Hurricane Ian ‘Street Shark’ Spotted in Neighbor’s Yard in Fort Myers, FL

In years past, we’ve been fooled with fake shark sightings and other shark-related hoaxes during major storms, but Hurricane Ian is producing a different reality. Just a few days ago, a shark was spotted in a neighbor’s backyard in Fort Myers, Florida – defying belief and odds. 

Dominic Cameratta was the man behind the video that you can find below, which was shared with his friends and eventually sent to the Associated Press. The video has garnered millions of views on social media and while some people swear it’s fake or a hoax, the AP has confirmed the video is real.

“I see this thing flopping around in there, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God,’ and I zoom in,” Cameratta told PEOPLE. “The way it was swimming was scary. It was moving side to side.” It wasn’t until his friends, wife, and 15-year-old daughter saw the video that they identified the wild shark.

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While the video is real and, as you can see, there is clearly a large fish in the water, the question now becomes what type of fish/shark is it and where did it come from? Some shark and marine experts are suggesting it may be a juvenile shark, more specifically a bull shark. 

It’s a steady reminder that you never really know what can be lurking in flooded waters – sharks, snakes, alligators, etc. That’s why it’s always best to practice extreme caution when navigating through flooded waters, especially during a hurricane as rampant and wild as Hurricane Ian.

As for Cameratta and his family, they rode out the storm in their single-story home – despite receiving invitations to stay at nearby two-story homes. They made sure to stay away from the water whenever possible, which was a good move after seeing a shark across the street. 

Latest Updates and Developments on Hurricane Ian

For the past couple of weeks, Hurricane Ian has ravaged its way through the Caribbean and the southeastern corner of the United States. It originally made landfall in the US on September 28th in Florida, making its second landfall in the US on September 30th in South Carolina. 

With tens of thousands of people displaced and more than 100 others killed, Hurricane Ian is already one of the worst storms in recent history. The death toll and overall damage caused will likely continue to increase as rescue efforts continue. There’s still so much to uncover and learn. 

Ray Murphy, the Mayor of Fort Myers Beach, has no idea when residents – including himself – will be able to return to their homes. “It could be next week, it could be a week after. I can’t give you a definitive answer about that today,” he told CNN, adding that they’re staying optimistic.

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With rescue efforts ongoing, the affected areas are in constant need of help – whether it be in the form of donation or prayer. With thousands of people either losing their homes or seeing it face severe damage during Hurricane Ian, please help out in any way possible – they need it!

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