Husband Arrested For Leaving 6-Month-Old Son In the Car, Angry That Wife Is Not Supporting Him

One woman’s husband left their 6-month-old in the car to grab a snack and was later arrested on a charge of endangering the welfare of a child.

The mother is beyond upset but the husband feels like she is letting him down by not sticking up for him. It all began when last week, her husband was arrested.

Husband Arrested For Leaving 6-Month-Old Son In the Car
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As the mom explained in a post on the Am I the A–hole forum, their baby doesn’t really sleep well and when he does sleep well “we tend to stop living so he gets a good sleep.”

The mom was at work when her husband decided he needed a snack but as he was on dad duty, he had to bring their baby along with him to the gas station.

“On the way Little Dude (LD) fell asleep,” she wrote. And at the gas station, her husband “waited for a minute” to see if their son would wake up. And when he didn’t, the dad decided to run inside the gas station with “the car locked and running with LD inside.”

And while he believed it would only take a minute, it ended up taking 20.

Husband Arrested For Leaving 6-Month-Old Son In the Car
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And when he came out, he realized he was in deep trouble.

“The police were holding LD and our car window was broken,” she recalled. “He was arrested for the aforementioned crime and Child Services took LD.”

It was a phone call the mother never wanted to receive. At first, she had to go and pick up her son from jail. And then, she had to go bail out her husband from jail.

She told him what he did was “absolutely stupid,” but “he wasn’t even remotely sorry about anything,” she wrote.

Husband Arrested For Leaving 6-Month-Old Son In the Car
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“I DID NOT call him stupid, I called his actions stupid,” she added. And now, Child Protective Services are investigating them and the local news station called. “I answered them honestly,” she recalled. “I’m glad my son and husband are okay but I’m frankly very upset with my husband for being so reckless with our child and I hope in time I can forgive him.”

Despite the son being fine, the mom admitted that it was a hot, 94-degree weather day and it was “sunny.” And while her husband is upset that she won’t publicly defend him “and says I’m a bad wife because of this,” she believes he deserves everything he gets.

“I’m mostly just thankful that we were allowed to take LD home,” she continued. “They could have easily jerked our rights over this. It’s happened.” One commenter posted: “NTA – The terrifying fact here is that your husband does not accept that what he did was dangerous. What else does he think is okay…”

While another said: “All for a snack. He didn’t need formula, or diapers, or to pick up medication at a pharmacy. He wanted a snack. I can imagine the struggle in decision making if there was something you absolutely needed to do that was urgent or time sensitive and you’ve got a sleeping baby in the car … but it’s a snack! He could have gone to a drive through or just driven around for a bit in case the baby woke up or just decided that his son’s safety and sleep schedule was more important than whatever SNACK he needed at that moment. This sounds more likely to be addiction-based, did he go to a gas station because he was out of cigarettes and the jerkey and slushie were an after-thought?”

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