My Husband Throws Out the Lunches I Make Him and Buys Fast Food Instead: Advice?

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QUESTION: My Husband Doesn’t Eat the Lunches I Make for Him and Instead Just Buys Fast Food: Advice?

“Anyone else’s husband like to throw out their lunch and then just get fast food?

I go out to his truck to collect my dishes, and I always find his sandwiches and whatnot laying around and tons of fast food wrappers.

I’m sick of him wasting money because he has to eat fast food. I would love it if someone made me lunch every day! Half the time I don’t even get one!”

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My Husband Throws Out the Lunches I Make Him and Buys Fast Food Instead: Advice?

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“I’m petty enough I would follow him when he takes lunch and find out where he’s going to eat and then before he even takes a bite of said fast food sludge I would slap it out of his hand like a toddler and then throw his sandwich in his face. That or start a movement like Bam did for his dad when he did the whole Don’t Feed Phil thing: post his pictures up at all the fast food joints so they know not to serve him!”

“And you’re going out to his truck to clean up his dishes? Lmao!! He’s broken, get rid of him!”

“If your husband is anything like mine, unless you’re making a foot long sub stacked to the brim, the sandwich lunch you’re making isn’t enough to put a dent in his hunger. I’d try meal prepping bigger lunches, they make lunch boxes he can plug into his truck and reheat them if he doesn’t have access to a microwave.”

“Stop making him lunches and let him eat what he wants. You’re not his mother; he’s a grown man and will eat what he wants either in front of you or behind your back.”

“Don’t waste your time making his lunch. He’s a grown man and can feed himself. He doesn’t appreciate it so don’t bother.”

“He’s grown. If he’d rather eat fast food then why are you making lunches? Stop treating him like a child. Ask him what he prefers and let him eat the way he wants.”

“Call him out on it and make yourself lunches from here on out. Those ain’t his lunches anymore!”

“Stop making him lunches. Or ask him what he wants for lunch. My hubby loves it when I make him lunch. But then one day he requested something else from what I was always making for him. So I decided to always just ask him ahead of time. And sometimes he would tell to not make one because he’s going to eat out.”

“Don’t make him lunches. Let him eat junk and get heart disease. Make sure he has life insurance. Lol.”

“I can’t judge too hard here. I too throw out the lunches I make for myself and then order fast food instead.”

“He’s an adult, make a lunch budget together if needed but other than that let him have what he likes for lunch.”

“My husband insists I make his lunch. Half the time it ends up in the trash because he didn’t feel like eating. I make dinner every night and often he comes home and makes hot pockets or something else out of the freezer instead of eating what I made, or comes home and says he’s ordering food. He wastes so much money on food, not to mention my time and effort. It makes me so mad. It also sets such a bad example for the kids making them think they don’t have to eat what I make for them.”

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