man stand so wife can sleep on plane

This Is True Love: Husband Stands for the Duration of a 6-Hour Flight so Wife Can Sleep

A photo of a man standing in the aisle of a plane so that his wife could sleep has gone viral. Why? The flight lasted for 6 hours and the man stood the entire time. We think it’s a sign of true love and affection that a husband would give up his plane seat for his wife. Chivalry is not dead! The photo of the kind gesture was posted to Twitter and of course, people felt the need to sound off. Some people felt it was super sweet of him to let his wife nap, while others thought the sleeping woman was being selfish. We just thought #RelationshipGoals.

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Courtney Lee Johnson tweeted the photo on September 5th and the reactions were surprising.

Twitter user, @courtneylj_, tweeted the photo along with this text, “This guy stood up the whole 6 hours so his wife could sleep. Now THAT is love.” The tweet has gotten more than 16,000 likes, 4,000 retweets, and 2,000 comments. Wow! Who knew a man letting his wife sleep would be so controversial?

Many people were all warm fuzzies after reading this tweet

“It’s not just love. It’s much more,” one person commented.

“That is the ultimate love,” another person added.

Another person commented, “To give with no expectation of return. To serve, in building/demonstrating one’s own love without expectation. It doesn’t make you a servant. This guy seems to get it. Many don’t.”

Others thought it was selfish of the wife and that she could have just laid her head in his lap to sleep.

Many people could not handle it. They felt that a solution for both to be comfortable would be ideal.

“She could have still rested her head in his lap,” someone commented.

“We need to let go of this idea that love involves suffering,” someone else added.

“He spent all of those six hours planning the divorce,” another person joked.

No matter how people perceived the gesture, one thing is certain: we can’t just have a sweet photo anymore. Twitter will always deconstruct it until it’s fully hashed out. We want to believe this was a really nice thing to do. Flying is tough and no one knows the whole story behind the photo. Just let this tender photo be a tender photo Twitter!

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