I couldn’t eat after giving birth: Is that normal??

When I had my baby, I couldn’t eat or drink anything for days after giving birth even though I was shaking and starving. I had to force myself just to take a drink or have a bite of food. Did anyone else get like this? My sister had a big mac combo right after

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  1. Same girl! I was in the hospital for 3 days and could barley eat or drink even though I was starving. I was craving McDonald’s after birth but just couldn’t stomach it once it was in sight

  2. I had the same thing happen with one of my kiddos. I did broths/soups and protein shakes. My body went into major shock and the “after shock” of shock as I called it was worse and lasted 4 days. It was kinda scary but it passed and then I was ravenous. Best of luck to you mama. ❤️

  3. I was the same I think it’s the adrenaline from the experience and your hormones being weird and being sleep deprived all wrapped up into one… everyones body experiences things differently

  4. Everyone responds differently. I didn’t get my appetite back until weeks later. I ate when I absolutely had to. I had a c-section and they tell you it comes back much later. I still fluctuate with feeling hungry and not.

  5. I ate everything in site after my first 2 kids. after my 3rd one I waited almost the whole day before I ate anything. I would say it’s pretty normal though. cause even an “easy” birth can still be pretty traumatic on the body. you could always drink ensure or something til you get your appetite back

  6. i was like this!! it took me about a full week or two before i got any sort of appetite back. definitely try some protein shakes and stuff like that to hold the place of real food!

  7. I didnt feel like eating after birth with my first either. The nurse made me eat though lol. With my second I wanted to eat but wasn’t really starving either but I had a lot of physical pain after birth with her that took a couple days to get over so pain took over hunger that I forgot to eat a lot of times.

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