I Tested Positive for an STD But Haven’t Been Unfaithful, and I Don’t Believe My Husband Has Been Either: Advice?

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QUESTION: I Tested Positive for an STD Despite the Fact I Haven’t Cheated and Believe the Same About My Husband: What’s Going On?

“I recently went to the doctor because I started experiencing a lot of women’s problems that are being taken care of. In the process of all this, during some testing, they decided to do an STD test even though I didn’t have signs of any.

Well long behold it came back positive for one. Here I am confused because I know damn well I didn’t get it from anyone else because I’m straight up faithful and committed to my husband. I’m also confused because I’m convinced that no way did my husband cheat on me.

We both literally go to work and back home every day. If we are not working, we are always together. I’m even so confused that I felt ashamed to question my husband and his faithfulness. He swears I’ve been his only girl for the past five years.

Honestly, I don’t know what to think or do. Now, obviously, I’m on meds being treated, and obviously, my husband and I have sex, so he himself went and got tested so he can be treated too. But I’m literally just so confused, so lost. I believe my husband didn’t cheat, but also how else would I catch an STD?”

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I Tested Positive for an STD But Haven't Been Unfaithful, and I Don't Believe My Husband Has Been Either: Advice?

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“As a nurse, you can have an std for years and have no symptoms until they test for them. This could be something you had and didn’t know it.”

“Really? If you didn’t sleep around HE DID. If you don’t want to believe it and refuse to believe it then why even ask. It’s common sense.”

“I got an STD (it was treated and gone) from my then-husband (pregnant at the time, passed onto our unborn daughter, no idea about that until she almost died in the hospital) and I swore up and down that man was faithful. Came home after work and we were always together. He had been lying about his days off and what time he got off. I’m telling this so other women and you know to constantly get tested during pregnancy and other times and be careful even with an ‘honest’ guy. Sorry, but this stuff pisses me off from my experience.”

“Same thing happened to me. Thought my husband would never cheat. He did. With someone at work.”

“Food for thought…. if positions were flipped and your husband came to you saying he had an STD and didn’t cheat but you know for good and 100% that you didn’t so obviously he’s lying right? So you would be absolutely furious and wouldn’t take getting tested and being put on meds lightly as you know he gave it to you. So…. why is he so calm about you telling him and getting meds so nonchalant like it’s an everyday normal life occurrence? Like he knows for a fact that you didn’t cheat so he’s not mad at all?? Sounds iffy.”

“Did you both get tested when first together? If not then one of you might have had it then.”

“It is truly amazing to me that grown women do not know that you can be a Carrier and never have a single symptom. You can have an STD for more than 10 years and not know it. A lot of people have no idea until they get a blood test for marriage, a blood test for something else, or have a medical emergency and they just run the test for safety. I am so glad I teach my daughters who are 12 and 13 so much more than the average person.”

“I work in as STD clinic and if you came back positive someone has cheated. We always say it takes 3 for an STD. Good luck.”

“If you didn’t do it…. there’s only one other person in your relationship that you know of, it’s that one. Sorry but you’re not confused, you’re in denial.”

“Either one of y’all had it for a long time with no symptoms or one of y’all is lying. Plain and simple.”

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