Stride Rite makes a few important distinctions. When it comes to buying shoes for a baby “choose light, flexible baby shoes with soft, slip-free rubber soles. Look for rounded heels and edges that mimic the actual shape of a baby’s foot.”

When you are buying shoes for a toddler, “look for sensory enhancing shoes that are made to support balance, coordination, and fine motor development. Footwear should be light, durable, and reinforced for stability, with rounded edges and rubber soles.”

Stride Rite also has online aids to help you pick the perfect size shoe for your little one. All you have to do is measure the length and width of your child’s foot and plug it into Stride Rite’s website here. Once you click “calculate size,” Stride Rite will then share your child’s correct size based on their measurements! How great is that!

stride rite
Stride Rite

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As Stride Rite reveals, “children’s feet can grow half a size every 2 to 4 months!” So be sure to remeasure your child’s feet “every two months to ensure their shoes are fitting well.”

And if you’re looking for someone to help you with the fit of your child’s shoe, Stride Rite also offers in-store help at several different locations across the continental US. Click here to see if there is a store near you!

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