I am worried about being intimate after giving birth: Advice?

Did anyone else worry about having sex for the first time after having their babies? After I had my baby, I got the rod put back in, so I’m protected. I had it in the back after I had my first, and it worked the full three years till I had it taken out and fell pregnant. And even though I know it works, I’m so worried about falling pregnant again.. I’m 100% set on having no more kids. I even told my partner if I did happen to fall pregnant, I wouldn’t keep it. But I wanna avoid that scenario.. how did you all overcome the paranoia? TIA.

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  1. Don’t feel like you need to rush back into it. Let your body recover, and be open with your partner about how you’re feeling throughout the process.

    If you’re not 100% comfortable with penetration, stick with oral.
    Can’t get pregnant from oral ????

  2. Are you worried about being intimate, or worried about getting pregnant again?

    If you’re worried about getting pregnant again, see if your partner will get snipped.

    If you’re worried about being intimate, I can relate. Try your best to focus on what you love about sex & not what you fear. I found it helpful to put all my focus on my partner so I wasn’t just in my own head about it.

  3. Your so set on not having anymore children than I agree get your tubes tied, or asking him to get fixed if your afraid of getting pregnant again. Theres no point in even being on birth control honestly. My s/o and I are probably having 1 more after my current pregnancy, and after that we’re both getting fixed.

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